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Lindsey Myers

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In November 2016, Lindsey Myers founded Concrete Blonde Consulting to pursue her passion for building reputations and revenues through business marketing strategies. Lindsey is a communications expert and a successful womentrepreneur. She has over fourteen-years of experience serving various industries. In a short time, her company has been recognized as one of the top PR agencies in New York.

Lindsey is a recognized strategic leader and has earned a continuous streak for counselling clients from Fortune 500 companies, to help them increase profits, manage brand reputations and gain market share. Driven continuously by her enterprising spirit and innate understanding of consumer influence, Lindsey’s entrepreneurial skills have contributed to the success of the company. She shared her experience with Business APAC and unveiled her journey with very interesting answers. Here are some excerpts,

Leadership Transforming Landscape Demands

Do you think the transforming landscape demands a different type of leadership from the current/future CEOs?

Talking about the technological change, I believe that technology is rapidly altering the global economy, and combined with the values of the incoming generation altering the way the world does business. Now we are seeing a gig economy take shape and employees who value mental health, mobility and independence shape the workforce. Stepping away from the traditional office set-up, we are embracing a lifestyle and team of digital nomads. This shift highlights how there is a need for strong leadership more than ever before.

Embracing this new approach, the CEOs will need to be able to inspire employees from afar, keep them motivated and find a way to unite a team with vast geophilic reach. It will be more difficult to create unity and corporate culture, however, those who succeed will far surpass other companies in the global landscape. The stakes are higher and the gulf between the small and large companies is about to become larger.

A Storyteller and a Born Saleswoman

Can you enlighten us about your journey and why did you choose this industry?

When I was studying at Boston University I was not really sure what I wanted to major in. I was confused as most kids are but as I learned more about the PR industry it was clearly a great fit for my skill set. I have always loved to write and wanted to apply that skill to the business industry. Leading where my heart led me to, I became a part of this industry. You can say, in my heart, I’m also a storyteller and a born saleswoman.

Specializing At Media Relations And Company Visioning

Can you tell us about your offerings, and what are your focus areas of expansion?

We are a full-service consulting and marketing firm in NYC. At Concrete Blonde Consulting, we specialize in media relations and company visioning’, but also do a substantial amount of work with influencer campaigns. We examine your business development pipeline; we are able to identify new areas for growth, whilst also creating strategies to amplify current opportunities. This will remain our areas of focus, in addition to our growing crisis communications division.

Along with the aforementioned services, we also offer a competitive media analysis, streamline marketing campaigns and build additional sources of revenue. We cater these services to various industries including consumer products and services, tech, lifestyle, hospitality, and non-profit companies.

New Projects Set On the Way

Over the next five years, what are the key milestones you have set to achieve?

Like any other company, we too have our revenue goals and it’s always great to hit those! Being said that, we are also planning on starting an invite-only networking group for women called Filigree. In addition, we are working on a non-profit arm to give back to the community. Stay tuned!!

Supporting Business Goals and Being Bottom-line Focused

What are the factors that you think make your offerings better than your competitors?

There are many great firms out there and I don’t believe one is better than the other, we’re just different. Also, I’m a big fan (and cheerleader!) for many of my competitors. I feel more than any other industry, finding the right PR has a lot to do with the fit. It’s very creative and two different firms could have drastically different approaches to the same campaign – and both could still hit the KPIs – they just took different roads to get to the end destination.

That said, to explain our approach, my firm is much focused on helping businesses determine the end goal, set the vision and benchmark the campaign before we begin. We spend more time on the front end, are highly strategic and very focused on business development. We utilize marketing to support business goals and are bottom-line focused.

We All Are Superheroes Who Don’t Wear A Cape

Have any movies/TV shows or books influenced your life?

I’m really into all these Sci-Fi and Fantasy flicks! I’m a big MCU fan, Marvel has a special place in my heart. I definitely became a Concrete Blonde because I like superheroes who don’t wear a cape. I believe it’s my mission to help entrepreneurs by utilizing the skills I was given. You can say that with my superpowers I want to help make the world a better place.

I’d say I’m a gladiator in a suit … but, I’d never be caught dead in a suit!! But, yeah, Scandal and Shonda Rhimes definitely played a hand too.

Striving to be the team’s biggest source of support

Can you tell us about your team and how important is your team for the company’s development?

They are EVERYTHING!! Literally – all – the – things! I strive to be their biggest source of support and to make every experience a teaching moment. Our professional development program is continuously evolving and includes outside resources too.

Words of wisdom:

“In the PR industry your product is your talent, so nurturing people and focusing on professional development is critical to growth and success.”



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