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With new technological advancements and developments, a significant number of healthcare aspects are about to change and progress. Today, the rising demand for quality care delivery and the highest level of information accuracy is putting heavy pressure on healthcare providers. In line with the current requirements, hospitals and healthcare institutions need a reliable, secured digitized medical data management system.

Headquartered in Chennai (India), Kaaspro Enterprises is a futuristic health information technology services company that aims to provide effective, affordable cloud-based medical data management solutions to medical organizations and clinicians regardless of the size and type of their practices. Founded by Kumar Subramaniam (Co-founder and CEO) and supported by Anish Kumaramangalam (Co-founder and CTO), the company’s mission is to help medical practices and clinicians to increase their efficiency and productivity while empowering patients to better engage in their care, thus improving patient safety and outcomes.

Kaaspro: Leveraging Modern Technologies

By leveraging modern technologies, Kaaspro is spending efforts and resources on innovating newer technologies that help to enhance medical information technology-related services. Through its solutions, a massive amount of medical data can be stored, thereby making it easier for medical organizations and medical professionals to reduce data storage costs. It is also utilizing a real-time exchange of knowledge that significantly assists health care providers and hospitals on a daily basis as well as during emergency times. Moreover, Kaaspro is leveraging health information technology products like 75Health to ensure security as well as affordable data storage while providing portable access to the concerned health informatics professionals.

Future-Proof Healthcare Services

With the advent of information technology in the healthcare ecosystem, innovative and ground-breaking applications and remarkable information accuracy have become possible. However, the increasing demands for care quality among individuals are presenting new challenges. To address this challenge, Kaaspro has been leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and mobile technology to transform healthcare delivery. It is making considerable investments in research and development to future-proof its existing and potential products from challenges whatsoever. By doing this, the way of managing medical information and making information-based decisions will significantly improve in the near future.

Added-Value Benefits

Clients choose Kaaspro’s products because of its remarkable benefits, which include accurate medical information, the convenience of use and exchange of information fast and secure. The real-time information sharing capability and fast and easy communication are the added advantages. Also, the company’s cloud-based, intelligent healthcare software systems are HIPAA- compliant and they adhere to the latest legal and industry standards. More importantly, the products are designed according to the need of individuals as well as the need of providers. Kumar shares, “We have designed all our products in a simple, yet the precise way that warrants accurate documentation and sharing of critical patient data.

Expanding Presence in the APAC Region

The APAC region is presenting numerous opportunities for healthcare providers. To make medical data management simpler and efficient, Kaaspro’s exclusive health information technology products such as 75Health Electronic Medical Record Software and Practice Management Software have been successfully deployed in India, African countries, and the USA. The company plans to expand into several countries in the Asia Pacific Region in the future.

Furthermore, the fastest-growing company has been receiving inquiries from APAC countries for innovative medical data management products that are under development. Countries such as South Korea, Singapore, and Japan are at the forefront of health care technology adoption. Presently, it is formulating a plan to expand into these destinations in the near future with its innovative products.

Upcoming Healthcare Products

To deliver quality healthcare, Kaaspro is working on building innovative and intelligent systems that will immensely assist doctors to improve their efficiency while enhancing patient care considerably. The company has lined up two unique products that are under development —My Health Record System and Personal Health Record System. These systems are programmed to bring unheard changes to the way individuals maintain their health records.

Preparing For The Future 

Having an industry experience of over 20 years, Kumar has gained the expertise and capability to drive the company ahead. His primary responsibility as the head of the most modern health information technology services company is leveraging the cloud-based platform for making health care more intelligible. He shares, “I was motivated to initiate the process of building a technology-driven, easy-to-use, health information technology service that not only enables the medical fraternity to meet the challenges related to efficient patient care but also increased patient participation and outcomes.”

Furthermore, he believes that future organizations must leverage innovative technology in a significant way to enhance health care quality. Also, to enable better medical practices and providers to meet the futuristic demands in the medical domain, technologies like AI, ML, and robust data analytics will be required.

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