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In the presence of digital advancements, human resource technology (HR technology) has come out to be an efficient way of automating human resources. Backed by powerful outputs, a new league of applications has emerged to help the companies to transform and bring a next-gen employee experience. Cloud-based, SaaS applications, and business intelligence software are some of the leading technology solutions augmenting HR management. More importantly, these solutions have become an integral part of today’s digital organizations’ infrastructure. Today, numerous companies are utilizing these tools because of their valued benefits like cost-cutting, saving on staff hours, behavioral change among employees, and managing talent more effectively. This leads to higher employee retention and confidence in job performance, further improving engagement rates in the adoption of HR technologies.

The Prime Issues in Current HR Technologies Solved by Gnowbe

Despite the benefits of HR tech tools, So-Young Kang, the Founder & CEO of Gnowbe, identified the associated pitfalls in their implementation. She believes that HR departments need to overcome psychological and economic barriers before starting the digitization of the HR process. According to her, to properly achieve positive results, the current HR technologies consume a significant amount of time from employees’ busy schedule. This includes carving out a considerable portion of time to attend the compliance training courses, which ultimately disrupts the entire workflow and leads to productivity loss.

Along with her team at Gnowbe, So-Young Kang is solving this issue by enabling employees to finish necessary training in 10 minutes a day on their mobile devices. So how does it work? Gnowbe’s intuitive content authoring platform lets any manager or employee create content and roll out training to employees in just two weeks. Additionally, if the managers do not find the time to develop training, Gnowbe offers a plan B. Its’ experienced mobile instructional designers help managers curate and design learners’ journey as well as drive better employee engagement.

The Gnowbe platform also focuses on improving micro-actions by offering constant drip-feeding of reminders and concept-reinforcement. This results in better retention and application of knowledge. Additionally, to achieve effective behavior and mindset change, Gnowbe platform enables learners to think, apply, and share within a peer group where trainers/facilitators can provide them direct feedback.

In addition to its comprehensive training and curation platform, Gnowbe also launched the world’s first library of micro-learning courses designed for mobile-first learning in mid-2018. To learn something new or out-of-the-box content, Gnowbe provides highly curated premium content, on topics like cybersecurity and food safety, and HR managers can quickly subscribe to them according to their employee requirements. Their focus is not just on providing large quantities of courses, but on curating from the world’s best thinkers based on companies’ specific training needs.

Positive and Improved Results of Using Gnowbe’s Mobile Learning Experience Platform

Companies who have used the Gnowbe platform for training have achieved positive results like 10x to 12x higher completion rates, 2x higher passing rates for certifications, and 5x to 6x ROI in cost savings. As compared to other learning tools, Gnowbe has successfully stayed ahead in terms of time and knowledge proportionality. According to Gnowbe’s survey, its users have gained 50 percent more knowledge than other users for similar time slots. These extraordinary results have therefore been drastically useful for employees to uplift their confidence and productivity.

New Upgrades and Improvements with Strategic Partnerships

When asked about improving solutions and services for clients, So-Young Kang asserts, “It’s a privilege to be able to constantly learn from our ecosystem of advisors, partners, clients, and experts. We learn and grow together, and that’s what matters.” The dynamic CEO and her team at Gnowbe regularly learn and engage with experts around the world to fortify technology usage. Some of their expert advisors include Professor John Kim, EdTech innovation expert from Harvard Business School and Dominique Turpin, the former Dean of IMD in Switzerland. Similarly, they collaborate with the world’s best thought leaders from prominent global firms like Mercer, KPMG, and professors from leading academic institutions.

Gnowbe also works with clients to bring new programs and developments in the HR arena. For an instant, 365 Dagen Succesvol is a client in the Netherlands who is using Gnowbe to analyze changing behaviors through a 365-day program. This year, by adding new improvements, Gnowbe is aiming to scale its impact by strengthening its presence in 25 countries and expanding further through strategic partnerships to build the best products.

The Fruits of Continual Efforts and Learning

In a short span of less than 3 years since testing the product in market, the team at Gnowbe has enhanced its services to cater to the essential needs of HR management. For their dedicated work in the human resource arena, Gnowbe received some prestigious recognition such as “Global thought leader on the future of learning” and “One of the world’s best mobile micro-learning platforms” within both international business and academic circles.

Similarly, the top business schools have invited the team of Gnowbe to educate their deans on the future of digital learning at AACSB and EFMD. To raise the awareness about Digital Learning 2.0, the team at Gnowbe shared their views with leading institutions including, World Bank, Asia Development Bank, and Davos. They have also spoken at top Edtech conferences around the world such as—ASU-GSV (US), EdTech Asia, SXSW Edu (US), Qudwa (Middle East) and Nigerian Economic Summit to spread the awareness for their MPPG (mobile-first, participatory, personalized, and group-based) learning philosophy. Earlier in 2019, the global software giant, SAP named Gnowbe as “One of Only Seven HR Technologies” from around the world to have a place on its ‘ Foundry program for its 2019 San Francisco cohort. Finally, to empower HR of such leading as well as growing organizations and match their demands, Gnowbe continuously evolves with the latest trends including cloud-based solutions, mobile-first tech, machine learning, and big data.

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