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Currently, service-focused businesses are dominant in almost every major economy of the world. The biggest quest is to stay relevant in the market for a long time. Cut-throat competition amongst the companies is making it even more difficult to survive. As a result, some entrepreneurs shut down their businesses while others use external support solutions to stay alive in the market. Here, business solutions provider plays an important role in providing non-core services which helps businesses run smoothly.

One of Asia’s largest business solutions providers is Quess Corp. Established in 2007, Quess Corp is headquartered in Bengaluru, India serving more than 2,000 clients worldwide. With the team of over 357,000 employees across India, the company is able to work at its full potential and deliver remarkable services to its clients. The one stop business solutions providing company achieves this by managing the non-core business activities through its integrated service offerings across industries and geographies, thereby providing significant operational efficiencies to each of its clients.

One Stop Services Offered by Quess Corp

Quess Corp believes in impacting and touching lives of millions of Indians in a very unique manner. The services offered by the company can be categorised into five types but the main services offered by Quess Corp are divided into three main types as follows.

  • Workforce Management Services:These are one of the first services which include a range of different human resource solutions such as contract staffing solutions, recruitment services, and skill development. These services are provided across a range of industries and sectors that needthe righttalent to empower their businesses.
  • Technology Solution: Itincludes a wide range of fully outsourced solutions such as software development, application management, infrastructure outsourcing, and business process outsourcing along with latest technologies such as analytics and mobile apps. Monster.com, Asia’s largest online job portal comes under this platform.
  • Facility Management Services: This offers in-house facility management services such as housekeeping, janitorial services in maintaining corporate real-estate etc.

Leader’s Expertise in Multiple Domains and Regions

Multi-tasking and effectively managing people are the skills possessed by very few. One such persona is Vijay Sivaram. His journey of graduating from Chennai to being the Regional Director of QuessGlobal (APAC) is the proof of that. His key expertise lies across multiple domains and regions.

Previously, he has worked as the Vertical Head in Adecco, the leading human resources solutions brand for four years. Leveraging a very strong network of both clients and candidates, Vijay and his team have repeatedly assisted organizations to scale their businesses and build industry presence.

As the Regional Director, he is responsible for driving the expansion of Quess Corp’s business operations in the APAC region by developing customer relationships and key vendor strategies. He has been a part of the founding team for Quess Corp (IKYA) since its inception. Throughout his tenure at Quess, he has been instrumental in driving businesses such as Recruitment, Temporary Staffing, Technology and Call Centre Outsourcing, Facility Management, Engineering Services, etc.

Personally, Vijay is an active investor who is always looking for interesting ideas and companies. As a responsible leader, he runs a range of workshops internally evaluating multiple digital implementations across businesses and ensuring the team works with the customers and the employees in their process.

Quess Corp on the Quest to provide more Simplified Solutions

The Bengaluru based company wants to be the best-in–class business solution provider for its customers. It also aims to enable its customers to focus on their core while the company manages their non-core activities. Quess Corp updates its platform at regular intervals to stay tuned with the market trends. Furthermore, it also helps to know what the customer wants, what the candidates/workforce wants, and what bandwidth the company has internally. It also uses digital media to improve its customer’s lifecycle by simplifying the process that provides speed and transparency.

Emphasizing on Delivering World-Class Customer Experience

Quess Corp’s mission is to be a global company that provides world-class customer experience while continuously working towards creating better lives. The company believes in building meaningful relationships with all its stakeholders, customers, shareholders, employees and partners while keeping integrity at the core of it all. Keeping up with the constantly changing environment and with latest trends and market news is not at all easy task. Therefore, the company puts a lot of emphasis on getting the technology angle right to support the ever-changing workforce. In doing so, it helps them to grow with customers and saves a lot of cost on improving its own process efficiency. This overall process results in helping the customers in achieving remarkable results by using cutting-edge technologies.

Working Towards a Better Future

As a part of the APAC region, Quess Corp wants to leverage all of its portfolios and enter various markets of South- East Asia. In addition, it wants to build the industrial vertical that it has today and increase strengths and preferences in the workforce business as well as to other parts of South-East Asia. Moreover, the company is working closely with governments in building skill development in their country. It also wants to bring outsourcing solutions such as call centers and business process outsourcing. By working with the local government, it wants to encourage and increase preference in this space.

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