Michael Sigourney: Redefining Persistent Leadership with Prudency and Loyalty

Michael Sigourney

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Presently, leaders around the world are thriving with their grandeur and business mindset. While the debate of ‘constant vs consistent’ seems to be at bay, it is persistence which determines the fortitude and agility of a leader. It is, however, proven that leaders practicing persistence in their daily routine have introduced unique and prosperous business methodologies into the world of business.

I’ve always believed in persistence and think that all leaders naturally lean in that direction. You don’t stay a leader unless you are driven to it from within,”—asserts Michael Sigourney (CEO and Founder of AVTECH Software). A visionary, Michael upholds that it is adversity which creates a need to adapt while people depend upon those leaders to demonstrate confidence and direction—real or imagined. Quoting “The better this is accomplished, the greater is the following that they can develop,” Michael has been prudently stirring development within the core of his company and piloting it towards a prolific future.

Molding Life into Dreams

Michael attended the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business. During the mid-1980s, he successfully sold advertising for machine-specific computer publications—just as the industry was incepting. He further became Director of Marketing for two of the fastest-growing system software manufacturers of the time before starting a marketing consulting firm. After assisting others to become successful, he instituted AVTECH Software in 1988, to address the need for special monitoring tools which would increase IT equipment while simplifying managerial jobs.

Michael saw a unique opportunity to monitor data center environments by combining software with hardware—instead of being just one or the other like most companies. Moreover, focusing directly on the environmental conditions supporting data centers turned out to be significant for him.

By focusing on ease-of-use and extreme reliability, AVTECH created a higher ‘value ratio’ for customers. “Combining this with the personal service became a key advantage for AVTECH that we retain to this day,” mentions Michael. Moreover, AVTECH aims to provide IT and facilities environment monitoring solutions which prevent downtime and data loss, while enabling the greatest business continuity possible.

The ‘International Ambassador’

Michael’s decades-long experience has had him undertake various roles. He accredits his team for accompanying and supporting him which enables him to focus more on several aspects such as long-term planning, advising managers, and others while providing a more public voice for AVTECH to a worldwide market.

Furthermore, Michael often travels around the world to meet, motivate and train resellers and visits customers. He also participates in trade missions, expert relations, and government outreach—remarking himself as an ‘international ambassador’.

Tending Commitments Infused with Loyalty

Often remarked as a detail-oriented person and stretching goal line to grow business and challenges for personal growth, Michael has a very honest and open approach to working with people. “I find that by being genuine and caring about what helps customers and staff, everyone grows and benefits.”—he adds. He believes that it creates clearer communication and people are motivated to help him the way he works to help them.

Being someone who ‘wears his heart on his sleeve’, Michael’s loyalty towards his team outweighs any desire for personal growth—resonating with staff who tend to commit fully to their roles. He believes that it helps him establish a strong and safe work environment. Moreover, customers experience the stability of creating a safe partner for them to work with.

Thriving during Unprecedented Times

During the global pandemic, the team of AVTECH transitioned to remote working so as to protect each other. As few of the members were already working remotely, the team did not face any problem while adapting to the shift.

The pandemic clarified to organizations worldwide that managers need to monitor their facilities remotely which are enabled by AVTECH’s Room Alert products. This caused existing customers to invest further in AVTECH’s platform—and it also drew the attention of new customers. Despite all odds, the company continues to grow and attain record-setting sales every month.

However, on personal level, Michael was aware that even the strongest employees require regular contact and feedback. As working alone is tough, it tends to alter performance without making it obvious to people. “Thank goodness for Team’s software which made it easy for us to meet in small and large groups effectively even while our team was spread out around the world,” remarks Michael.

Strategized Future Goals

Recently, AVTECH has focused on the next generation of its environment monitors which offer the highest security possible while being easy-to-use and extremely reliable. Built on patented technologies, these are supported through software and online resources which others are unable to provide. Since Room Alert is a ‘platform’ and not just software or hardware, it is the most complete solution available and continues to provide greater value to customers.

AVTECH plans to launch ‘Room Alert 3S model’—a high-security version of the Room Alert 3E and a part of AVTECH’s ‘PRO’ line — the world’s most popular product for temperature monitoring in IT or computer room environments. The company will continue developing its Room Alert Manager software and online Room Alert Account to meet changing needs, and provide increased functionality which benefits users and the organizations they support. Various worldwide organizations are driving Room Alert as the corporate-wide standard. As organizations trust Room Alert to secure their future, AVTECH is committed to fulfilling it.

The Mantra for Success

According to Michael, treating team members and clients in a good manner tends to increase the overall product value and service. Elaborating his past experiences concerning the failure of companies induced by not creating true value for others, Michael advises not to give up in the midway— ‘until the last mile of your journey’. He strongly recommends, “Keep marching forward in a logical and planned direction… you can succeed!

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