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In any organization, the marketing department plays a significant role in promoting the business and mission of the company. With the advent of state-of-the-art technologies, new marketing automation solutions are enabling companies to increase their sales and marketing efficiencies. However, these solutions are complex and require multi-channel integration along with high levels of expertise to set up, configure, and run. These solutions extras may take as much as six months in implementation, require hiring and training of specialized resources, and need the development of the internal processes before launching the first branding campaign. This is where RightWave, Inc. comes into the picture with its comprehensive solution that covers all the aspects of marketing automation from implementation and configuration to campaign execution.

The CEO and President, Anurag Khemka established RightWave Inc by taking a different path-based on market insights and industry research. He identified that marketers require a partner with expertise in technologies and proven best practices. If Marketing Automation as a Service (MaaS) is adopted, the Line of Business (LOB) managers will no longer have to worry about software administration and operations. Correspondingly, RightWave provides a complete suite of operational solutions including software and services, enabling the LOB managers to stay focused on strategy, planning, messaging, and creativity.

The Tech-Minded CEO’s Journey from MarketFirst to RightWave

Anurag is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and senior executive with sharp business and technology acumen. Despite having a tech background, he took a liking to market while working on his first job at Silicon Valley. Back then, he came across numerous opportunities to attend trade-fairs and observed that companies spent huge capital on them to generate “leads”. However, the destiny of those leads and the efficiency of marketing initiatives remained invisible. Around the same time, the internet was in its infancy and possessed the potential to transform traditional marketing to e-marketing.

The lack of marketing ROI tracking tools and new business forces pushed this tech-minded CEO towards creating his first marketing automation company___ MarketFirst___ in 1996. This $72 million dollar venture-funded company integrated personalized data-driven emails, a marketing database, internet as a response medium, 1-1 personalized messaging, and automated multi-step marketing workflows and offered its product both in enterprise software as well as in the application service provider model.

Later, the visionary leader launched RightWave Inc with a commitment to deliver better revenue growth and increased customer lifetime value through accurate measurements and real-time user behavior and data analytics. Since then, RightWave’s innovative approach to marketing automation is helping increase marketers’ productivity and efficiency by streamlining campaign, lead, and data delivery operations through knowledge, experience, flexibility, reliability, and industry best practices.

Delivering Elevated Revenue Growth, Improving Marketing Productivity and Efficiency

RightWave Inc is a database and internet marketing company that provides the human, process, and best practices infrastructure around marketing automation systems including Adobe Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot, Salesforce Pardot, and others. It also offers a comprehensive range of services for B2B Marketing including campaign management, lead quality management, data quality management, CRM support, reporting and analytics, and day-to-day marketing operations. The company caters to all B2B organizations with the majority of its customers being mid-sized technology companies. As the customers have different international locations, RightWave Inc supports global marketing operations with 24×5-resource availability for normal work-requests and 24×7 for critical tasks.

Using MaaS, the marketing consultants of RightWave Inc offer B2B companies access to comprehensive knowledge, best practices, and highly-skilled resources. In addition, the RightWave model is an all-inclusive range of services that provides a positive return on investment from the very first month of adoption. Hence, customers can increase their marketing productivity and efficiency while maximizing the value of their marketing automation. Through accurate measurements, real-time user behavior, and data analytics, the expert team delivers better revenue growth and increased customer lifetime value. This is because Anurag and his team are strong advocates for the high impact that marketing can have on customer satisfaction, growth, and profitability for B2B organizations.

Boosting Creativity through Training and Mentoring

In today’s highly competitive world, creativity has become Thor’s sword to defeat complex issues, and innovation, a guiding light, to find effective solutions. Time and again, RightWave deals with major challenges while developing a cohesive and innovative workforce with two locations based in India and one in California and maintaining round-the-clock activities. To tackle such issues, the one-stop MaaS provider uses modern technologies for both internal and customer communication. Anurag and his team also hire professionals with sound technical or business education and high logical thinking. This well-thought-out approach does not end here.

After hiring, they provide extensive training and mentoring in both marketing technologies and high-quality service delivery skills. Moreover, the transformational CEO encourages innovation and creativity by paying attention to details and building effective teamwork. Furthermore, Anurag ensures that his team is provided with required training sessions to stay abreast of market trends. Along with this, regular brainstorming sessions are also conducted for continuous improvement and elevating efficiency and productivity. This is how Anurag instills creative thinking within the heart of RightWave.

An Early Adopter of Tech Innovations

Since its inception, RightWave Inc was an early adopter of cloud computing, mobile marketing, and account-based marketing. Its marketing team has the skills that range from day-to-day operational expertise in marketing and sales automation platforms to best practices and marketing strategy. The company’s unique blend of focus on both the individual marketing professionals and organizations ensures the quickest route to innovations and business trends in B2B marketing. Backed with such industry specialists, the company is also a pioneer in tracking accountability across all marketing initiatives and understanding the true ROI from each campaign and channel.

Refining Marketing Operations to Fulfill Future Demands 

The California-based company has continued to add many additional services for marketing operations and now plans to extend its presence in sales operations. It is also planning to expand its service offerings as well as process innovations for better efficiency, productivity, and business results. To achieve these objectives, it has numerous innovations in the pipeline including data quality governance, lead quality management, marketing ROI, and campaign influence reporting. As the customer demands are increasing, the MaaS provider’s main goal is to facilitate global scaling needs and ensuing processes.

A Valuable Piece of Advice for Aspiring Leaders

Being an entrepreneur himself, Anurag understands the know-how needed to run a business as well as the hardships leaders encounter. Therefore, he recommends that aspiring leaders understand the purpose of each task and how it contributes to the success of the company and its customers. In addition, having market knowledge, understanding customer issues, and the state of the competitive landscape will help leaders to become confident to take on any challenges while at the same time remain humble enough to accept advice.

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