Guangli Introduces Sunglass Like Weightless VR Solution

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Showcased at CES Asia 2019, LIGHTIN 1 has vision to replace old-bulky VR sets

Guangli Inc. rolled out its latest eye-catchy product LIGHTIN 1 in CES Asia 2019. Known as one of the leading CES events, CES Asia held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from June 11 to June 13. Guangli unveiled its first light-field AR glasses during the event when technology firms across the Asia Pacific region were displaying their innovative wares and vision solutions.

LIGHTIN 1 holds position as the first consumer-grade light-field glasses that showcased on the heels of the launch of Creator ONE by Magic Leap. This innovative approach has multiple motives towards making sights more versatile:

  • LIGHTIN 1 can be used for wide range of embedded applications including interactive education, 3D movies & games and office apps by deploying a near field and far field duo-depth linear mixed light-field display.
  • The product possibly may replace the traditional bulky AR glasses and take the shape of usual eyewear designed for daily use.
  • The displayed version of LIGHTIN 1 at the event weighs only 126g that will for sure reduce the pressure on the head eliminating the old alien looking eye gears.
  • Additionally, this stylish glares-like design assures users with fashionable appearance.

The extraordinary VR with ordinary look

In the event nearly four-meter-long sandbox installed at the Guangli booth where LIGHTIN 1 projected “soldiers in battle” and “dragons flying above the castle” with both the battlefield and the faraway castle appearing as if it were real-life scenarios. A smartphone used as a focusing device to detect the duo-depth of the virtual content. The whole process of measuring the exact demonstrated the application of a streamlined and optimized light field display approach in AR glasses. In addition to the interactive functionality demo in the sandbox, the company also showcased several LIGHTIN 1 models in different colors all of which showed an vibrant response from participants who had joined in the experience.

China-based Guangli Inc. was founded in early 2017 with vision to the development of light-field engines and diffractive waveguide in the consumer-grade AR glasses market. The company aims long to replace traditional thicker AR glasses with develop innovative one that can be worn comfortably for longer periods of time ignoring the dizziness and other discomforts.

According to the founder, Dr. Zhang Zhuopeng, there is an expectation to release the customer version of LIGHTIN 1 by the end of this year focusing at that time to reduce the weight of product less than 90g. Industry analysts suggests this new trendy look can open a new era of smart AR glasses as the product like LIGHTIN 1 allows users to wear them comfortably, thanks to its disruptive imaging mechanism and design.

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