Top 10 Indian Healthcare Companies that Furnish the Best Medicaments

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Healthcare is a key sector in every economy all over the world. With the upcoming technology, more knowledge, and upgraded equipment, it has become easier to cure severe diseases. Private healthcare companies provide state-of-the-art service with experienced staff and exceptional healthcare. Indian healthcare companies provide decent medical service at low cost and they even treat patients outside India. Here, we have created a list of the top 10 Indian healthcare companies to help you understand better the facilities they provide to make informed decisions.

1. Apollo Hospitals 

indian-healthcare-companies-apollo -hospitals

Founder: Dr. Prathap C Reddy

Year of Foundation: 1983

Market Cap: ₹ 16,572.59 cr

Apollo Hospitals has a chain of hospitals, across the whole country. It offers all healthcare services and operates standalone pharmacies. The chain of hospitals is growing quickly in every city in India. It develops its medicines and has a strong marketing and distributing agency for advertisement.

2. Fortis Healthcare Institute


Founder: Dr. Parvinder Singh

Year of Foundation: 2001

Market cap: ₹ 15231.12 cr

Fortis Healthcare Institute is a super specialty institute and ranks 2nd in the list of top Indian healthcare institutes based on the market cap. Its branches are present in all major cities of India and provide world-class service to its patients. Their services include a vast array of assistance, especially in daycare facilities.

3. Sun Pharma


Founder: Dilip Sanghavi

Year of Foundation: 1983

Market cap: ₹ 13311.12 cr

Sun Pharma is one of the biggest Indian healthcare companies, founded in Kolkata and its headquarters in Mumbai. The company has 23 manufacturing units in different locations abroad, for example in Canada, Brazil, etc. It manufactures drugs for diabetology, cardiology, and neurology.

4. Piramal Enterprise Ltd


Founder: Mr. Ajay Piramal

Year of Foundation: 1988

Market cap: ₹ 10211.12 cr

Piramal Enterprise Limited is a chain of healthcare startups that encourage upcoming pharmaceutical companies to grow and succeed in the modern technological world. It functions across three main sections: healthcare, financial services, and information management. The other divisions of the company include critical care, drug solutions, and consumer products.

5. Aster DM Healthcare


Founder: Azad Moopen

Year of Foundation: 1987

Market cap: ₹ 9412.12 cr

Aster DM Healthcare is one of the top private Indian healthcare companies which were incorporated in Dubai. The company operates in India and the Middle East and has a strong existence in hospitals, medical pharmacies, and diagnostic centers. Recently, the flagship hospital of the company was established in Kerala.

6. Cipla 


Founder: Azad Moopen

Year of Foundation: 1935

Market cap: ₹ 9302.12 cr

Cipla is one of the oldest Indian healthcare companies in the country that was established before independence. It is popular in manufacturing drugs for severe diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, weight control, depression, respiratory disease, etc. The company is prominent in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

7. Serum Institute of India


Founder: Cyrus S. Poonawala

Year of Foundation: 1966

Market cap: ₹ 6124.72 cr

Serum Institute of India is a famous vaccine production company. It made sure that half of the children population of the world receives vaccines and gets immunized. Serum Institute is a biotechnology company and it assembles vaccines at the low cast. Immunobiological Vaccination is one of the prominent products of the company.

8. Lupin Pharmaceutical company 


Founder: Desh Bandhu Gupta

Year of Foundation: 1968

Market cap: ₹ 6124.72 cr

Lupin Limited is a multi-national medicinal company and ranks eighth in the list of top ten pharmaceutical companies in India. It has more than 10 manufacturing centers and aims to serve its patients with a wide variety of medical products and ‘Patients-first’ principles.

9. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories


Founder: Kallam Anji Reddy

Year of Foundation: 1984

Market cap: ₹ 4123.72 cr

Dr. Reddy’s laboratories have four fabricating units and are spread over more than 10 countries outside of India. The company manufactures a huge array of medications for diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc. It serves patients with dermatological care, gastroenterological care, cardiovascular care, and pediatric care.

10. Religare Health Insurance (RHI) 


Founder: Anuj Gulati

Year of Foundation: 2012

Market cap: ₹ 3124.72 cr

Religare Health Insurance (RHI) is a branch of Religare Health Care Limited regarding insurance. It offers cashless care to over 4000 hospitals and healthcare units. The company cracked an alliance with SRL Diagnostics and Fortis Hospitals. It offers accident insurance, maternity insurance, etc.

Over the past few decades, plenty of healthcare companies have emerged in India. Above mentioned companies are well-equipped with developed treatment procedures. Some of them are expanding their base out of India and creating a chain of Indian healthcare companies across the globe. In short, if you need to undergo any medical treatment then keep note of the above-cited Indian healthcare companies for future information.

Trupti Munde

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