Mahabharata Quotes: Wisdom Across Ages to Navigate Through Life’s Maze


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The Mahabharata, the ancient Indian epic, stands as a timeless repository of wisdom, ethics, and profound insights into the human condition. Nestled within its expansive narrative are quotes that encapsulate the essence of life, offering guidance, contemplation, and inspiration to generations across millennia. These quotes from the epic Mahabharata, drawn from the dialogues of its characters and the verses of its teachings, not only reflect the intricacies of the epic’s plot but also unveil universal truths that continue to resonate with contemporary audiences. Exploring the wealth of Mahabharata quotes is akin to embarking on a journey through the corridors of human emotions, dilemmas, and philosophies, where each quote serves as a profound testament to the enduring relevance of this epic saga.

Krishna’s ideology

  1. “It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.”

  1. “The Key To Happiness Is The Reduction Of Desires.”

  1. “Among All Kind Of Killers, Time Is The Ultimate Because Time Kills Everything.”

  1. “One who sees inaction in action and action in inaction – he is a smart man.”

  1. “Calmness, Gentleness, Silence, Self-restraint And Purity: These Are The Disciplines Of The Mind.”

Life Lessons by Ved Vyasa

  1. “No one belongs to me; I belong to no one. There is no ‘I’ or ‘mine’; all is blissful aloneless.”

  1. “Time is the seed of the Universe.”

  1. “Experience the joy of realising the god in your soul.”

  1. “Live your life very carefully, since there would be lot of thrones on your path.”

  1. “Those who try to remove the sufferings of others would be having no suffering in their own life.”

Bhishma ideology

  1. “A gift without sweet words is like a dish without a dessert—such gifts give no satisfaction without flattery.”

  1. “Kings have five natural friends: Learning, courage, skill, strength, and patience.”

  1. “The iron law of politics: The poor are weak; the wealthy are powerful.”

  1. “One can never return a true favor done in goodwill. The first gift was free and open, and the return only response in kind.”

  1. “The faces of friends and foes like clouds change from moment to moment.”

Life Lessons by Vidur

  1. “He is considered to be learned if anger, pride, and too much of joy does not affect his talent.”

  1. “Who understands quickly, pursues objects with judgment, listens patiently, Wastes not breathe on others affairs; possess foremost mark of wisdom truly.”

  1. “Whose intended acts, proposed counsels – remain concealed from enemies, whose acts are known after they have been done – is considered wise only.”

  1. “Do not trust those who are not trusted, but those who are credible should not be trusted too much.”

  1. “A person who is jealous, burns with others, disgruntled, angry, doubtful, and dependent on others always remains unhappy.”

Dhritrashtra ideology

  1. “Men lose good judgment in things which concern their interest.”

  1. “Success that is obtained by negotiations and other means is the best. Success which is secured by battle is the worst.”

  1. “The world is a place of sorrow and suffering. No one can escape it.”

  1. “Hatred is like poison. It only hurts the one who harbors it.”

  1. “Attachment is like a chain. It binds us to the world and prevents us from attaining liberation.”

Yudhishthira ideology

  1. “The relatives like Shakuni are not the wellwishers; instead can lead anyone to the path of destruction.”

  1. “The greatest wealth is contentment.”

  1. “The wrongdoing against the modesty of a woman can lead to the total destruction of one’s clan.”

  1. “A man should always be humble and modest, no matter how powerful he may be.”

  1. “Even in defeat, there is victory if you have fought with honor.”

Life Lessons by Drona

  1. “One should not be proud of one’s learning, for even the greatest of scholars can be defeated by a fool.”

  1. “A true warrior fights for what is right, not for personal glory.”

  1. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

  1. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

  1. “A man is not born great, but greatness is achieved through hard work and dedication.”

In summation, Mahabharata quotes remain an undying source of wisdom, resonating across time and culture. These profound insights into human nature, morality, and the eternal conflict of virtues reflect our shared human experience. Rooted in ancient sagacity, these quotes continue to illuminate contemporary existence, offering guidance and contemplation for all who seek to navigate the complexities of life with timeless understanding.

Tejas Tahmankar

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