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The healthcare IT industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the global economy. Currently, there are numerous emerging start-up companies coming up with innovation-fuelled and creativity-driven solutions that are designed and developed to cater to the rising demands of the modern healthcare industry. Today, what this overcrowded and solutions packed industry needs is a simple-to-use solution with standardization of healthcare data elements. This is because there is a huge amount of data generated on a daily basis but maintaining it by conventional methods becomes a very daunting and high-maintenance task to be performed manually.

Such a modern but simple solution is provided by JVS Group. JVS Group was founded in 1992, New York, the USA with a rationale to aid physicians around the world to manage their Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). At present, JVS is headquartered in Ahmedabad, India and is one of the leading companies in the healthcare IT industry. The primary focus of the company is to provide customized hospital management software solutions for all healthcare providers such as all sizes of hospitals, Clinics & Community Care Centres.

SoftClinic: JVS Group’s Flagship Product

Decision making plays an important role in the healthcare industry. But, during now or never situations, assistance from software would help to reduce the time taken in decision-making processes. Such assistance is provided by SoftClinic; an intelligent hospital management software created by JVS Group. SoftClinic assists healthcare facilities in gathering, organizing, analyzing, and managing health data of patients and financial data of the organizations. Some of the unique features about the software are: Firstly, it complies with various international standards such as HIPAA, HL7, and ICD-10 and secondly, it is a cloud-ready and mobile-ready solution.  

SoftClinic is designed in such a manner that irrespective of the scalability of the modules, it suits the requirements of all the organizations whether it’s a single physician practice or large corporate hospital with more than 500 beds. With just a few clicks, the physicians are able to complete the digital health recording because of SoftClinic’s predefined templates with various standard medical conditions.

A Dynamic Software Providing Modern Day Solution

SoftClinic software is so dynamic that it can be used by everyone, right from physicians and nursing team at multi-specialty hospitals to government hospitals, independent practices, pharmacies, and laboratories. The user-friendly software can also be used by patients via smartphones. The multiple products offered by JVS Group are easy-to-use and also cost-effective which differentiates the leading health tech company from other competitors. The company constantly involves itself in developing more relevant products and services for today as well as for tomorrow. For this, it makes 35% of total operating expenses on R&D, allowing them to think ahead of the others.

Other than competitors, JVS Group continuously faces external as well as internal challenges from in and around the industry. The healthcare IT industry demands people with technical knowledge of IT as well as functional knowledge of healthcare. Finding the right combinations of people who are ready to adapt and learn is one of the challenges faced by the company.

A Zealous Leader’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Saket Singhi, the Managing Director of JVS Group started a dedicated healthcare IT company to address the needs of healthcare as well as IT in the market. After completing his college, he received a requirement to develop software for a renowned cardiologist who could not find a readily available solution. There were many similar incidents that happened throughout his journey, making him aware of how the IT industry was growing worldwide. Moreover, he also noticed that the healthcare industry was an underserved market and it required people who could understand both healthcare as well as IT. In a significant way, these incidences led him to establish his company.

To Saket, these industry insights came after years of working in the healthcare IT sector. Revealing one piece of advice which he would like to give his younger self, Saket asserts, “One should create a team of proactive leaders very early in his entrepreneurial journey. I would have given that piece of advice to my younger self.”

A Smooth Healthcare Experience

JVS Group’s mission is to develop software solutions that are quality driven and affordable for global healthcare facilities. The company believes in providing them by taking an innovative approach to achieve business growth for its clients. It focuses on delivering value, experience, and growth to all stakeholders, customers, partners, and consumers while ensuring a healthier life for generations. In the long haul, the company aims to create a smooth interaction between healthcare practitioners and patients that will result in raising the bar of standard patient care across the world.

SoftClinic a Well Known Global Brand in the APAC Region

As per the latest reports, the APAC region is one of the fastest-growing regions in the EMR-EHR market. Presently, the market is growing at 7.7% CAGR and is expected to grow up to 3.6 billion by 2023. Presently, the healthcare practitioners have realized the need to maintain and access these records and hence the demand for established EMR-EHR software is at an all-time high in this region. Acknowledging this demand, SoftClinic is one of the top key players in the EMR software market of the APAC region. Today, JVS Group has more than 18,000 physicians using its product while SoftClinic has more than 4 million registered patients across 35 countries, mainly coming from India, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.



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