Autonomous Vehicles Will Be As Important As The Internet

Autonomous Vehicles

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Autonomous vehicles (AV)––the next revolution for work play & good, highly autonomous driving by 2025/30 which is the best example of Human and machine co-work.

A car that drive themselves are no longer the stuff of fantasy, but of technology that is set to become a reality that will completely disrupt not just the way we drive, but the way we live. It’s become a free-for-all race, where all the top automakers are competing with not just each other but also against non-automotive tech giants to put driver-less or autonomous cars on the road.
Autonomous Driving is not the craziest idea. Let‘s face the third dimension with mobility. On the edge to autonomous mobility, FishEyeBox is working on providing sophisticated future mobility solutions with Intelligent transportation (ITS).

We here at FishEyeBox, are willing to bet that we’ve given at least a little thought to what that Utopian future would be like napping, watching a movie, or getting work done in the backseat while your car deals with traffic. And our sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Operating System, features a high-performance micro-kernel architecture, with enhanced kernel-level security which acts as a human-machine interface (HMI) between the Human and the vehicle.

I think by 2035, most new cars will be made without rear-view mirrors, horns, or emergency brakes. By 2035, they won’t have steering wheels or acceleration and brake pedals. They won’t need any of these things because they will be driving themselves.

We’re talking about Vehicle Data platform (VDP), a block-chain optimized platform that delivers a new paradigm of trust. The platform complements existing applications and services with three key capabilities – Offers an AI framework with block-chain that is implemented in the vehicle gateway, Facilitates an immutable ledger and Enables multiparty transactions. The result is a revolutionary change in the authenticity of data to and from connected vehicles (V2X).

In my opinion, Autonomous Vehicles also need to define how autonomous systems interact with people, the most difficult parts are making sure the vehicles know what pedestrians are doing — and what they’re about to do, pedestrian intent prediction platform makes autonomous vehicles safer and more efficient in real-world environments.
Thanks to some incredible breakthroughs in AI Technologies that will give cars a Brain of their own. I still think some key challenges are there, for car learning process, RNN (recurrent neural network) is a good framework but again since it has similarity to ANN so has the same problem of ANN (Neural Network), But CapsNet should solve this problem and for sensor fusion confusion on false alarm rate of radar/lidar real-world data.

World’s Cheapest & India’s first Autonomous Self-Driving Car is here. Witness The Revolution at FishEyeBox. What problem are we solving? -Reshaping mobility with an autonomous car, Future of Farming with an autonomous tractor, Transforming mobility for the Elderly and The People with Disability, reducing the number of road fatalities due to human error.

Humans rely on technology on virtually every aspect of today’s life, and yet we want to question whether AV will someday be able to do tasks as simple and mundane as driving a car! The real question is how far we are today from this reality?

Cars have evolved as a need for faster land transport. We invented it and under governance allowed millions of these “Boxes of Tin” to roll on streets with a human to control each one of them! safety for most of it now relies on the person behind the wheel.

Given the fact that the Sensors today can perceive far more than a naked human eye and GPU can do trillions of calculations per second and process and communicate that data at the speed of light, it all narrows down to the human intelligence. With AI, this gap will narrow down and the reality of self-driving cars could be lurking just right the corner.

Although it’s not clear to what extent lives would be saved, Our cars are better drivers than we ever were. And not only that, they coordinate with one another in an elegant choreography, threading through traffic with inches to spare. it’s obvious that human-driven cars come at a very high cost in terms of danger. The US Department of Transportation actually assigns a value to each human life: $9.2 million. Therefore, there would be a significant cost saving in many different venues like insurance costs and health care costs associated. According to McKinsey, commuters worldwide could save a combined 1 billion hours every day once autonomous vehicles go mainstream.

Autonomous vehicles disruptions will impact every industry, not just transportation. Car and ride-sharing startups also contribute to an increased preference for vehicle access versus ownership. If you choose, you can just hang out at home and let the robo-cars bring you everything you need.

Self-driving transportation is one of the most exciting and important innovations of our time. By 2035 there will be 33 million autonomous vehicles sold annually, which could create a $7 trillion market. On Background of Indian Market, I see a potential of 6.0 million vehicles coming under AV and the total market potential is around Rs 13,000 crore on 100% implementation.

I’m really looking forward to a time when generations after us look back and say how ridiculous it was that humans were driving cars.

About the Author

Pinaki Laskar is the CEO & Founder of FishEyeBox.

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