Richie Eustaquio: Navigating the Lab Sciences Frontier with Chemisphere’s Innovative Solutions

Richie Eustaquio

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Key Points:

  • Chemisphere Lab Sciences, Inc. is a fully Filipino-owned company that specializes in analytical laboratory, process control, and manufacturing instrumentation.
  • Led by Managing Director Richie M. Eustaquio, the company has a team of young professionals with specialized science backgrounds to meet technical demands and customer requirements.
  • Richie says, “We are the bridge between technology and innovation, connecting with end-users in the market. Our purpose is to educate, provide solutions, and collaborate with companies that require our products and services.”

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries are at the forefront of developing and delivering healthcare products that can improve the quality of life for millions of people. However, these products are not created in a vacuum; they require rigorous testing, monitoring, and optimization to ensure their safety, efficacy, and quality. This is where analytical laboratory, process control, and manufacturing instrumentation solutions play a vital role.

One of the leading providers of these solutions is Chemisphere Lab Sciences, Inc., a fully Filipino-owned enterprise that specializes in offering a comprehensive range of instruments and services to various sectors, including pharma, biotech, food and beverage, environmental, and education. With a vision to bridge technology and innovation and a mission to educate, collaborate, and satisfy customers, the company has established itself as a trusted partner in the market.

Business APAC had the opportunity to talk to Richie Eustaquio, the President and Managing Director of Chemisphere Lab Sciences, who shared her journey, achievements, as well as challenges and opportunities in the pharma and biotech markets.

(The following Q&A has been edited for length and clarity)

Business APAC: The field of analytical laboratory, process control, and manufacturing instrumentation is constantly evolving and expanding. What inspired you to start Chemisphere Lab Sciences, Inc., and how did you grow it over the years?

Richie: Chemisphere Lab Sciences specializes in analytical laboratory, process control, and manufacturing instrumentation. We started as a small team of four people in a 25sqm office at Entrata Urban Complex on November 14, 2014. Our main business was providing service and support for Bruker FT-NIR systems. We officially began our operations in January 2015.

In 2018, we acquired Arrowfil Technologies, Inc., which expanded our product portfolio to new markets such as semiconductor, photovoltaic, and defense. After five successful years in the industry, we have developed a strong portfolio of well-known brands that are experienced in their respective fields. We offer products ranging from top-of-the-line scientific instruments to general laboratory equipment.

We cater to various sectors such as food and agriculture, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, environmental, and academe. Our company’s mantra is “Laboratory made simple”. We take pride in offering the best laboratory solutions to our customers by understanding their challenges and needs. We adopt a consultative approach that allows them to share their problems with confidence and receive the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Business APAC: You have an impressive educational and professional background in chemistry and sales. How did you start your journey in the pharma and biotech industry, and what motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

Richie: I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Adamson University in Manila. Right after graduation, I pursued a career in sales and worked with different big multinational companies in the pharma and biotech industries. I learned a lot from scratch and gradually climbed the corporate ladder. I was also recognized as a consistent sales performer and received several accolades and awards, including a top salesperson award in APAC. I think my integrity, credibility, and discipline helped me develop my leadership skills and prepared me to start my own business.

Business APAC: As the President and Managing Director of Chemisphere Lab Sciences, Inc., you have a lot of roles and responsibilities to fulfill. How do you manage them, and what are some of the awards and achievements that you are proud of?

Richie: I oversee the overall operations of the company and ensure that we meet our short-term and long-term goals. I also set the strategic direction for business growth and development and aligned everyone in the company with their targets.

One of our proudest moments was when we received the Best Leading Scientific Instruments Distribution Company award from a prestigious business excellence organization in December 2023. This was proof and validation that we are doing great in our line of business.

Business APAC: Tell us about your team. How do you motivate and inspire them to be productive?

Richie: My team consists of millennials and Gen Zs. Some people think these generations are difficult to manage, but I disagree. They all have technical expertise when we hire them, and we train them to develop the skills they need to be the front-liners of the company.

I set the standard through my actions, leading by example. Demonstrating discipline in my work, I believe that success follows closely when one masters self-discipline. I consistently stand by my team during challenges and commend them for their accomplishments. Additionally, we ensure their needs are met by offering monetary incentives.

Business APAC: How do you deal with the challenges of leading in the pharma and biotech industry? What are some of the difficulties that you have faced and overcome?

Richie:  Leading in the pharma and biotech industry is not easy, as it is dynamic and competitive. I am the type of leader who does not shy away from any challenge. I face new challenges and situations every day, which require me to adapt and respond. I see challenges as opportunities to grow and define myself as a leader, so I always face them with courage and confidence. I have overcome various difficulties, such as customer demands, supply chain issues, organizational changes, and more. These have tested my ability to handle pressure and find solutions.

One of the main challenges is to bridge the gap between technology, innovation, and the market. Our role is to educate, offer solutions, and partner with companies that need our products and services. However, it is difficult when the market is price-sensitive and compromises the quality and safety of the products.

Business APAC: Work-life balance is essential for any leader, especially in a demanding industry like pharma and biotech. How do you achieve it and what are your hobbies or interests outside work?

Richie: My family keeps me grounded. I am just an ordinary person when I am with them. We always plan a getaway when our schedules allow it, but I think it will be harder in the next few years as my daughter will be busy with her studies. In my free time, I like to read self-help books, do some light exercises, and watch movies.

Business APAC: The pharma and biotech sector is constantly innovating and adopting new technologies and methods. What are some of the current trends you observe, and what are your predictions for the future?

Richie: In my industry, I see a growing demand for non-destructive analysis and minimal sample preparation techniques. These methods are more sustainable and reduce the risks of using harmful reagents in the laboratory. I think these trends will continue and dominate the market in 2024 and beyond.

Business APAC: The pharma and biotech industry is a challenging but rewarding career path for many professionals. What are some of the tips and insights that you can share with them?

Richie: This industry is demanding, but you have to start somewhere and not be afraid of the uncertainties. You have to train yourself to see the positive side of every difficulty, as the experiences will enhance your personal growth and business acumen. You have to keep moving forward and develop a strong work ethic. You also have to build a good reputation by maintaining your integrity, as your name is your most valuable asset.


“Your name is your greatest badge; safeguard it.”

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