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In the era of cut-throat competition, the employee experience has become a thing of crucial importance. If a company completely focuses on profits but lags behind in offering the best working experience to its employees, then it can’t even match a fraction of its desired goals. This happens due to restrictive company environment, ignorance of management, and lack of essential facilities in the working atmosphere. Most of the companies try to improve employee experience, but their efforts don’t seem to match up due to cloudy understanding of employee requirements.

Saurav Chopra, the Founder and CEO of Perkbox established the company to cater to the needs of SMEs that struggle to develop an intuitive employee experience. Prior to Perkbox’s inception, only large corporations could afford to pay for employee engagement solutions. But after Perkbox’s arrival, SMEs can now compete with large corporates by delivering unique employee experience.

On the way to Support SMEs & Improve Employee Experience

Perkbox’s employee experience platform offers specially curated solutions for businesses of all sizes. With the goal to enrich the personal and professional lives of employees, Perkbox provides a unique employee experience through its suite of products including a platform with access to best in class Perks, Perkbox Medical, Perkbox Recognition, and Perkbox Insights. These platforms give employees everything they need to stay motivated and inspired in their professional lives, thereby creating a happier and more productive company culture. Right from shopping discounts to reduced train tickets, Perks from Perkbox enable users to access hundreds of discounts and freebies from leading brands. Additionally, it allows the users to take advantage of seasonal perks on occasions like Mother’s Day or Halloween.

Founder’s Prior Experience Helping Perkbox to Excel Further

Before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, Saurav studied MBA in Management of Technology from the University of California and further enrolled in another MBA program on Entrepreneurship and Strategy at London Business School. Later, he started working for corporate giants like Deloitte and Yahoo!

Speaking about his past experiences, Saurav shares, “All this allowed me to understand the essence of what making a tech business a success entails. It also allowed me to create a strong network of contacts, which is crucial when starting your own business.” Similarly, it enabled Saurav to analyze the market closely and understand the complexities of handling a multinational enterprise.

Today, utilizing his extensive experience and knowledge base, Saurav and his team at Perkbox constantly try to spot vacant areas in the employee engagement space to fulfil the gaps in the market. For instance, after analyzing that over one million employees in the UK struggle to see a doctor, Saurav and his team have introduced Perkbox Medical.

Aim to Empower 100 Million Employees to Live Better

With the launch of the new product line, Perkbox is also driving its legacy of being a great place to work for all its employees. Saurav shares, “I think what’s unique about Perkbox is the freedom and trust we give to our employees.” At Perkbox, employees have complete freedom on new projects; they can work flexibly and have holidays when they need. Thus, “freedom” is the key differentiator for the company. It includes making mistakes, overcoming them, learning new things, and moving forward while freely accepting the failures.

Headquartered in London, Perkbox has offices in Sheffield, Paris, and Australia. Furthermore, functioning as an employee-friendly organization, Perkbox aims to expand its presence internationally and develop the business further while improving efficiency across the business. Saurav states, Our aim is to help 100M employees worldwide live better by 2025.”  To achieve these goals, the company is also utilizing the feedback from customers, thereby making the products customer friendly.

Following a customer & employee-centric approach, Perkbox is proudly serving SMEs to large organizations including Whole Foods, Nando’s, Caffe Nero and Levi Strauss & Co. Due to the excellent results from Perkbox platform, clients gladly recognize the company as mission-driven, passionate, and customer-centric company.

Moving Forward while Exploring Various Aspects of Employee Experience

According to Saurav, there have been great developments in technologies in most of the sectors— especially in the medical sector, where technology as simple as online GPs have already helped support some of the biggest societal issues faced by the public health services. Similarly, examples like Welldoc that assists diabetes patients to manage their blood sugar levels and SkinVision—which helps users to easily check their skin for risky moles, are bringing a new era of advanced diagnosis in the healthcare sector.

Perkbox’s latest product—Perkbox Medical is the live example of the efforts contributed by Saurav and his team. Its plans are designed to tackle absenteeism, reduce presentism, and boost productivity. The platform addresses the root causes of absenteeism with free company wide, 24/7 GP support. It also offers the users with appointments and enables a conversation with a fully qualified UK private GP within minutes regardless of location.

Saurav states, “Our GPs will provide advice on your next steps or fit notes to make further treatment simple and accessible.” Additionally, one can get medicines including NHS prescriptions delivered at home, workplace or local pharmacy. Last year, along with Perkbox Medical, the company also launched two of its products—Perkbox Insights, Perkbox Recognition with a new perks feature called PerksGO.



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