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The online marketing opportunities in the APAC region have risen tremendously and current stats show that the e-commerce market in this area is almost doubled in the last two years. The count of mobile users is increasing daily and providing great opportunities for mobile advertising. A recent study illustrates that mobile phones now account for almost 75 percent of all digital ads spent throughout China. It is also predicted that the programmatic ad spending in China will increase by almost 33 percent. The scenario of mobile internet usage in rural parts too has changed drastically. The consumption of over-the-top (OTT) audio and video has exceeded 200 million users in India.

However, the rapid growth of advancements has developed some challenges too. There are many marketers who struggle to incorporate digital components in the business. Business leaders need to build strategies and provide themselves with tools to understand their customers. The most significant thing in business is the strong digital marketing strategies and Imagine with its dynamic offerings including brand development, social media strategy, search engine optimization, email & mobile marketing, public relations, and web design & development is the premium digital marketing partner to build brands.

Esteemed Digital Marketing Firm with Comprehensive Expertise

Imagine was established in 2004 in Manassas, Virginia as a creative agency. Soon after its inception, the market was disrupted by the growth of digital platforms and increased usage of mobile devices. Adapting with the changing marketing world, Imagine quickly and fluently transformed into digital marketing agency. When Twitter, Facebook, iPhone and so many other things were introduced and influenced the world, the firm self-educated itself and crafted it to become the master in the field of digital marketing.

The digital marketing partner strives hard to deliver positive and effective marketing results. Its ultimate aim is to make sure that the clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals. The broad expertise of Imagine in advertising, SEO, digital strategy, and business development helps its partners to reach and engage a larger audience and grow.

Imagine as per the developing culture, emphasises highly on mobile marketing. It has developed various programs and campaigned for prolific brands through mobile marketing by reaching the target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices by means of websites, social media, emails, SMS, etc. When Manassas City Public School was struggling to grow its Career & Technical Education program, Imagine developed a brand for the program and campaigned through mobile marketing using digital channels like websites, social media, email marketing and today, the program is in full swing. With its superior mobile marketing strategies, Imagine has abetted several organizations.

Leader with Courageous Attitude

The transformation of a creative agency into a prominent digital marketing agency is not possible without clear vision and confidence to fight against the odds and for Imagine this vision and confidence is provided by its Founder & CEO, Patrick King. His proficiency in brand strategy and digital marketing has aided several local companies as well as Fortune 500 brands like CenturyLink, Nestle, Comcast, etc. Patrick has earned great experience in graphic design, website development, marketing technology, and doodling and this has helped Imagine win several local and national awards from Marcom, Communicator, W3, GDUSA, VEMA, and Prince William County Chamber of Commerce.

Being CEO of the company, Patrick is most passionate when it comes to converting a complex organization and their offerings into messaging, imagery, and strategy that creates raving brand campaigns. He has always been fascinated with the results of masterly marketing and advertising.

He also enjoys music & writing and his business and marketing advice has been published in renowned publications including Inc. Magazine, The Washington Post, American Express OPEN Forum Washington Business Journal, SmartCEO, Chief Marketer and many more.

Company’s Culture is Company’s Brand

Patrick has built Imagine by giving a lot of his time and acknowledges the importance of mentorship. There is one more thing that holds a special place in his life is Imagine’s amazing team. It is a squad of exceptionally talented and passionate individuals. The amalgamation of unique personalities and activities of the team makes Imagine unique and stand-out from other competitor agencies. Led by Patrick, Imagine has developed a strong culture and work environment of mutual trust, respect, and acceptance and these things have contributed the most in the success of the company.

Imagine, with the vision of its CEO and passion of its team, is now at a position where clients want to get associated and engaged with. The clients and partners of Imagine make it an extended family.

Future Objective Emphasises on Tourism

Since inception, Imagine has achieved tremendous success while working for various prominent clients and now the firm is envisioned to increase its business in the tourism industry. The team is exploring and working in the field of tourism and hospitality for few years but the target is to be a specialized company in that space. One important objective of Imagine is making facilities for greater utilization of voice search in their strategies. To stay ahead in this rapidly changing market, the firm is highly dedicated to keep the team informed, educated, and trained to do their best work.

Introducing Personalization in Marketing

Personalization is amongst the latest and popular trends in marketing. Here, the data points of the customer are used to get the insights like demographic information or buying interest. The audiences get richer experience with content that they have shown interest in making it like one-to-one advertising. For instance, there are several targeted ads and emails with the name of individual on the personal device.

Commenting on the upcoming digital marketing trends to watch out for, Patrick asserts, “I think we may start experiencing more of this type of marketing in the offline world. For instance, when a customer enters a store, a geofencing tool will recognize the customer’s device. A display will then greet the customer, and tell them about specials that are based on their previous shopping behaviour. All of that technology exists, more or less. It’s just now a matter of putting all of those pieces into place to create more personalization in our environments.


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