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In the recent years, Labor Market Intelligence (LMI) has become an increasingly important tool for today’s organizations which are continuously expanding their business and looking for a considerable economic growth. LMI’s importance has given birth to numerous LMI solutions to serve economic, government, and corporate markets. Contrastingly, the labor market data provided by many government departments and LMI solution providers lacks transparency, timeliness, and accuracy. Most often, LMI data is incomplete and difficult to understand. In spite of these deficiencies, companies and communities spend billions of dollars every year on acquiring and analyzing LMI. As a result, this leads to enormous waste of investments without the anticipated output.

Greenwich.HR’s Precise Labor Market Intelligence Solution

Bearing this in mind, and considering the potential of labor market data for the economic growth of companies, Greenwich.HR offers its clients a deep understanding of the current labor market situation. It provides real-time intelligence on localized hiring and pay behaviors, predictive business and economic outlook data, and rich competitive intelligence.

Greenwich.HR’s data platform tracks the hiring and pay behaviors of over 1.5 million organizations. Its data is updated daily, and is both highly normalized and completely transparent. This enables the most powerful analysis of today’s hiring activities and local pay levels, and provides predictive insights on metrics such as future labor spending and skills requirements.

This next-generation data platform is designed to be easily accessible to subscribers through nearly all of today’s business intelligence tools, often with no need for additional technical integration. And, Greenwich.HR has created a licensing approach that includes enterprise access at no additional charge, and accommodating terms of use. Such flexibility helps analytics teams and developers in creating genuine LMI insights across a broad spectrum of uses.

Reliable and Trusted LMI Bringing Strong Client Base

The massive scale of the Greenwich.HR data platform has allowed it to rapidly become a reliable and trusted source of labor market insights for some of the largest and best brands in the world. The flexibility of the platform to serve a wide variety of uses has enabled Greenwich.HR to build a client portfolio that includes leading investment fund managers, global consulting firms, large corporations, staffing firms, famous media companies, economists, universities, and technology providers. Greenwich.HR is redefining the standard for labor market intelligence.

CEO and Team’s Efforts towards Enhancing LMI Solutions

‘The reception from our clients has been tremendous, and Greenwich.HR is growing fast,’ according to Founder and CEO Cary Sparrow. Cary and his team are scaling across all of their existing markets, and during 2019 they will be expanding international presence and integration with leading technology platforms.Cary says the data platform is continually being enhanced to bring broader scope, more transparency, easier access, and more effective insights on existing labor market. ‘Our clients are great partners in our R&D efforts,’ says Cary. ‘Once they begin to realize the insights possible from our data platform, they find new areas where we can help them.’

According to Cary, improved information and transparency are the foundation to market disruption. ‘Our mission is to bring more transparency to the labor market – arguably the largest and most important market in the world,’ The Greenwich.HR team is committed to providing access to labor market insights that allow their clients to achieve significant efficiencies and develop brilliant innovations.

“Analytics, AI, and Sourcing Key talent will drive HRTech,” says Cary

When asked about the key HRTech trends in the current human resource vertical, Cary shares some important information. He says that analytics, sourcing key talent, AI, and the gig economy will be the major drivers in HRTech. With the emergence and extensive utilization of big data, analytics have grown to a new dimension, helping companies grow while translating data into actionable and useful insights, which in turn leads to higher performance. The bottlenecks for achieving this value are moving beyond technical limitations, and are now increasingly limitations of data and leaders’ ability to integrate improved intelligence into their decision-making.

Another driving trend—sourcing talent in an extremely tight labor market, is beginning to be addressed by moving beyond traditional recruiting processes and applications and focusing on using leading-edge intelligence and back-to-basics execution excellence in order to attract and keep hard-to-find talent.AI can assist in tackling a wide range of opportunities, but it’s value is still poorly understood; AI solution providers will be challenged to deliver even higher levels of practical value while managing different risks. Finally, Cary mentions the ‘gig’ economy, which has the potential to create more market efficiency for both companies and talent, and will require companies and recruiters to become adept at navigating new sources of talent while managing the risks and interest of stakeholders.



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