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The 21st-century construction industry has to deal with numerous challenges in terms of effectively managing human resources, raw materials, land survey, inadequate planning, under capitalisation, technology adoption, and a lot more. In such situations, organizations working under the real estate sector or infrastructure require assistance from the project management consulting companies. What the Project Management Consultancy firm does is to provide an integrated solution platform possessing the expertise to strategize an accurate solution for the client companies. However, there are times when issues such as project delays, inefficient time management, and economic burden still exist.

Among the upmost leading consultant companies, Niyash is providing quality work in the construction sphere by ensuring that the projects are completed without any delay with smart time management and cost-effective services. Established in 1998, Niyash is a Mumbai based company that operates on a basic module of manufacturing fetching maximum achievable quantity and never restricts to reluctant inspections. Niyash has always focused on deep analysis and micro-level estimation of prospective construction projects by utilizing its expertise in proactive planning and implementing innovative approaches. Keeping evolution in mind, the firm makes use of the latest engineering technologies to ensure zero work defects.

Niyash’s Meritorious Journey

The journey of Niyash started with just two members on board, but with passing years, the team count elevated.  Niyash’s fame accounts for the project it bagged in its initial years where it successfully prepared the recosting of Bharat Diamond Bourse. This boosted its journey and opened numerous avenues to new projects. In just few years, the team was working on flyover tenders, executions and project management with building low-cost housing in record time for Maharashtra Police Housing Federation and worked on numerous multi-storeyed projects in the city. Some of the highlighted projects of this journey were the construction of the Sumer Trinity Towers, Ambrosia in Mumbai, entire water theme park in Vijayawada from scratch and various other bungalow projects at Alibaug and Lonavala in Maharashtra.

 “We at Niyash are a cadre of highly experienced project managers, senior engineers, engineers and supervisors who collectively work with our fellow clients to deliver them the best-in-class projects on-time,” says Yashavant Pandit, the Founder of Niyash, about his team.

Furthermore, Yashavantbelieves that his team and group of associates are the key pillars behind the company’s success over the years. This upmost consulting company has been associated with renowned architects such as Uttam C Jain, Chandrakant Patel, Talati & Panthaky Associated LLP, Pinakin Patel, Neo Modern, SJK Architects, Sanderson group, and many more. It has also partnered with renowned organizations such as Amal Group, Sumer Group, Mundara Developers, Maharashtra Police Housing Federation, Dwarika Group, Hariom Sayaji Properties LLP and RAJ Constructions, to name a few of its successful collaborated projects.

The Trailblazing Leader behind Niyash

Yashavantchoose to work in this specific vertical because of his 3 decades long experience in the construction industry. By profession, he is a Civil engineer and specializes in the execution of multi-storeyed residential and commercial structures, institutional buildings, bridges, flyovers, low-cost housing, and a variation of other such building structures.

Due to his industry knowledge and technical prowess, this trailblazing leader has been bestowed with several prestigious awards such as the Quality Construction Award presented by Konkan Railway Corporation, and for producing the Most Economical High-Grade Concrete Design from the American Concrete Institute.

Proficient in Zero Defects and Zero Delay

When a client appoints a team of engineers to assist him in a project, chances are that the team may have limited experience. Filling this gap of expertise assistance, Niyash with his experienced team plays the multifaceted role of guiding the clients from the inception to completion of their projects. The company’s platform provides a unique quartet of services, which set it apart from other market competitors.

  • Quantity Surveying and Tendering: The company prepares tender documents and drafts technical specifications of the project, with detailed Bill of Quantities and Options of Budgets
  • Project Management-(New and Redevelopment Projects): Niyash is involved in the project right from the planning stage and offers a solution in terms of smooth maintenance of the project and durability of the structure. It also estimates the project value with different options and specifications. In addition, it helps to coordinate between the owner/Society, architect, and consultants and contractors.
  • Cost Management of Project: It prepares the detailed bill of qualities of work and plans the budget of the project as per current market rates. As the project progresses, it keeps updating the cost at various stages.

Repaying the Industry by Delivering Quality Products

Yashavant believes that the industry has bestowed him with different experiences in various fields of engineering and now it is his time to repay the industry by helping the nation to build sustainable and economical structures. Currently, the team at Niyash is working on a set of small-time and big-time multi-storeyed and redevelopment projects. In the coming years, Niyash aspires to introduce Robotic Technology in the industry, for economically quality and speedy product delivery. In addition, it also plans to train the professionals in the construction management industry.

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