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HPG Consulting

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In the APAC region, industries confront many unique opportunities and challenges because of the diversity of technology. Likewise, the existing consultancy industry of this region offers limited services related to hospitality. Even though there are numerous individual consultants but they are not well organized. As a result, organizations are looking for quality consultancy  services through a team of seasoned consultants who have significant experience in hospitality operations, development & feasibility.

Incorporated in 1999, HPG Consulting provides its team of professional consultants who have in-depth training and hands-on experience in the design, projects, operations & management aspects of hotels and food service industry. The company aims to innovate through its expertise while using a comprehensive approach for efficacious logistical planning of spaces and equipment that translates into a successful design model. It is using the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence which has helped the company in reaching out to its target sectors; however, its nature of work is more of creativity and manual interference. HPG Consulting forte is its expertise in bringing the project-costs down without compromising on quality.

A Multidisciplinary Consulting Firm, Fulfilling Clients’ Expectations  

HPG Consulting is a multidisciplinary consulting firm specializing in Food Service, Laundry, Back-Of-House, and Waste Management for all market segments. The company is focused on providing solutions to various investors, developers and operators in terms of optimization. It specializes in offering services that range from hotels to mixed-used development to corporate offices and also hospitals. The leading company believes that success in the hospitality industry will depend on being more focused on the core business and being close to the customer. Therefore, HPG Consulting takes time to understand the clients’ requirement and then, develop a customized solution that best suit the clients’ requirements. The company leverages the latest tools and technologies to make sure to fulfill the customers’ expectations. As a result, clients expect from HPG Consulting to deliver value-added services. This can vary from commercial to concepts to minimizing the design. It promises to assist its clients, in providing direction by offering focused concepts and positioning strategies, facility designs and operating solutions, thereby ensuring practical and smooth operations at all times.

Why choose HPG Consulting

As previously mentioned, HPG Consulting keeps pace with the latest in the industry to deliver the best of breed solutions. Clients choose the solutions offered by the company because of its valuable benefits which gives clients a competitive egde. These benefits are make HPG Consulting a unique firm:

  • Headed by a team of trained and dynamic professionals with hands-on experience
  • Excellent teamwork and collaboration
  • Expertise in the entire range of F&B planning and development services
  • Worked with all major hospitality brands in the world
  • Hundreds of prestigious projects, both completed and ongoing
  • Render services to hotels, resorts & spas, religious institutes, healthcare facilities, etc.
  • Presence in India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Middle East & Africa

Focusing On Training & Keeping Pace With The Latest Trends 

Like so many others, the hospitality industry is finding the digital transformation can uncover new solutions to its unique challenges. Therefore, the team of HPG Consulting keeps themselves updated with the latest news, trends, and technologies. The team is offered training which not only includes in-house but also various manufacturers and development personnel from across the globe. The combination of operational experience with up-to-date knowledge of the latest in the field strengthens the overall capacity of the team to better envision the industry’s present and future requirements and thus contributes to the requisite operational performance, which is of utmost importance in the present times.

Furthermore, a lot of operators across India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Middleeast, and Africa are expanding very aggressively. This brings in a lot of opportunities for seasoned consultants such as HPG Consulting into the market. Because of this, the company strives to stay ahead in the innovation curve.

A Multi-Faceted Leader Establishing Strong Presence In The Industry 

The CEO, RajatRialch started HPG Consulting about 20 years back. After graduating from the Institute of Hotel Management, Bhopal, he worked with various organizations. He went on to do an M.B.A from I.M.I Delhi with majors in Finance and Operations, following up with a specialized course in Managing & Transforming professional Service Firms from the Harvard Business School. He is an adventure enthusiast, an avid mountain trekker, and a passionate rafter who is not afraid to explore what daunts others & has an inherent conviction to delve into the unknown.

In the last 7 years, Rajat has expanded to various countries such as Srilanka, Bangladesh, the Middle East, and Africa. For him, in the beginning, it was quite difficult to establish HPG Consulting’s presence in the market like any other business. However, through consistent effort and devotion, he was able to build HPG consulting as huge as it is today.

As an industry expert, Rajat believes an individual must possess certain skills in order to survive. This includes awareness about anything related to hospitality and being updated with the latest movement in the world is very important in this industry.

Expanding Footprints

Rajat has strategic growth plans for HPG Consulting. The company is focused on expanding footprints towards Bangladesh and Africa sector as the amount of investment towards these zones are much higher. Also, there are opportunities in these zones for hospitality development which Rajat believes will help HPG consulting develop new innovative solutions in the hospitality industry.

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