Mohamed Saieed: A Self-Committed Entrepreneur remarkably tackling the Challenges of Crisis


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The unprecedented impact of the pandemic has caused many hazards in the business scenario. Every business platform witnessed a rapid digital transformation. Times like this demand competent leadership to help get through the tough phase. One such leader is Mohamed Saieed, CEO of Potensia Systems. He is not only remarkably tackling the challenges of the pandemic, but also delivering its clients with excellent IT solutions. Mohamed is a self-committed person who had a keen interest in technology from a very young age. With years passing, his passion grew as he started reading and self-learning, and he decided to pursue his passion. He completed his education in Computer Science at Swansea University, and later to add to the skillset he pursued an MBA.

Moreover, to keep up with the market trends and predict them, Mohamed pursued a diploma in Marketing from the American University in Cairo and a diploma in Artificial Intelligence from Oxford. He has a distinct perspective for the entrepreneurial life and says, “When you’re your own boss, it’s very different from working for someone else—as you’ll be working towards your dream and passion. You’ll be learning something new every day, and it’s not only on the business side but also on the personal side.” He is the co-founder of several companies and Potensia Systems is one of the dearests to his heart.

Unique Bouquet of Solutions

Based in UAE, Potensia Systems is a system integrator that designs and deploys industry-specific technology and streamline business operations through the portfolios of solutions, managed services and consultancy.

Potensia Systems is able to implement solutions globally and offers bespoke high-end technology solutions for companies around the world. Its integrated solutions for businesses combine the latest products with its team’s expertise and know-how to deliver excellent outcomes for the clients. These bouquets of solutions include Smart Cities and Data Centers for Government, Smart Solutions, and Cyber Security along with ELV systems. Potensia Systems helps businesses to respond quickly to their technology requirements and build the necessary IT infrastructure designed to protect people, property, and information. This helps to support the long-term growth of the business.

Mohamed understands that the companies will see a significant slowdown in growth during this financial year as they grapple with the upheaval wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, he shared “We tried to think out-of-the-box to provide unique solutions to our clients.” Mohamed and his team are introducing initiatives like the sanitizing gates, thermal cameras, smart helmets, virtual meeting rooms, and e-signature solutions.

Combating With the Pandemic

Mohamed states that the team is Potensia Systems’ greatest asset. He says, “We are all one team one family and that’s our key to success—together we will make it happen.” It is a challenging time to serve clients. Despite the changes in the business scenario the team is striving to provide the best within a healthy way. Keeping in line with the current business scenario Potensia Systems has updated the workflow systems and the team has adapted to this changing environment very quickly. The team is motivated to be usable and accessible to the clients without any interruption. For this, the team has shaped a robust action plan and has implemented specific precautions for the IT Operations and Development teams to ensure continuity.

Welfare of Employees is Priority

Mohamed shares that working remotely is the safest course of action during the pandemic. “While this is the safest course of action during the pandemic, it does inhibit collaborative efforts and opportunities for hands-on training,” says Mohamed. He anticipates that soon enough the drawbacks of remote working will become clearer for enterprises and they will look for ways to smooth disruptions for employees. Due to this, technologies like VR will gain popularity. Companies will be seen adopting technologies like video conferencing for smooth workflow amongst the employees.

A business cannot survive without people and taking care of their welfare is the responsibility of the leader. Mohamed apprehends that COVID has fared to have adverse mental and financial affects and currently it is important to pay attention to the employees and his clients. Thus, he has ensured the highest safety and health standards.

Adopting the New Normal of Industry

Mohamed is optimistic that the crisis will not bring Potensia Systems services to a halt. He and his team are prepared to deliver the best outcomes and walk successfully out of these times of uncertainty. Amid crisis, the team of Potensia Systems has changed the logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing, and workflow. He further shares, “Technology has helped us to serve our clients either on maintaining their business running and providing solutions that could help in identifying unnormal human temperature and sanitizing solutions.”

It is assumed that the pandemic will leave the world with many startling challenges and life after COVID-19 will not be the same as before. Mohamed anticipates that the normal new world strategy will be implemented, and advices to change the mindsets and adapt to the new changes.

Message for the Readers

This is a pivotal moment in our history. Like many of you, I am confident we will get through this. When we do, we will look back with pride on how we did so, together. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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