Infinidat to use Machine Learning to Optimize Storage Performance

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Infinidat, specialized in petabyte-scale data storage systems, has launched the latest release of its InfiniBox core operating software, v4.0, that now uses machine-learning algorithms to produce high performance. The company has announced that, Infinidat to use Machine Learning to Optimize Storage Performance.

As per Infinidat, enterprise digital transformation requires new ways of thinking about information storage. The company offers a new storage architecture that is fundamentally different from the consumer-centric cloud storage platforms of the last decade and earlier legacy enterprise storage systems.

Differentiating from the conventional enterprise storage systems, that rely on flash hardware for performance, InfiniBox takes a software-optimized approach, using machine-learning algorithms to extract high performance and reliability out of low-cost hardware. The company said that this includes the same ultra-high capacity drives widely employed by Google, Facebook and other hyperscale cloud operators for large-scale data storage, the Waltham, Mass.-based.

The company began selling its flagship InfiniBox solution in 2014, and its customers deploy InfiniBox to consolidate large numbers of legacy enterprise systems onto a more efficient, higher-performance platform. Each InfiniBox system manages up to 5 petabytes (5 million gigabytes) of data and provides industry-leading performance and reliability.
Moshe Yanai, Chairman and CEO of Infinidat said, “As we continue to advance and adapt our solutions to meet rapidly evolving enterprise customer and market demands, we do so with very disciplined oversight on quality, reliability, and usability,” he added, “InfiniBox 4.0 represents our most feature-rich release to date, and incorporates capabilities that will further enhance our business continuance and service provider support.”

InfiniBox 4.0 is having an advanced, performance-optimized synchronous replication capability that delivers RPO=0 at ultra-low latency and nominal bandwidth consumption, as well as a fully configurable automated fallback to asynchronous replication in the event of a network failure.

A new quality-of-service feature in InfiniBox 4.0 allows InfiniBox customers to explicitly control resource allocation and consumption at a granular level while providing a non-disruptive governance model based on tokenization of resources, and including a “burst allowance” for optimal SLA management.

The company further added that with all features, enabling and managing QoS is a one-click operation within the InfiniBox UI.



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