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Over the years, the supply chain has turned more diverse, multinational and is incorporated rapidly with multiple companies operating in conjunction with the source, transforming, and disturbing goods to clients. Due to this, the supply chain sector is continually facing challenges such as changing technological advancements, increasing demand for quality and differentiation, and scarcity of resources. As a result, companies need to design and apply individual strategies that enable profitable growth.

This is where Miebach Consulting steps in to help companies design sound strategies and execute successful solutions for network structures, processes, and facilities along the complete supply chain and ensure the supply of the world. The Founder, Dr. Joachim Miebach, believes that supply chain consulting is still mostly viewed as an add-on with strategic consulting. This results in broad brushing or generalizing of the supply chain needs of organizations. To address this, Miebach Consulting recommends solutions, systems, or software that fit best the supply chain requirements and will maximize the return of its client’s investment.

Bridging The Gap

With over 370 consultants in 21 countries around the world, Miebach Consulting is bridging the gap between consulting and engineering. The expert consultants deliver from strategy to implementation & beyond, having in-depth knowledge of making solutions work. The service line of Miebach ranges from working on major supply chain transitions (including network designs and asset systems as well as processes) to conceptualizing and implementing on-the-ground facilities and training the logistics personnel in their new tasks in the ramp-up phase.

As a holistic supply chain consultancy and engineering enterprise, Miebach Consulting sets the standard in the combination of strategic knowledge and implementation capabilities. It has a proven international record of successfully implemented projects, and solutions exceed 10,000. Dr. Joachim articulates, “Combining global expertise with a strong local team helps us bringing the flexibility as well as the capability to perform the tasks on hand.” Currently, Miebach Consulting is working on several transformation projects and planning to align its business strategy with the public & private sector to create a vision for 2030. It is also planning to become an attractive organization for its people and shape local talent. Furthermore, the company wishes to grow by 25% in resources year-on-year until 2022 and continue to grow and stabilize in the coming years.

Unicorn Miebach Consulting

Miebach Consulting is committed to operational excellence as the key to creating added value. To stand out, the company attains excellence through a variety of steps that mitigate risks through the supply chain and IT improvements leading to a significantly higher operational efficiency. Its capability to consider the trade-offs between cost & functionality, avoiding unnecessary gold-plating while strongly focusing on the feasibility of the solution. Furthermore, its willingness to operate as the client’s advocates and extended arms, as well as courage to challenge market perceptions and technological assumptions, make Miebach Consulting a unicorn amongst its competitors.

Furthermore, AI is already adapted by many industries and integrated into solutions. Similarly, Miebach Consulting is leveraging AI technology to enhance its offerings, such as data leveraging and analysis and simulation of complex systems.

Facing Challenges Head-On

Supply chains are complex systems that need continuous reevaluation as they face ongoing efficiency and responsiveness challenges. As a leading company in the supply chain sector, Miebach Consulting is confronting various challenges. These challenges include changing circumstances resulting in scope and schedule variability during a project, long gestation time in acquiring projects, and comparison with consultants from other streams. Through its experience and implementation capabilities across multiple industries, it is planning to overcome these challenges.

Ensuring Delightful Customer Experience

In the supply chain consulting industry, clients are looking for consultants who listen and understand their pain points and deliver the ideal solution to solve it. Likewise, clients’ expectation from Miebach Consulting is to provide hand-over ambitious & complex facilities as turn-key solutions as well as ensure that the projects are in budget, on time, and quality. The consulting firm is using a holistic approach considering IT, technology, processes, organizational requirements, (big) data inputs, civil (local) requirements, and economical / business aspects and combining all of those to deliver a viable solution. It is also leveraging its global experience and local knowledge and presence to transform ideas on the drawing board to bricks on the ground. In the end, Miebach Consulting is using the best strategy to achieve its client’s goals and maximize their customer’s experience.

Building One-Man-Company

After studying industrial engineering at Berlin Technical University and the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Joachim founded Miebach Consulting in Frankfurt am Main in 1973. In the following decades, he grew his one-man-company into a consulting firm focused on an international consulting partner. Many groundbreakings, creative projects paved the way for dealing with warehouse automation to providing the full spectrum of supply chain engineering. Today, he is the Chairman of the Advisory Board, dealing with the long-term strategic development of the Miebach group.

As a prominent figure in the supply chain consulting industry, Dr. Joachim would like to see some improvements such as bottom-up or applicability review of strategic solutions, which are necessary so that the suggested solutions are implementable. Also, higher transparency in planning parameters including sensitivity for future business scenarios is an important factor for developing a best fit and sustainable solution.

Practical Skills For Consultants To Possess

To succeed in the consulting industry, professionals need to possess specific skill sets. Dr. Joachim believes that these skills should be flexible in thought and action to adapt to changing circumstances, ability to foster and nurture Client understanding, and patience in moving along with client from requirement → RFP → offer → negotiation. These skills are going to improve the professionals’ development as well as ensure that they have the drive to create something new.

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