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Digitization is sweeping across many industries and encouraging companies to innovate, experiment, and deliver capabilities faster. Increasing speed and agility is imperative for a firm to survive in the present digital environment. Companies need to adopt a more flexible and efficient approach to software delivery that eliminates the barriers and exploits the dependencies between development and operations. Hence, to achieve this, they need to adopt a DevOps culture. Instead of creating a code and offering it over to an operations team, responsibilities are balanced more equally in a DevOps environment.

With an ambition to be the earth’s most focused DevOps company, OpsTree Solutions offers end-to-end DevOps solutions to firms ranging from startups, mid-size businesses to big tech-giants. OpsTree’s team consists of more than 90 DevOps specialists with extensive expertise in cutting-edge DevOps tools and technologies, having the ability to provide consultation and execution related to almost all types of projects based on DevOps landscape.

Benefits of Going through OpsTree’s Journey

In their initial quest for adopting DevOps, all enterprises want to know their current DevOps maturity and a road map for better adoption. At the beginning of an assignment, OpsTree conducts an audit and applies it, maturity model, to come up with a recommended roadmap for DevOps adoption. With their DevOps expertize, the DevOps and Dev Architects review the complete landscape of the ITIL life cycle and provide recommended road maps to achieve the desired maturity.

To implement CI/CD for a multitude of tech stacks and containerized applications, OpsTree Solutions has developed multiple accelerators/products which enable its team to set up and manage CI/CD in a very short duration and also makes it almost self-managed and scalable. In addition, the leading DevOps company does possess deep expertise in result-driven monitoring setup which consists—monitoring of Infrastructure, application, logs, and security. To set up monitoring on a complete infrastructure, the team of OpsTree Solutions has developed a Prometheus/Grafanna-based accelerator which uses concepts of dynamic discovery nodes and software within the nodes. Furthermore, OpsTree has a dedicated team with knowhow in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) focused on making SRE business more tech-driven and less people-oriented. OpsTree Solutions considers its clients as its partners and believes that its success is the byproduct of its partners’ triumph. Therefore, to build a good reputation amongst its partners, the leading DevOps company remains honest as well as transparent to its partners and works with them to deliver promising results.

The Founding Duo of OpsTree, Leading the Success Wheel

The Co-founders, Shankar Jha (CEO) and Sandeep Rawat (CTO) established OpsTree Solutions in 2014 with a focused goal of enhancing its capabilities in DevOps to help development companies and product startups in their DevOps needs. The CEO—Shankar Jha is an expert Saas Product Architect and Automation Enthusiast and the CTO—Sandeep Rawat is a passionate DevOps Architect who possesses extensive knowledge of end-to-end DevOps solutioning. With their ambition to assist clients to embark on DevOps transformation journey, both the Co-founders with their committed teams have successfully expanded the service areas of OpsTree within the large arena of DevOps.

Presently, OpsTree is offering its services in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. Likewise, the Co-founders are looking forward to expanding in Europe and US geographies. They are also aiming to increase their footprint in consulting and working on high-end DevOps solutioning. Hence, they are working towards transforming OpsTree into a DevOps product company. To achieve greater output and results in minimum time, the founding team of OpsTree intends to double their headcount while improving the existing workforce with constant learning, innovating, and working to fulfill client needs.

The Significance of Containerization

While speaking about Containerization—one of the most trending technologies in cloud computing—the Co-founders of OpsTree explained that containerization as a concept and Docker and Kubernetes as the implementation tools are going to revolutionize how the software will be developed, tested, and released. Further, they added that the increase in the scale of applications and the consequent adoption of microservice architecture forced applications to be containerized and managed in an automated fashion. Likewise, to accelerate learning around these technologies, DevOps teams will play an important role. Therefore, in this arena, OpsTree has expertise in migrating systems to containers and ensuring successful orchestration. With its team of proficient DevOps specialists and consultants in technologies like Docker, ECS, EKS, Kubernetes, and OpenShift, OpsTree understands the philosophy behind containerization and has successfully taken multiple systems to production on containers.

New Upgrades and Improvements to Stay Ahead of the Competition

To keep up with the aggressive market, companies are required to give customers strong reasons to ask for their offerings. In the case of OpsTree, it has tangibly defined its distinctive business proposition based on 3 core values—Knowledge, Commitment to ethics, and Focus. With these values, OpsTree aims to promote growth while delivering unmatchable value to its clients. Similarly, the team of OpsTree learns and researches tirelessly to remain ahead of the bell curve.

The strategy of the OpsTree Solutions team to constantly work on developing products that empower DevOps automation enabled it to rapidly upgrade their skills. The whole team is completely driven by ethics and a value-driven approach to make OpsTree services more reliable and dependable. To promote a healthy growth culture, the Co-founders follow an approach of creating a positive wave of change in the organization. This positivity further enables the company to push the bigger cultural changes, helping the team of OpsTree to witness a complete DevOps transformation with minimum churn and code.

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