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Software development is one of today’s fastest- growing industries. According to various estimates, its annual revenue is set to surpass the $500 million mark as it remains one of the most progressive and attractive industries in the world.

The arrival of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Blockchain is further boosting its growth. These technologies are creating space for fresh and unique innovations in the existing market. Realizing the scope for disruption, many players have emerged on the market. One such disruptor with a clear business vision and a promising portfolio is Magora Systems.

Founded in 2010, Magora is an international company with its headquarters in London and operating offices in Sydney, Novosibirsk, and Saint Petersburg. The software company designs and develops customized digital products including iOS and Android mobile applications, web platforms and scalable integrated systems for their clients. As the official motto of the company goes, “We think business, then development,” Magora build solutions that align with their partners’ businesses and helps them grow.

A Modus Operandi that Attracts Clients

Cooperation with any client begins with market research in order to better understand the client’s business and the customers’ needs and apply this user-oriented approach in the process of development.

Based on this research and study, the project is planned out and developed in accordance with the hottest technology trends. After the development process is completed, the company can provide maintenance and technical support to keep the software up-to-date and high-functional.

Thanks to such an approach, Magora has grown into a market leader that develops both advanced technological solutions and guidance in building a successful business strategy around an IT solution.

An Active Leader, Pushing Magora to New Success Heights

The man behind the company’s success is Vladimir Potapenko, Founder and CEO of Magora Systems. In the late 2000s, Vladimir graduated in Applied Informatics in Economics from Novosibirsk State University for Economics and Management.

Thanks to a high-class educational background, Vladimir has accumulated a solid base and invested his knowledge in the development of his own software development company along with a few of his classmates. His proficiency in IT technologies, charisma, creativity and perfect understanding of management processes allowed him to put together a strong team of professionals. Nearly a decade of constant development has helped Magora Systems become a market leader in the UK, Russia and Australia. Having completed hundreds of projects, Magora has gained valuable experience and taken the position of top software and mobile app development organization in international independent listings.

In 2019, Magora plans to expand its presence in the USA, Canada, France and acquire a dominant position on local markets.

Software Solutions, Streamlining Clients’ Business Workflows

Magora focuses on delivering excellent custom software solutions integrated with innovative information technologies. In order to achieve this rather than simply handling software development, Magora goes deeply into process optimization and delivers new ways of automating daily routine operations, plans, reports, communication, and analysis of their clients’ businesses. The goal of Magora is to guide their partners in applying new business tactics for their specific processes with the assistance of IT.

Magora’s StarBuffet and SwipedOn Products

Magora’s portfolio is full of successful projects. They have helped their clients grow by leveraging the latest technologies while demonstrating a very creative approach to solving problems. For instance, they recently developed an iOS app for the Australian self-service restaurant chain StarBuffet. The Magora team designed an application that helped streamline the restaurant’s workflow and make it more transparent. Magora optimized StarBuffet’s business, which in turn reduced labor costs, ultimately helping them boost their profits.

One of Magora’s other recent project is an iPad-based management system for receptionists, employees and visitors of SwipedOn, a New Zealand startup company who secured a

$1 million investment and gained international recognition for their application. As mentioned above, Magora has transformed multiple businesses with its expertise and looks forward to working on exciting new projects.

A Leader Embracing the Flourishing Startup Culture

Being an entrepreneur himself, Vladimir is very glad to see how the APAC countries are trying to help start-ups grow and flourish. There have been many plans and initiatives taken by governments that are boosting entrepreneurial spirit among the youth. For example, Vladimir shares, he was amazed to learn how the Sydney government has poured money into keeping Australian startups in Australia. As the leader of an IT firm, he considers it of the highest importance to aid any company from startups to large corporations in adopting disruptive technologies in their businesses. This demands the contribution of young and bright professionals to fulfil the requirements of the market.

He says he was mesmerized when he spotted the new Startup Hub in the city. The Hub offers one entire level and a zero-fee co-working space for early-stage ventures and out-of-town visitors.

Various events have been taking place there that focus on encouraging entrepreneurship, such as meet-ups, pitches, and Q&As. The Magora team have been participating in these events in order to share their knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Over the years, Magora has repeatedly proved its expertise in custom software development by victoriously completing small MVPs for startups and large international projects, implementing ground- breaking technologies to propose innovative solutions to their clients’ problems. And in 2019 they are ready for new challenges.



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