Marn Lim: Bringing a Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery


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Addiction, compulsion, and negative habit-patterns knowingly or unknowingly affect every aspect of an individual’s being. Currently, millions of people across the world are addicted to substances and other additions such as technology, food, gambling, etc. Particularly since the COVID-19 lockdowns, addiction and mental health issues have been on a rise.

Catering to the need of the hour, Marn Lim (Founder of lets recover) conceptualized to replace physical treatments—that are inaccessible in the current climate and financially unreachable for most and have been proven to have a high relapse percentage as well. She envisioned creating a completely anonymous, self-paced online recovery program delivered in a creative and inspiring way to counter the existing stigma of recovery. “With its roots in the classical wisdom of addiction recovery, lets recover is an affordable system of self-healing for your mind, body, and spirit, available whenever you need it–24/7,” says Marn.

Leveraging the Immersive Experience

Marn has been immersed in a variety of addiction recovery, healing, and meditation practices for over twenty years. Coming from her individual challenges, she has a deep and experiential understanding of transformational recovery and freedom from addictions. Marn has lived in London, Milan, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore and has been in meditation and yoga retreats since 1992. With around 1000 hours of yoga alliance certified training in a multitude of yoga styles, Marn has learned to share her heart-centered and humble experiences to help people process their transformation.

Marn pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the National University of Singapore. Moreover, she also studied product design from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design and is highly creative and innovative. Prior to founding lets recover, she worked as the Assistant Director of Design Innovation at the Design Singapore Council and as a Trend Forecaster at Philips Design and Motorola.

At lets recover, Marn has developed a holistic and fun approach to recovery and transformation that injects positive states of being into one’s journey of transformation and change. “The online recovery program was born of experience, from years of immersion in recovery and transformational practices,” she adds. Under her auspices, the lets recover team tried and tested tools and techniques throughout the recovery and self-help industries to create the best program.

A Comprehensive Solution

lets recover offers a holistic solution targeting all three aspects of the mind, body, and spirit for addiction recovery. Firstly, it provides a 9-step program based on the classical knowledge of recovery from addictions coupled with transformational tools. Secondly, it provides online yoga and breathwork videos to reduce the common symptoms of addiction recovery such as depression or anxiety. Lastly, the company works with a certified homeopathy practitioner to come up with herbal tea blends and oils to help with depression and anxiety.

Besides this, lets recover also has in-house sober coaches and therapists as well as events like Zoom Sober Dance to elevate the state of mind to one of a joyous and free existence. During COVID lockdown, the company saw an increase in depression and anxiety leading to addictions to cope with increasing insecurity and the unknown. Marn aims to help overcome this problem with lets recover by bringing a holistic solution online.

Crisis creates Opportunities

Marn believes that the pandemic has provided people with an opportunity to remove common distractions in their lives and to focus on what matters to them. “While we are cooped up in our relative spaces and make sudden changes to our lifestyles, we can use this period as a challenge to go within, get to know ourselves better, and sit with ourselves,” she asserts.

Marn further adds that she observes the pandemic as an opportunity for self-reflection and contemplation of things that matter in life. lets recover has always encouraged a self-motivated, self-disciplined, and location-free working culture. Moreover, the company’s associates are spread around the world as it works on a global scale using modern technology. Thus, its working culture was not affected due to the pandemic.

Currently, lets recover is planning to launch its first free event—Zoom Sober Dance—  march this year to elevate spirits. The company is also in the process of a new program called lets play, using creative methods to break free the loop of conventional and old ideas.

Future of the Healthcare Industry

Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has been gradually moving from medical diagnostic treatment of bodily symptoms to a more holistic preventive wellness system. In the age of information, there is an increasing understanding that health is not simply broken into individual body parts—as human beings are complex beings with mental and spiritual needs that are intimately connected to physical health.

Within the healthcare profession, there is now a growing understanding as seen in the raise of functional medicine, fasting clinics, psychiatric practices, traditional Chinese medicine, or ayurvedic treatment where research has shown that human health is far more complex than a mere physical entity,” says Marn. She further adds that more people are starting to realize the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual health and how it is directly connected to one’s wellbeing.

As this awareness increases, Marn believes that there will be a continuous rise in the use of alternative holistic approaches to healthcare in the near future. According to Marn, 2021 will see the dust stirred by 2020 settling slowly and people adapting to a new lifestyle—one with fewer distractions and more contemplative activities that will focus on an individual basis rather than a collective scale.

Sources of Motivation

It is important for a leader to stay motivated to ensure the individual as well as the company’s growth. Marn keeps herself motivated by staying physically active as well as with a daily meditation practice. Besides this, she mentions that a book named ‘the power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle and videos by spiritual teachers like thich nhat hanh have inspired her to become who she is today.

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