Maggie Chen: A Journey of A Successful Entrepreneur


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Born and raised in Fujian, graduated from Xiamen University and The National University of Singapore started her business in Hong Kong. Throughout the years, her business has developed into mainland China and Southeast Asia. In her 20 years of venture, she has traveled numerous miles, leaving her footprints all over the world. She used to be an English teacher, then an employee of a foreign MNC. Later, she made a gorgeous transformation and started her own business, beginning as an ordinary businesswoman. Today, she is known as a successful entrepreneur.

This great leader is none other than Maggie Chen, a friendly and calm, simple yet intelligent female entrepreneur. Crystal Link Technology that she founded has always adhered to the original intention of enhancing food safety. This platform created an online and offline service supply chain system to simplify supply chain management. As a result, it has established itself as the leading service provider in China’s supply chain industry, growing its reputation over time.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies

Before establishing Crystal Link Technology, Maggie founded SinoServices International Technologies, a leading information technology company in China. “SinoServices leverages advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to create mobile supply chain hybrid cloud solutions for more than 1000 enterprises,” said Maggie. “Creating value for users is what SinoServices has been doing.” We are honored to win awards such as “Top 10 Logistics Technology Solution Suppliers in the Asia Pacific” and “Industry Leading Brand of China“. Besides, SinoServices passed the CMMIL5 certification, ranking among the top 1000 software development companies in the world.

Pondering Solutions for Food Safety Issues

“In the past few years, frequent occurrence of food safety issues have been linked to flaws of the supply chain. Our team has always pondered about solutions for this problem, and innovating methods to push for the development of a better food safety system, to let the consumers feel more at ease.” Maggie said. Hence, Crystal Link Platform was borne with the focus on food caterers and suppliers, new retail, providing trading, logistics, finance, software, and hardware integration and other supply chain operation and management services, building an integrated online and offline supply chain system. At present, Crystal Link Technology has provided comprehensive services to 500+ enterprise customers, helping customers achieve overall supply chain management efficiency improvements.

One-Stop Logistics Operation Services

“Crystal Link Technology uses technology to connect the upstream and downstream of supply chains, and through data-driven logistics operations and financial support, improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain,” said Maggie, “only through efficient collaboration can we improve the entire supply chain Management efficiency and protect the sustainable development of enterprises in the chain.” Crystal Link Technology uses data to drive procurement, production, sales, and logistics, helping enterprise customers solve operational pain points and improve management efficiency. At the same time, through continuous logistics network construction and business overlay, Crystal Link Technology built a multi-temperature layer and Omni channel warehouse distribution logistics network to provide customers with one-stop logistics operation services. It realizes the logistics network, service production, operation standardization, maximum security, and data collaboration.

“As more and more customers are being served, we are thinking more than developing a supply chain operation platform, but how to better integrate corporate vision with social responsibility,” said Maggie. “At present, many Chinese Companies lag behind their European and US counterparts in terms of their Supply Chain capabilities. Crystal Link Technology helps to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of these customer’s supply chain, and promotes the development of the food traceability system.”

Adhering Core Values and Long-Term Goals

With the development of global economic integration, close cooperation between countries has been strengthened. Thus Crystal Link has also ventured overseas. “In addition to China, Crystal Link is also present in Southeast Asia with Singapore as the main branch and Europe with Hungary as the focal point. This is to foster relationships between China and other countries worldwide,” Maggie said.

As the company head, Maggie spends a lot of time traveling to major cities in China as well as overseas. Although her time spent in the company is limited, it does not affect the efficient operation of the company because she has a very experienced team behind her. They are the cornerstone of the steady and healthy development of the organization. Maggie believes that the success of the company comes from a vibrant corporate culture, clear value proposition, and unremitting efforts of the team members.

“Entrepreneurs face many challenges in starting a business. This is a price that a leader must pay to grow their business.” described Maggie about her career and entrepreneurial experience. She is currently working with her team to turn Crystal Link Technology into the world’s leading vertical industry supply chain operation platform. Her motto is this, “Adhere to the core values and long-term goals of the company; always maintain a humble, savvy and innovative nature.“

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