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Today, SAP is one of the leading suppliers of enterprise software applications for efficient work and data processing across sectors in organizations. Over time, various SAP modules were created, focusing on different areas. However, implementation of SAP is a very complex process that requires adequate expertise and training on the subject to attain the maximum benefits. Furthermore, organizations don’t want to be stuck in this complex process and want a user-friendly solution that best suits their needs.

As an SAP expert, Sachin Dhane (CEO and Director) understands this and founded PTS Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd in 2013. The company began with a mission to provide is to provide reliable and cost & time effective solutions exceeding customer needs and expectations that are integrated with best business practices across industry verticals by leveraging domain expertise and technical skills. It is striving to achieve its mission by delivering various services and solutions in business and IT areas. Due to this, PTS is now one of the fastest-growing SAP Partner in India.

PTS Systems Empowering Business Across Verticals And Geographies

PTS Systems is SAP Partner and managed by highly experienced and qualified professionals with experience in the industry ranging from 15 to 25 years. The company’s objective is to provide the management of business enterprises with more value, control, and visibility through the successful implementation of ERP and business management solutions using technologies that bring tangible and measurable benefits, including improved operational efficiency, profitability, and growth. The leading SAP solutions provider helps the customer to achieve business objectives by providing innovative best-in-class consulting, solutions, tools, and services, leading to change and excellence.

Over the years, PTS has successfully built a reputation for on-time delivery of intricate enterprise management solutions to Large, Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME’s) in diverse industry verticals and geographies. It has also empowered 75 + business organizations across vertical and geographic industries with affordable, creative, and best-in-class consultancy solutions.

Delivering Reliable, Cost-Effective Solutions

Enterprise management solutions are not just about software and technology. There’s a major need to consider all facets of an enterprise, the expectations, and the needs of stakeholders. It also requires change management and an integrated solution’s consumer perspective shift relative to industry-friendly stand-alone applications. PTS understands these challenges and knows that change management is tough in most implementations. Therefore, the company trains its employees to partake in sessions and brainstorming, which benefits them as well as the organization.

Additionally, to fulfill the needs of clients from various industry verticals and geographies, PTS Systems offers cost-effective solutions in the domain of IT services, ERP and Business Management Application software with committed and experienced professionals having expertise in various domains. It also provides the solution for Pharma-Chemical Industry as per GMP and FDA compliances as well as for the Apparel industry with RFID integrations.

Offering A Comprehensive SAP Solutions

SAP offers software for the business world, and a host of their solutions is management based. These solutions can save time on the data collection and analysis front, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of an organization. Keeping this in mind, PTS offers solutions like SAP Business One, SAP All in One, SAP HANA, SAP Integration, SAP Support, Dashboard/ BI, SAP Mobility, etc. Apart from these solutions, PTS also provides Non-SAP related IT services in the areas of System Integration, System Administration, Database Administration, Remote Management of IT assets, as also staffing services for on-site support. However, Director Sachin believes that today most people prefer cost-effective solutions, and SAP designed SAP Business One accordingly customer requirements at a minimal cost.

The Torchbearer behind PTS’ Success and Growth

Sachin has overall 17 years of IT experience (15.8 years of experience in Project Management, SAP & Non-Branded ERP Implementation, and 2.4 years of technical development & support experience). He also has experience of e2e SAP AFS-ISR Implementation with Simple Financing in Apparel Industry. As the CEO of PTS Systems, Sachin’s focus is to take the company to the next level, trying to give a healthy environment to the team with a clear vision for them and empower them with new technologies and features of SAP products. At PTS, he is conducting regular training for his team about products and being a technical person. He shares,” I personally supervise on the delivery team to deploy the best solution/services to our clients within committed timelines.”

Furthermore, Sachin believes that in the next five years PTS will be one of the top names in the ERP segment and global SAP platinum partner

Focusing On Developing A Great Team

The team is one of the core components that contribute to the success and growth of the company. Likewise, PTS Systems has experienced professionals who use their expertise and knowledge to address the client’s business needs. To build a great team, Sachin works as part of his team without any stress and emotional intelligence. He comments, “I want the main skill in every team member is emotional intelligence so that they interact with each other with the least amount of friction.”

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