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For a long time, video surveillance has been used for security concerns in almost all sectors around the world. Today, it is evolving from age-old, analog, hardware-centric products to software-centric, IP, and wireless solutions. The web-based software applications are supporting mobile applications. Likewise, with increased camera resolution, video coding technology is finding its way from H.264 to H.265.

These upgrades in the existing security systems are due to two leading pushing factors, namely mobility and cloud which are driving innovation in the present digital world. Similarly, the cloud has eliminated customer-premise hardware, server, and software, bringing Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) algorithms on Deep Learning. This ultimately helps to automate many manual processes and create new security functions and applications.

Advanced Video Surveillance Solutions at Matrix Comsec

With powerful research and development, Matrix Comsec, a leading Security and Telecom solutions provider offers a comprehensive range of solutions for IP Video Surveillance, Access Control, Time-Attendance, and Telecom applications. Around 40% of Matrix’s manpower is dedicated to the development of new products. Most importantly, Matrix Comsec’s R&D is the foundation behind its growth and sustenance of these solutions. They are specifically designed for large and multi-location enterprises, SME and SMB organizations across various industries including Manufacturing, Logistics, BFSI, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Government, Defence, etc.

To protect clients’ existing as well as future investments in its solutions, Matrix Comsec’s products have the capability to be integrated with each other. Similarly, these products can also be integrated with existing third-party solutions, deployed in an organization. Currently, Matrix has designed 50+ innovative, differentiated products that meet the Security and Telecom needs of modern organizations. As a result, this useful range of products has helped Matrix to win some prestigious international awards for design and aesthetics such as iF Germany, Red Dot Singapore, GOOD Design Japan, and India Design Mark.

A Successful Journey from Start-up to Pioneer

After beginning its journey with a single employee, single product, and single customer—Matrix Comsec is no different than any other technology start-up. But, what makes Matrix different is its rapid growth from having a single customer to 1 million+ customers with a developed network of 2,500 system integrators, trusting and selling Matrix solutions worldwide and taking Matrix products to more than 50 countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, etc. Moreover, Matrix operates through a well-defined and trained channel network consisting of consultants, resellers, system integrators, and distributors. Today, the Matrix team is further developing an innovative range of solutions by keenly observing customer requirements. They are also working closely with customers to increase customer visibility, control, and trust in Matrix products and solutions.

New Launches and Expansion Plans for 2019

While developing its security solutions, Matrix Comsec is currently focused on IP Video Surveillance and People Mobility Management as these domains are growing rapidly. When asked about the upcoming solution launches, Ganesh Jivani, the Managing Director of Matrix Comsec said, “Matrix will be introducing cutting-edge and well-differentiated new products this year.” With a demonstrated background of working in the software, electrical and electronic design and manufacturing industries, Ganesh further revealed Matrix’s upcoming business strategy which includes the appointment of new system integrators in all the important markets including India and overseas.

Along with these expansion plans, differentiation is the prime business strategy for Matrix which revolves around creating differentiation in its business processes ranging from product design, manufacturing, marketing to sales, and support. For instance, in the marketing front, Matrix Comsec identifies, and builds differentiated products, positions, and communicates these differences. In addition, it provides these solutions at optimized costs with prompt and sincere support of thoroughly trained sales and technical resources. Likewise, products’ promotions are done through trade fairs, exhibitions, road-shows, and advertisements. In terms of go-to-market strategy, Ganesh and the team of Matrix have developed a unique market strategy which includes reaching out to organizations and businesses in the target market to meet their Telephony, Access Control, Time-Attendance, and Video Surveillance needs.

The 3P Approach to Deliver High-Quality Solutions

Until now, it has been a very thrilling and fulfilling journey for the Managing Director and his team at Matrix. Learning from previous experiences, Ganesh and his team believe that customers are the best teacher in the school of the marketplace. Thus, the team of Matrix Comsec always strives to remain customer focused by creating more opportunities to increase customer face time. According to the Managing Director of Matrix, the primary business drivers and business differentiators in a technology business are 3 Ps—People, Products, and Processes. This is because modern customers (People) demand high-quality solutions (Products) at optimum cost in the shortest time (Process). Therefore, to deliver high-quality solutions, companies need to harness people, products, and processes.

In addition, having advanced skills in Technology, Product Design, Business Development, Sales Management, Telecom, People Mobility Management, Access Control, and Video Surveillance, Ganesh believes that existing security companies are reducing the true scope of security by typecasting them as “security” solutions. Today, security solutions are essential for the security of assets and safety of people and these two are the prime motives behind investments in security. Additionally, one can see that the security solutions are greatly impacting productivity, quality, and human cultural aspects of the organization. Therefore, the necessity for security is a fundamental and critical imperative for organizations across various industries. Further, this necessity has forced leading sectors, especially BFSI, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail, education, and hospitality to increase their investments in security solutions.

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