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The software development industry has witnessed rapid progress in the recent years. Today, new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality are accessible due to the lower integration cost. This is the reason why various industries are getting benefitted from these favorable circumstances. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Internut is a digital agency which incorporates intelligent technologies like AI, ML, and AR to provide numerous services to its clients both at home and abroad.

Utilizing Disruptive Technologies for Building Futuristic Solutions

Internut currently assists clients to design brands, digital properties and helps them to connect to their audience with the help of advanced technologies. Established in 2005, as a small enterprise in Malaysia, Internut has successfully thrived ahead and broadened its presence abroad, mainly, in Australia and India. The intelligent technology, Machine Learning has enabled Internut to provide services to multiple sectors including a recent unique application in Food & Beverage. This vertical uses ML to analyze a user’s music taste and habits related to shopping which helps service providers to recommend the best places for users to dine. Likewise, in industries like insurance, deployment of AI allows clients to assist their customers in small insurance claims while in the finance industry, the clients can offer sound financial advice to their customers with the help of AI-powered roboadvisers. Internut has also successfully helped e-wallets to understand the shopping habits of their customers and retarget services accordingly. By utilizing data of purchases, it has also provided real-time information for various other applications.

Digital Solutions by Internut

With extensive experience in the industry, Internut has assisted clients across the globe by creating attractive as well as exceptional solutions in Mobile Apps, FX, Motion and Web Development.

  • Mobile Apps: The company has expertise in native iOS and Android apps. Likewise, it assists clients to design mobile-friendly websites with hybrid app competencies, WeChat, and Facebook applications. The mobile app team is equipped with skillsets such as developing critical data and performance intensive apps, which they utilize with updated technologies for iOS and Android platform. Internut is the first digital company in Malaysia to present in-built app search optimization (ASO). The company claims that it is a cost-effective company specialized in designing and developing the feature-rich apps.     
  • FX and Motion: Internut provides various FX and Motion services such as creating animated videos, customized 2D and 3D animation, and corporate video and advertisements. With these services, there are several advantages to work with Internut.

Unlike its competitors in the market, Internut provides unlimited revisions for creating a video if it does not divert from the original purpose. The company has a strict protocol on complying with deadlines. It also considers cost as an important aspect and keeps fixed prices for the projects. Additionally, the company allows clients to interact with the project team at all stages. Clients can give advice, ask questions, and provide guidance to the project team members who are experts in script writing, design, and animation. Internut is a one-stop solution for creating a perfect video because of its additional expertise in professional voiceover, background music score, SFX, and HD quality video files.

  • Web Development: With an extensive experience of more than 15 years in the web development, Internut positions clients ahead of their rivals using best-in-class web development. The firm can create distinct web designs for different industries and fulfill their expectations. The company also follows best practices in mobile designs such as W3C Compliance, Cross-Browser Testing, mobile responsive tailored design and quality, and service guarantee. Moreover, Internut is very sensitive about the security of its digital products. It provides tailored software development solutions in HTML5, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails and other technologies. These technologies assure security as well as reliability, and reduced threats of hacking by providing military-grade security for all devices.

A Diverse and Experienced Leadership

Vinay Gorasia is the Projects Director at Internut, with a diverse academic as well as business background. Vinay possesses more than 15 years of experience in branding, app development, and design.

Prior to joining Internut, Vinay started his career as a regional operating manager in Tasty Temptations. Following that, he joined as Chief Technology Officer at Point Bis Pty Ltd. Under the leadership of Vinay, the company is aiming ahead to target and expand in the European software market. As a part of this strategy, his company has already started interaction with technology partners from the UK and France. Talking about the company’s next move, Vinay and the team are working on launching new software solutions in the third quarter for medical as well as the legal industry.

Numerous Opportunities in the APAC Region

The APAC region has been providing ample opportunities for innovators as it is accepting technology at a faster rate. The main driving force behind this is the increased use of mobile apps which are less costly and elevated network coverage in the region. The company has focused its attention on Indonesia as their population is yet to access the digital services in the region which provides Internut multiple possibilities to expand its business.

Expansion in the New Industries

While working with banking and travel industry, Internut is further planning to expand in the medical as well as legal industry. As these two sectors are going through a digital disruption, they will create opportunities for the company to become a pioneer in the market. In the coming days, Internut is expecting further growth in Asian countries, which are going to become e-wallet economies in the next 5 years.

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