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What’s the essential problem in the real estate industry?

Unlike other industries that enjoy the addition of competitive international players, the real estate industry is the one that is a highly localized business. The real estate environment greatly varies from city to city. However, there are few common challenges in the industry like slower appreciation over the last few years, increasing costs, higher requirements of supply, etc. According to Manik Kinra, the Co-founder of Pin Click—the market appreciation of the real estate industry is very slow because the purchasing power of people is unable to match that growth. He further adds, “Unless the industry evolves and adjusts to newer technologies to build efficiencies at different metrics, the real estate businesses will become unsustainable.”

How Pin Click is driving the industry towards sustainability?

Pin Click is a real estate advisory platform that follows the mission to simplify the home search in India. With current operations in leading Indian cities including, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, Pin Click has an online-offline model to provide the best solutions to the customer. Pin Click’s team of around 100 people constantly keeps the track of properties across these cities and provides various options to customers looking for end-use or investment based residential real estate. The team of Pin Click tackles over 8000 customer inquiries per month using technology-based engagement. Further, to better assist its customers, an offline advisory team meets them to understand their detailed requirements and accordingly provides the best solution at the best possible price point.

Which ways Pin Click prefers to assist maximum customers?

Today, with a growing number of the user base, Pin Click follows digital customer acquisition channels. The company has already built an affiliate network which helps it to reach the customers through unconventional ways. As a trusted real estate solution provider, the Pin Click team believes in building strong bonds with customers through face to face meetings. The advisory team of Pin Click has been trained in such a way that they will share the best-in-market advice to the customers. Similarly, the expert team of Pin Click is also working on utilizing novel online channels via web or mobile to increase the customer base. To improve the engagement with existing and potential users, Pin Click optimizes tech-based collaborative tools which help it to improve the efficiencies on the click to read ratios and lead to meeting ratios.

Such constant engagement and satisfactory results to consumers enabled Pin Click to be amongst the top channel partners for all categories of developers in Bangalore. Similarly, since the last 7 to 9 months, the company has been able to create the same impact in other growing cities of India like Pune. In addition to growing its presence across the nation, the company is also working towards improving its existing technology infrastructure to build advanced solutions that will add-in more efficiency in its sales process.

What was the reason behind establishing Pin Click?

Manik, the Co-founder of Pin Click is well-versed with technology having experience of working with several tech companies including, Infosys and CSC. The idea to establish Pin Click arose in Manik’s entrepreneur mind while he was Co-founder of Jade Magnet, a creative crowdsourcing platform. Jade Magnet had a good success between 2010 to 14 when it won several awards like top 10 startups in 2010-11 by Business Today and being the Harvard Business Review case study. At that time, Manik was assisting some real estate brands on their marketing campaigns. He realized the great potential of and need for a real estate advisory platform that can effortlessly connect customers with real estate providers. Since then, Manik is successfully pushing the company towards continued growth while helping the customers find the best property for their dream home.

How the Co-founder of Pin Click engages and assists customers?

Manik regularly posts on his LinkedIn and Pin Click blog to assist his customers make well-informed decisions while considering the latest trends and developments in the real estate. Manik writes in his article on LinkedIn that cities like Bangalore in India are among the best places to invest due to few important factors like rapid job creation, constant developments, high-end accommodation, and cosmopolitan culture of Bangalore. Further, he added, “There is an increased trend of looking towards Bangalore as many individuals and investors from other cities and parts of the world are relocating to Bangalore.”

Likewise, in his recent Pin Click blog post, Manik has elaborated the impact of 2019 interim budget on the real estate industry in India and how it will benefit the buyers. He has focused on key aspects of the Indian economy that are making great transformations in the real estate market of the country. Manik has seen positive developments in the Indian real estate market. He wrote, “This budget laid focus on several real estate positives such as underpinning government commitment towards housing for public and providing tax exemptions to developers.” Therefore, according to Manik, this is a positive stimulus that will help real estate developers to source more funding and increase employment. There will be an improvement in demand that will bring relief to the developers and improve liquidity.

Therefore, keeping an eye on such changing real estate policies and rapidly developing cities, Manik and his team at Pin Click are looking forward to cementing their position as the top channel partner in leading territories like Bangalore and further expand their growth in newer markets including Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Chennai.

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