John Kenny: The Architect of Colliers’ Ascendancy in Asia Pacific

John Kenny

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In the dynamic world of real estate, John Kenny stands as a paragon of visionary leadership. As the CEO of Colliers in the Asia Pacific region, his strategic acumen and enterprising spirit have been instrumental in steering the company’s unprecedented growth.

John’s illustrious career at Collier’s began in 1991, and over the decades, he has held various roles that have shaped his comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry. His promotion to CEO in 2006 marked the beginning of an era of expansion and innovation for Colliers in the Asia Pacific.

In 2020, John took on the mantle of CEO for the entire Asia Pacific region, unifying operations across Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. This strategic consolidation under his leadership has fostered greater collaboration and synergy across these diverse markets.

Education and Professional Development

John Kenny’s educational and professional qualifications are a testament to his expertise in the real estate industry. He holds an Associate Diploma in Business (Valuation), which provided him with a solid foundation in property valuation principles and business acumen. Further solidifying his credentials, John is a Registered Real Estate Valuer without limitation, signifying his comprehensive ability to assess property values across a broad spectrum.

Additionally, his Advanced Certificate in Property Agency Affiliations reflects his deep understanding of property agency operations and his commitment to professional development in the field. These qualifications underpin John’s authoritative position in the industry and his capacity to lead Colliers’ operations in the Asia Pacific region with proficiency and insight.

Fostering an Enterprising Culture: Recognizing Talent and Achieving Excellence

Under John’s leadership, Colliers has been recognized as an exceptional workplace, with accolades such as the Aon / Kincentric Best Employer and LinkedIn Top Company. These awards are a testament to the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture that values innovation and results.

John’s commitment to diversity and service expansion is evident in his strategic acquisitions, which have broadened Colliers’ expertise and service offerings. His focus on developing new areas of specialization ensures that Colliers remains a leader in delivering enterprising solutions.

Expanding Horizons: Securing Growth Through Acquisitions

John’s strategic vision for Colliers includes securing several strategic acquisitions that support the company’s growth. These acquisitions have not only expanded Colliers’ service offerings but also positioned the company to meet the specialized requirements of their clients.

With a keen eye on the future, John is committed to ensuring that Colliers diversifies its services to lead the industry. His leadership is characterized by a proactive approach to embracing change and driving the company toward new frontiers.

Building a Better Future: Industry Contributions and Social Responsibility

John’s role extends beyond business growth to include significant contributions to the community. As a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Australian Property Institute, he has played a pivotal role in initiatives like the PCA Champions of Change Property, advocating for gender equality and social responsibility.

A Legacy of Transformational Leadership John Kenny’s tenure as CEO of Colliers in the Asia Pacific region is a narrative of transformational leadership. His strategic foresight, commitment to diversity, and dedication to community engagement have not only propelled Colliers to new heights but also set a benchmark for excellence in the real estate industry. As he continues to lead with passion and purpose, John’s legacy is one of shaping the future of real estate, maximizing the potential of property, and empowering people to achieve their best.

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