Elevate your Fragrance Game: 10 Must-Try Fine Indian Perfume Brands

Indian Perfume Brands

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India is blessed with the caliber of brewing sensational fragrances. Over the years, Indians have leveraged this boon to brew some of the finest and pragmatic fragrances to mesmerize the world. Indian perfume brands, including some of the soothing perfume brands in India, are the flagbearers of scents. Numerous perfume manufacturing companies have also realized the potential of India as a marketing niche for scents and perfumes.

Perfumes stand atop the list of grooming essentials. If you are looking forward to casting the ‘first impression’ to make it last a long time, Indian perfume brands, especially the best perfume brands in India, are your go-to essentials. They can help you escort you for your special occasions.

We have curated a list of some of the best-known Indian perfume brands 

1. Isak

indian perfume brands

Price Range: Rs 3200 (for 50 ml)

Fragrance Type: Musky

Isak is the brainchild of a 160-year-old Indian perfume house of the same name based in Lucknow. If you are someone who is fond of sophisticated and musk scents, this Indian perfume brand is the best choice for you. If you are a fan of luxury fragrances such as Chanel, then Isak is India’s comeback as the luxury and grown-up perfume.

Accessorize Isak for your festive as well as formal and corporate occasions!

2. A Fragrance Story

indian perfume brands

Price Range: Rs 549 and Rs 699

Fragrance Type: Pleasant Aroma

Ever wondered what cities would smell like as perfumes? A Fragrance Story is the answer. This Indian perfume brand has variants that are inspired by various regions in India. Its variant ‘Pink City’ is a classic reminder of our beloved pink city—Jaipur. The brand’s extraordinary variants are imbibed with pleasing and aromatic scents to give you the perfect breezy start for your day.

Accessorize A Fragrance Story for your anticipated outings and brunches!

3. Bombay Perfumery

indian perfume brands

Price Range: Rs 4100 onwards

Fragrance Type: Varies according to the Variant

Nothing beats the aromatic smell of our favorite Adrak chai. You can now wear your favorite fragrance every day—all thanks to this unique Indian perfume brand. Bombay Perfumery’s fame is no longer confined to the peripheries of India. This Indian perfume brand has gained international fame. Every variant of Bombay Perfumery gives you an experience that is purely Indian.

Accessorize your Bombay Perfumery for your favorite outing sprees and pompous occasions!

4. Aamod Luxury Fragrances

indian perfume brands

Price Range: Rs 1999 onwards

Fragrance Type: Aromatic (Varies as per Variants)

Founded in 2018, Aamod Luxury Fragrances strives to bridge the gap between fine pleasant smelling, and luxurious scents at an affordable price range. This Indian perfume brand adds justification to the notion that “Fragrance is the most intense form of memory.” Its Champagne Du Roses, Tropical Voyage, and Vibrant Vetiver are some of the best-selling variants that are popular in the market.

Accessorize your Aamod Luxury Fragrance for your most memorable evening or event!

5. Embark Perfumes

indian perfume brands

Price Range: Rs 695 onwards

Fragrance Type: Ranges from Musky to Feminine

A homegrown Indian brand, Embark Perfumes are the most suitable perfumes for the country’s climate and Indian skin. With a refreshing and beautifully balanced fragrance, Embark Perfumes will assist you during every event and every occasion. The perfume has a long-lasting fragrance and sticks to the skin without causing any side effects or irritation. The best thing about this Indian perfume brand is that it is 100% cruelty-free.

Accessorize your Embark Perfume for your office meetings or favorite festive occasions!

6. All Good Scents

Classic Floral Fragrances

Price Range: Rs 349 onwards

Fragrance Type: Classic Floral Fragrances

All Good Scents is a contemporary Indian perfume brand that offers perfume for both men and women. Its innovator, Rajiv Seth, has incorporated modern French processes with India’s age-old traditions. It offers a range of affordable perfumes that are suitable for regular work. The perfume is crafted with ever-lasting and classic fragrances such as rose, jasmine, and others.

Accessorize your All Good Scents for every special occasion with your special and close companions!

7. Sugandh Co.

Sugandh Co

Price Range: Rs 155 onwards

Fragrance Type: Concentrated and Intense Smell

Reminiscing the smell of attars? Do not worry for this popular Indian perfume brand has got you covered. Renowned for its concentrated and fresh smells, Sugandh Co. lacks common textures and characteristics such as the powdery, alcohol-like, shampoo-esque scent common in Western fragrances. The company also makes spray perfumes that are absolutely budget-friendly. Some of its must-try attar variants are Haaya, Yaquet, and Jaadu.

Accessorize your Sugandh Co. concoction for your pompous festive occasions and celebrations!

8. Forest Essentials India

Forest Essentials India

Price Range: Rs 4200 (for 50 ml)

Fragrance Type: Varies according to Variants

Ever heard of a perfume concoction with ‘ayurvedic formulations a luxurious twist’? If not, you have to add Forest Essentials India to your luxury apparel. This 17-year-old Indian perfume brand is one of the famous luxury perfume brands in India. Forest Essentials India is reminiscent of Indian culture and refinement. Its most popular variant is its range of three single-flower pure perfumes that are prepared using Nargis from Kashmir, Desi Gulaab from Kannauj, and Jasmine from Madurai. Its Parfum Intense range is made with pure grain alcohol in a herb-enriched preparation, fermented according to processes mentioned in Ayurvedic texts, and bottled at their factory in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Accessorize your bottle of Forest Essentials for every Indie or desi occasion to highlight the desi vibes!

9. The Perfume Library

The Perfume Library

Price Range: Rs 10,400 (50 ml, eau de parfum)

Fragrance Type: Forest and Earthly smell

The Craftsmanship of an Indian in Paris, The Perfume Library is the memoir of the perfumer Jahnvi Lakhota Nandan and contains the essence of every city she has visited. Wondering what Goa smells like? Try the collection in Goa which is reflective of the city’s smells and greenery. Janhvi quotes that every perfume is like a poem to her and she enjoys linking a scent to a location or a context. Its marijuana-infused Bhang Bang and jasmine-infused Aphtoori Absolute are some of the must-try.

Accessorize your bottle of The Perfume Library to produce a reminiscent impact on your colleagues/companions during any outing!

10. Mocemsa


Price Range: Rs 2,500-5,000 (For 100 ml eau de parfum)

Fragrance Type: 25% Perfume Oil Infused

Bottled in Italy, assembled in China, and imported to India, Mocemsa is one of the luxurious Indian perfume brands. The 30-year-old perfumer, Pulkit Malhotra has crafted 12 perfumes that are infused with 25% perfume oil. These vertical perfumes have a deep consistency of top and bottom notes so the fragrance lasts longer on the body. This Indian perfume brand carries with it the rich heritage essence of India in its every bottle.

Accessorize your bottle of Mocemsa for every occasion from brunch to shopping to partying!

Entice your Olfactories Every bottle of the aforementioned Indian perfume brands, recognized as the best perfume brands in India, has been brewed with fine craftsmanship. Each bottle has its unique fragrance that is best suited for every kind of occasion or event. These budget-friendly bottles from Indian brand perfumes will produce a long-lasting effect without harming your skin. With the festivities and holidays blooming around the corner, grab your bottle of these exquisite perfume brands in India, created by the best perfumers in India, for a complete touch to your everyday grooming.

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