Priya Kanduri: Innovative Leader, Securing Digital Enterprises With Extensive Cybersecurity Experience

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Experience is one of the irreplaceable things you can offer to any organization. It is the sum of numerous accomplishments and failures. Therefore, experienced people are the ready-made assets who bring their passion, vision, drive, and value to the company. Priya Kanduri is an upright example of an experienced personality in the cybersecurity field. She has been contributing her experience in this field for more than 20 years. After graduation, Priya started her journey as a programmer, building payment gateways systems for the Government of India’s utility applications. Soon, she evolved her career path towards cybersecurity technology and worked in a versatile range of applications. Prior to joining Happiest Minds Technologies, Priya worked with the enterprise security services division of Wipro Technologies for over 12 years, delivering large compliance and cybersecurity programs to Fortune 500 companies across the UK and Europe regions. Presently, Priya is the VP and Head of Innovations and Security Services at Happiest Minds Technologies.

Founded by one of the pioneers of the Indian IT industry and a serial entrepreneur—Ashok Soota, Happiest Minds Technologies is a Next Generation Digital Transformation, Infrastructure, Security, and Product Engineering Services Company. As the Executive Chairman of Happiest Minds Technologies, Ashok is the major support pillar behind the dedicated work of the management team.

The valuable guidance from Ashok and a key focus on cybersecurity solutions are empowering Priya to handle innovation, solution delivery, and security services business for Happiest Minds Technologies. Priya also ensures security and agility of Happiest Mind’s customer’s current and future needs.

A Vast Career Moulded from the Passion towards Cybersecurity

Priya’s successful journey in the cybersecurity and cyber defense space is an outcome of her intense passion for learning and expanding the knowledge base in the sector. Such passion-fuelled with experience brings the greatest results in life. Commenting on her keen interest in cybersecurity, Priya says, “I have been lucky that I was able to always follow my passion in my professional life. I love what I do and finding success and happiness along that path.”

Priya regularly exchanges thoughts & ideas with her peers, loves to constantly learn and expand her knowledge base and creating new services & opportunities. Her prior experience helps her to effectively interact with customers and analyze their business problems and offer best-fit security solutions for them. Additionally, when it comes to working with her team, she enjoys mentoring and nurturing young leaders and empower them in pursuing their goals.

Happiest Minds’ Leaders, Enabling Digital Transformation of Enterprises

Sharing her thoughts about leadership, Priya asserts, “Everyone tells you that leadership is all about success & motivation. But true leadership is a lot about being flexible, versatile and open to constant change.”

Today, Happiest Minds Technologies is enabling digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers offering a seamless customer experience, business efficiency, and actionable insights. To accomplish the best results, the well-versed team of leaders is employing integrated disruptive technologies such as big data analytics, Internet of Things, mobility, cloud, cybersecurity, unified communications, SDN-NFV, etc. Presently, the Bangalore headquartered company is offering its comprehensive services in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia, and the Middle East.

The winner of “Red Herring Top 100 Global awards 2018”, Happiest Minds Technologies is aiming to focus more on their IP based managed services platforms powered by AI and ML for faster and improved threat detection & resolution.

In the coming days, the highly experienced and expert team of Happiest Minds is also keen on bringing in automation into its cyber response offerings and improve efficiency in identifying, analyzing, and responding to cyber-attacks.

“Entrepreneurship is a firm step towards increasing women’s participation,” says Priya

According to Priya, women, entrepreneurs are the key success factors for the economic growth of an organization. They are ahead in finding solutions related to issues like compensation disparities, workplace diversity, and women empowerment. However, Priya finds a pitfall in the APAC business workplaces. Due to the discriminatory political, social, and cultural factors in this region, women don’t always get an equal chance to participate in the economy. She feels fortunate to be at Happiest Minds as the company encourages women leaders to thrive ahead, encourage diversity at the workplace and firmly support women empowerment.

Priya further states that the APAC region is going through robust economic growth for the past few years that strongly supports technologically driven entrepreneurship. Women in such a region need to take a step forward towards leadership and empower others to increase their participation in its economic progress.

Finding Success while Leading by an Example

Priya’s dedication towards providing improved security services and solutions that are essential in the cutting-edge digital world has won her numerous achievements to date. When asked about them, Priya smiled and shared, “There are many and still counting, including the deals won and programs delivered. Most satisfying has definitely been the products developed as part of my role of technology and innovation head in Happiest Minds and winning awards for the same, especially in the areas of Compliance Management and SaaS.”

Throughout her career, Priya has a track record of commitment, integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm. The support from the executive board & her love and passion for cybersecurity are further empowering her to drive ahead of competitors.

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