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In the public areas, security is vital when the interests and safety of the people are at stake. There are times when individuals are exposed to several criminal activities like theft and vandalism without proper security systems and safeguards. Thus, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of valuables in stores as well as the workers and daily visitors. In the aforesaid scenarios, the digital footprint plays a vital role in identifying and capturing the criminals. This next-gen digital footprint is combined with location, time, IoT, and camera data, enhancing all over premise security and safety.

With a mission to safeguard and protect the people from crimes, Kiana Analytics is offering cloud-based device detection and visitor analytics software to optimize operations, mitigate safety/security risk and presence analytics. By using this solution, people across the world such as facility managers, security officers, and organizations can have a peace of mind now. The tagline ‘Making Invisible Threats Visible’ is a true reflection of Kiana Analytics’ ambition to prevent any internal and external physical threats.

Enhancing Security Globally 

Founded in 2013, Kiana Analytics is a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology portfolio company that is working with Verizon 5G on solutions for First Responders. The company’s vision is to provide next-generation technology and data for situational awareness to its global customers efficiently and ethically. At the same time, to improve quality of life, safety, and security of customers’ employees and visitors. Its cloud-based IoP (Internet of Persons) platform combines device detection technology with location-based analytics to automate physical security, optimize operations, and deliver proximity solutions for businesses worldwide. To date, Kiana has analyzed over 495 million devices and is currently being used by customers in over 50 countries.

Offering Secure Cloud-Based Analytics Services

The IoP solutions providing company caters to diverse verticals such as corporate campuses, smart cities, convention centers, airports, shopping centers, and entertainment across the globe. It provides patented cloud-based WiFi, Bluetooth, and 5G-enabled device detection and presence analytics for security, safety, operations, and proximity services. The company uses machine learning techniques and algorithms to provide predictive and behavioral analysis of customer foot traffic.

Moreover, By using Kiana solutions, customers can strengthen their on-site security, improve operations management, and execute real-time targeted services. Its patents cover solutions such as KianaSecure™ and KianaEngage™, which detect and analyze tens-of-thousands of visitors per day, making the cloud-based software ideal for corporate campuses, convention centers, airports, malls, and other large venues.

A Veteran Leader with Extensive Experience of Big Data and IoT Industry

Having over 25 years of proven performance as an entrepreneur, Nader Fathi, the CEO of Kiana Analytics is helping brick-and-mortar businesses enhance safety in public areas  and convert visitors to customers. He is a serial entrepreneur and veteran of the Big Data and IoT industry and possess skills in various domains such as M&A, cloud, Big Data, analytics, gamification, SaaS, global product quality, contract manufacturing, enterprise software, EDA, chip design, general management, professional services, international sales, and marketing. Currently, the seasoned leader is an Executive-in-Residence at the Plug and Play Tech Center and Alley by Verizon, a board member of Asia America Multi Technology Association (AAMA), and member on the Computer Science advisory of the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles.

Nader holds bachelor and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from USC and has successfully completed his Ph.D coursework. Under his leadership, Kiana Analytics was named as the “Hottest Company in July 2016” by the world’s largest start-up accelerator, Plug and Play Tech Center and named the “Top Innovator in May 2018” by the Telecom Council.

When asked to share his thoughts about encouraging creative thinking within Kiana, Nader reveals, “Inspiring creativity in your business can be a catalyst for innovation. Leaders must create a culture which actively encourages new ideas.” He further believes that having incredible brainstorming sessions, regular group workshops, out-of-the-box thinking, and interactive sessions with universities and research institutions are new ways to boost creative ideology.

Expanding Footprints across the Globe

According to Nader, new companies such as Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook are delivering the multi-billion dollar service for economies, thereby generating a large amount of data every day by their customers. Hence, the CEO and his team are planning to amass and convert disparate data sources to actionable information in order to provide the world’s first IoP-sec™ (Internet of Persons-Security) by leveraging the existing infrastructure.

A Valuable Message from the CEO to the Wantrepreneurs

Kiana’s CEO, Nader advices the wantrepreneurs to find themselves coaches and mentors who can counterpart their skills as well as increase their network inside and outside of the industry. He further adds, “Focus on customers and their problems vs. your solution. Stay visible and don’t hide behind technology. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, ask questions and have fun.

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