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Raymond Kris

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Earlier, the compliances were the legal requirements and security was not; enterprises tend to overlook compliance requirements, resulting in violations lead to legal actions, fines and bad publicity. But now, it is in the interest of the enterprises to comply, meet federal regulations and standards for privacy and protection. Security and compliance complements each other. Yet there is a very thin line which separates them from each other. While security offers protection to vital resources, compliance is a guideline to how to meet industry specific security standards by regulatory bodies. Understanding the current needs of the industry, Raymond Kris (COO) and Vincent M (CEO), Co-Founded, EyeD Infocomm Security & Solutions in 2012 with a mission to get recognized as top ranked information security solutions company around the world.

EyeD provides IT Security solutions that help companies excel by harnessing the latest technologies and trends to foster economic results from the clients. It has established as a one-stop provider of IT Security solutions to meet the increasing demand of the Asian market. Vincent. M, Co-founder and CEO, EyeD asserts, “We at EyeD codify feels providing superior defense as our guiding principle: Prevention is ideal, but detection is a must.” EyeD has built the expertise to facilitate the exchange where it provides innovative security solutions to an organization’s most pressing concerns in business operations, technology, strategy and culture. To meet the ever changing demands of the industry, EyeD Co-founding duo and their team thrives on a unique synergy born of the combined technical, analytical skills and project management expertise.

Examining the Physical Security

Auditing is an important part of cyber security, where it helps in assessment of an organization’s IT infrastructure, processes and operations and course the software developed itself. Over the years, the evolution of data and its storage has moved from being on premises to the fields and now with the digitalization, the data is stored with the help of Cloud. With this changeover, the sources of breaches have also increased in numbers. To tackle these challenges, enterprises need to have a well-planned approach to auditing the systems ensuring the well-being of all the software. With the help auditing, EyeD examines the physical security controls, business flow controls as well as the integrated software system binding. Further, annual audits help out line up a security guideline and also put forward the security objective.

Analyzing the Breaches

EyeD is focused to provide security across the extended networks, its penetration tests keeps a check on security measures right from the On-Premise Enterprise Systems to the Enterprise Mobility solutions and their devices and networks, various websites and web based solutions, right up to the Cloud. This powerful testing practice is targeted to analyze how breaches could enable unauthorized access to resources. Further, it simulates scenarios to determine security risks to valuable assets providing guidelines to vulnerabilities and threats and weak defenses within the system. Penetration testing follows a step by step process to commence and conclude the tests. Firstly, the data is collected to avail the details of the system to be tested. Once the data is collected, it assesses the vulnerabilities and weak links in the system. Third step includes launching the attack on the system and penetrating it. Lastly, reporting the findings during the attacks and corrective measures.

Promoting High Values

Being one of the best innovative security solutions providers, Raymondand Vincent believes in working with a vision to be the best company not in the APAC region but also around the globe. They value trust, integrity, and also promote leadership and teamwork. The company motivates its employees to outperform at every position which then is celebrated with high level of appreciation from the top level management. Furthermore, it also lays emphasis on quality and customer focused services. EyeD is always on its toes to meet the ever changing demand of the industry. Overall, it looks forward to pursue a win-win solution to the clients.

Committing to the High Standards

Clients play an important in company’s successful long run. To be a successful company, it needs to focus on providing services which are not only tailor made but also satisfies the current need of the industry. Client’s feedback is reflection of the work, whether it’s positive or negative. The feedback helps company to introspect its work and helps them to take further action. Here is the client’s feedback

Ms. Serene Wee, VP Cyber Security & Operations says, “We chose EyeD to deliver web-based testing and awareness training to all of our employees. In addition to effective security awareness content, we were looking for an engaging user-experience. EyeD fit the bill. Employees have found the training lessons engaging and often complete the monthly lessons right after they are released. My security team is happy because both the interface, testing and prevention topics are being embraced by all the company. And, in my experience, that’s nearly everyone. Before reaching EyeD, we have lot of security vulnerabilities which we were not aware of. EyeD helped us accessing security posture level by doing high level of penetration testing and helped us accessing infrastructural aspects as well. They helped us towards ISO standards certification. I recommend EyeD to any company who needs to raise the profile of security in their organization. And, in my experience, that’s nearly everyone.”

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