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On 15th November 2011, engineers from technical junior colleges gathered in Tsukuba, Japan to form Fuller, with the shared mission of becoming the best IT Company in the world. In the post-war era, many famous products, including automotive and electronics were developed in Japan. The success of those years was down to the determination and drives to grow the country through technology. Shuta Shibuya, the CEO, and Founder of Fuller, asserts, “Like Toyota for the automotive industry, or Sony for the electronics industry, we want to be the Japanese company considered to be the best in the world in the IT industry.” 

Shuta went to the National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College: Japanese technical junior college specializing in engineering. During his school days, he realized that he is better at bringing people together rather than, developing a game or product as an engineer. As a college student, he had a chance to visit Silicon Valley. He was astonished by the growth of IT companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This visit inspired his interest, and he got confidence that IT is the next coming industry. With this confidence, he began his journey in the IT Industry. 

Understanding the Uniqueness of the Data in Market

According to Shuta, “Data Analytics and AI is becoming more important, depending on the degree of software penetration. Regarding data in a mobile app, Japan, South Korea, and China used to be the markets in demand until a few years ago. However, now it is going to be forward to Southeast Asian countries such as India and Indonesia. Besides, since lots of worldwide companies view Asia as the next coming market, data analytics is considered as the best way to understand the market. Data helps us to understand the world correctly across language and culture barriers. With the rapid globalization, the importance of the data will surely increase.”

In 2013, Shuta and his company started with mobile app analytics focusing on the Japanese market. It has been No.1 mobile app analytics provider in the Asia region. The mobile app market in Japan has been one of the largest in the world. According to Shuta, the most important thing is to understand the uniqueness of the market and development of UI/UX and building the features according to the unique characteristics. Rewarding his innovative thinking, in 2016, Shuta was honored to be selected as Forbes 30 under 30.

Fuller: ‘Toyota of IT Company’

Shuta founded Fuller with the shared mission of becoming the best IT Company in the world. As a proud Japanese, he wants to contribute to his country through Fuller. In the post-war era, many famous products, including automotive and electronics, were developed in Japan. The success of those years was down to the determination and drives to grow the country through technology. Shuta and his team have the same sense of drive and determination at Fuller.

The fact that Japan was able to produce great companies such as Sony and Toyota, whose products many people in the world have loved and respected. These companies have made ‘Made in Japan Brand’ well known worldwide. IT industry is on the growth, the fact that the world’s top market is capitalized by IT companies. However, there are no global IT companies from Japan. Shuta states, “I have a desire to create a global company from Japan, such as Sony and Toyota, in the IT field. Our mission is to become the best IT Company in the world. I want to challenge to create and send great products to as many people in the world as possible.”

Data: Oil of Modern Society

Since the beginning, Fuller is passionate about creating innovative products and the goal is to be the number one brand in the world.  It wants to create products for the world that make the company proud and recognized all over the world. Data is equivalent to oil in modern society. Since the foundation, the company has expanded the business by focusing on mobile data, rather than solely on profit. Fuller utilizes the data to support the hard decision making, measure the probability of success, and also provide new ideas to move forward.  

Capturing Social Change

Shuta considers his responsibility is to capture the social changes rather than benefiting the business. He reflects that it is important to capture the social changes as the businesses directly impact society. The responsibility of a top company is to contribute towards the growth of the individual. About his contribution towards the community and future generations, Shuta says, “I consider that my job is to show the way I live as the head of the company, an individual, and an earthling person.”

Enabling AI to Cut Down the Cost 

Since Fuller does B2B business, the company is eying on services that enable AI technology to cut costs, as one of the potential users. Shuta and his team are very interested in chatbot-type customer support and marketing automation. The company has dealt with time-series data for the data analytics service ‘App Ape’. He has cast a spotlight on machine learning techniques in time series forecasting.

Awards Cabinet

The company has been on the scale of rapid growth and has won many awards for its accomplishments. In 2013, Fuller was selected as a semi-finalist for SF Japan Night VI. In 2015, selected as one of the competitors in Asia Entrepreneurship Awards 2015, and Awarded the Asahi Shimbun Media Lab Price. In 2016, awarded the outstanding price of Niigata Foundation Awards, selected as the finalist in the preliminary contest of Startup World Cup 2017, awarded the second prize of Venture Club Chiba the 32nd Business Plans Contest, and selected as one of the driving companies for the regional future by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan.

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