LIBY Launches Renowned Eco-Friendly Detergent in London

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China’s well-established detergent reduced plastic consumption by 2000 tonnes

Liby, the leading brand of laundry care product from China, unveiled a premium laundry detergent to the rest of the world in London- the Liby Laundry Detergent Essence. The company launched this home product together with world-renowned industry professionals. This revolutionary product contains 7 essences, boosts 3 times the cleaning power and 4 times the fabric care capability is pioneer in converting a laundry detergent into a liquid essence. The supportive experts from different fields including Lady Penny Mountbatten, Ambassador for British Royal Warranted and heritage brands; Lara Stone, supermodel; Natalie Gibson, fashion print tutor and artist from Central Saint Martins, and Calice Becker, award winning perfumer, joined Liby for the launch of this new product.

Established in 1994, Liby stands out as common to see in every 2nd home, from the Chinese market with its tremendous size and competitiveness. Currently, it has no strong near rivals in China, ranks no.1 brand in the category and the 4th on the global scale. It surpasses multinational corporations that have a history of more than 100 years and known as the brand itself a product, leads in the Chinese laundry care industry. Mr. Wu unveiled some “secrets” behind Liby’s success.

The eco-friendly efforts and essence of success

Mr. Wu explained, “Since day one, Liby’s mission has always been bringing health and happiness to every family and we are devoted in bringing health promoting, eco-friendly and technologically innovative products to our customers.””The reason to develop this product is that Liby sees the need to improve the capabilities of washing, fabric care and perfuming in general detergents in domestic markets. This product will make laundry an enjoyable experience,” he added.

In addition, annually, Liby invests over 4% of its total revenues on technology and product development. At the same time, they reduced packaging materials by 25% and their annual plastic consumption by 2000 tonnes condensing regular laundry detergent powder into a more concentrated-toxic form.

Liby with moistening concept of “bringing consumers quality and eco-friendly products”, back in 2016, it launched its skin friendly laundry powder with no added florescent whitening agents. The environment friendly efforts allowed Liby to receive the honor of being named the official sponsor for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the “International Carbon-Value Award” in 2018.

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