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Over the years, digitization has made the world go online and businesses are no exception. Online business is the need of today and the e-commerce industry is complementing this need thoroughly. The e-commerce industry has hit the ground running over the past few years and is expected to continue on its merry way in the future as well. The advantages of e-commerce such as cost reduction, ease of operation, quick sales, 24×7 service have fueled the growth of the online business market. Furthermore, the emergence of e-commerce as a forerunner has opened up several opportunities for a variety of online companies and investors. As a result, numerous e-commerce solution providers have emerged over the years.

Established in 2016, Huptech Web is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce solution providers in India. The company provides versatile and feasible e-commerce solutions that are essential for businesses to go online. The company has more than 100 satisfied clients and a 76% repeat ratio. Furthermore, with industry-specific strategies, impeccable e-commerce website design, creative content, and digital marketing expertise, Huptech Web is taking giant strides in e-commerce development and digital marketing sector.

Huptech Web: Versatile and Feasible e-Commerce Solutions

Huptech provides feasible e-commerce solutions that increase the visibility of client’s products all over the globe. The company provides e-commerce web development and designing services and e-commerce digital marketing services. The e-commerce digital marketing services include SEO, social media management & advertising, email marketing, influencer/affiliate marketing, SEM, content marketing, and PPC. Moreover, it also provides e-commerce custom web development services.

Apart from the e-commerce solutions, Huptech also provides WordPress development in which it offers WordPress services such as WordPress plugin development, WordPress theme development, WordPress speed optimization, WordPress virtual assistance, etc. Furthermore, the company offers hiring services such as Shopify Developer, WordPress Developer, WooCommerce Developer, and Laravel Developer. These solutions have helped Huptech to gain more than 50 million of clientele revenue.

Thoroughly Professional and Ambitious Entrepreneur

Rishi Thakker, the Founder and Director of Huptech Web, has been leading from the front since the establishment of the company. He was always interested in technology and thus pursued a bachelor’s degree in computer science from RK University. He started his career as a PHP and Shopify programmer in the B2B market and was aptly qualified in website development and designing using core PHP.

While working as a developer, he noticed that web stores were becoming more important. He also noticed that the e-commerce industry was booming and was always on the lookout for creative and dynamic individuals—people who were capable of applying their inherent skill-set to the next level. He also realized that one can learn a lot from the process and work in the industry and can quickly come up with an implementable business strategy. After applying the strategy, one can get actionable results within no time. This is what he liked the most about the e-commerce industry and induced him to choose this industry. Huptech Web has gone strength to strength since its inception and the director has been instrumental in the company’s growth.

Encouraging Entrepreneurs and their Business

Huptech Web was established with a vision of empowering entrepreneurs and their businesses with the power of the internet. To achieve the vision, the company emphasizes on giving the individual best with full zest, delivering more than what businesses expect, hitting the bull’s eye in the first go, and many more things. Furthermore, Huptech works with a mission to put a mark on the world with impeccable projects and provable results. Timebound, quality, integrity, and security are the company’s founding pillars and are valuable in achieving the mission.

Excelling the Competition

Every growing business confronts numerous challenges. Likewise, some factors such as the increasing competition and price war that affect the growth of Huptech. However, there are several factors which are keeping the company ahead in the competition. These factors are affordable prices, network reliability, data security, up-to-date technology, strategies, and Huptech’s agile model. Thus, Huptech manages to survive and excel in the rigorous competition.

Keeping the Clients Happy

Client satisfaction is essential for a business to stay in the competition. Huptech Web knows this and keeps client satisfaction at the heart of its strategies. The company tries to understand the clients’ ‘big picture,’ by knowing how it fits into the client’s overall goals in order to help the client succeed. Furthermore, Huptech provides honest and transparent services. The solutions are proactive, innovative, and cost-effective. Deadlines are precisely followed and a scalable support system is created for the clients. Huptech always aims to excel at what it does and it reflects in 91% client retention which has contributed immensely to the company’s success.

Modifying with the e-Commerce Advancements

Rapid digitization is fueling the emergence of several technological advancements. Thus for a company to survive, it is necessary to stay up-to-date with the advancements. Rishi, the Director of Huptech carries this responsibility. Every week, he goes through online resources to become aware of the latest trends in e-commerce. Furthermore, he participates in forums on social media and is always active in the industry. He believes online communities can be extremely helpful to stay up-to-date with the advancements.

Challenges and Opportunities Posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the industries in several ways. Its impacts are fluctuating based on the type of industry. In the case of the e-commerce industry, the COVID-19 outbreak is expected to boost growth. As customers will switch towards web stores to avoid public places, the e-commerce businesses will prosper. However, these opportunities come along with several challenges such as supply chain issues, consistency in delivery, the pressure of deadlines, and change in shopping behavior. Huptech Web is ready to tackle these challenges with its innovative solutions in the near future.

Expansions and Developments in Future

In the near future, Huptech Web will be emphasizing on steadily helping startups, well-known brands, and others to become successful. The company will be experiencing more expansion and development in the future. It will introduce several new services such as ‘Mobile App Development’ and ‘e-Commerce App Development’. Huptech’s services will deliver custom experiences across Web Platforms, iOS, Android, and Cross Platforms. The company aims to become the world’s largest web development and marketing company serving all aspects of the business world.

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