PAZO: Digitizing Manual Paper-Based Processes Into Streamlined Business Operations


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In the last five years, organizations have leveraged cloud platforms that make powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and services available for every user. The arrival of disruptive technologies has transformed the existing market by presenting simplicity, convenience, accessibility, and affordability where complication and high cost have become obsolete. This rising dawn of disruptive innovation has formed a new market and value network, leading to the unsettling of an existing market while displacing the market-leading firms, products, services, and alliances. Without a doubt, these advanced technologies have simplified and automated the very nature of work and the workplace itself.

By harnessing the power of innovative technologies such as AI and Data Analytics, PAZO is helping organizations to ensure their daily routine activities are carried out effortlessly to help the team focus on the core activities.

Transforming the Existing Paper-Based Systems to Automated Systems

Launched in 2016, PAZO was incepted by three passionate and talented individuals who were working as engineers in different corporations: Zoeb Itarsiwala (CEO, PAZO), Sharjeel Ahmed (CTO, PAZO), and Hasan Ali Kanba (CMO, PAZO). During that period, the Co-founder trio observed that front-end and back-end teams were engaged in gruesome paper-based operations. These paper-based operations resulted in various problems such as time-consumption, mismanagement of editing and communication, high risk of human error, and demands for physical storage spaces.

Taking these glitches as an opportunity, the PAZO Co-founders began developing an NFC based solution accompanied by a mobile application to create digital reports. The first version of the product built by them was for a leading mall in Bengaluru which gave birth to the company. Since then, PAZO has delivered its operational excellence software solution to numerous departments who manage the paper-based processes such as housekeeping, maintenance, inventory to the front-line operations of sales, marketing, etc. Currently, PAZO is being used at more than 40 plus cities with renowned multinational clientele across many countries and catering its software solution across various industry verticals such as Retail Stores, Facility Management, Shopping Mall Maintenance, Housekeeping Management, and Security Guard Management.

PAZO App: An Effortless Answer to Laborious Manual Based Processes

PAZO is an AI driven operational excellence software that assists retail chains & large facilities to gain visibility and control of their daily operations by digitizing all the manual paper-based processes. In this way, organizations can focus on their core business and accomplish business operations efficiently. This amazing software streamlines daily activities such as team communication, task assignment, work scheduling, training, etc. It also increases dependency on handheld devices to minimize paperwork and boosts work efficiency. What’s more, PAZO offers business operations management solution to its customers at a very reasonable charge as well as delivers a great deal of functionality as compared to the traditional software approach.

Owing to its multiple value-added benefits, PAZO has been showered with prestigious awards and accolades. To name a few, winner at Top 10 IT Performing Leaders of 2019Elevate 100 from Startup Karnataka, 2018 SaaS Solution Provider AwardGreat User Experience Award, and Rising Star Award. It was also a part of the Metro Accelerator 2018 retail program powered by TechStars.

PAZO’s Agenda for Expansion and Creating a Paperless World

In the coming days, the Co-founders’ team is looking towards expanding their presence in the APAC region due to the increased requirement of solutions such as PAZO. Recently, the company has identified a few areas which would add more value to its customers and attract future clients. Therefore, PAZO will be actively working, exploring, and investing more in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Furthermore, staying true to its mission of creating a paperless world and saving trees, PAZO recently reached a milestone of saving 8 million sheets of paper & 24000 man-hours of work by digitizing the manual paper-based checklists. This depicts the ultimate dedication and passion of its team to make a meaningful and valuable impact in the world.

Transformation of Entrepreneurship in APAC Region

Being a successful entrepreneur himself, Zoeb believes that in a competitive environment, innovation and entrepreneurship plays a very significant role in strengthening its economic growth. When we take a look at the developed countries in Europe and North America, their success graph shows a continuous high as compared to the developing countries of the APAC region. However, these regions are now steadily catching up with the rest of the world. While commenting on the evolution of entrepreneurship in APAC region, Pazo’s versatile CMO, Hasan asserts, “The speed of digital disruption and transformation is initiating a lot of private equity funding consumption led industries in APAC Region, which has transformed companies in terms of size, scale, and complexity into massive companies. The region is seeing enormous, disruptive growth across the entire spectrum of industries and sectors.”

Sage Guidance for Aspiring Software Developers

A software engineer by profession, Sharjeel shares his valuable advice for the young software developers stating, “As a developer, understanding when to use technologies or techniques, knowing which are best for what, and knowing what the trade-offs are will make you a better developer, more valuable to your team and more confident in your decisions.” Furthermore, the Co-founder trio also reveals a few precious tips from people who are successful in their own career. A budding software developer should always be ready to learn, upgrade his/her skills from time to time, design user-focused solutions that are agile, and easy to implement and be open to new collaborations and ideas.  

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