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Rummy apps have continued to baffle fans with their exclusive features. Their continuous development in this online gaming sphere keeps us hooked. They offer a safe environment to keep pursuing our passion for playing Rummy online and generate a passive income channel. Understanding the new features and enhancements is crucial to your online Rummy playing ventures. Let us look deeper into the new features added to the latest Rummy apps.

New Online Rummy Variants for Better Gameplay Experience

Traditional Rummy lets two to six players participate. Every player gets a set of random 13 cards in the beginning to make melds. Melds are runs and sequences with the cards available. This traditional gameplay is followed to create new variants. Here are modern variants of Rummy that apps cater to.

●      Points Rummy

Points Rummy is a good choice for beginners. This variant involves 2 to 5 players at a table and uses two conventional decks of cards. Every deck consists of one Joker, which players can use according to the conventional rules. Every game begins with a pre-determined point value associated with the rewards. Understanding the gameplay is associated with the calculation of scores. Points Rummy follows a simple rule where face cards like Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks of all suits carry ten points. The rest of the cards consider their numbers to be points. On the other hand, Joker cards do not carry points. Ultimately, deadwood cards that cannot form melds will contribute to the score. A player who successfully completes creating melds first wins the round.

●      Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is another popular variant that offers two modes of gameplay: 101 and 201. In the 101 mode, players who reach this mark are eliminated from the table. Similarly, in the 201 mode, players who reach this score mark are eliminated. Hence, all players aim to accumulate the minimum points possible. The card points remain the same as in Points Rummy.

●      Deals Rummy

This variant of Rummy has two modes. In one mode, two deals are played for a score of 160. In the second mode, three deals are played for a score of 240. Here, this variant calculates points following the deadwood concept. When a player submits his melds first, the rest will calculate their scores based on the deadwood cards in hand. But the scoring system is a little different. The winner will accumulate all the points of other players. The player reaching the score levels of 160 or 240 in the respective mode wins the game.

●      Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is also known as Gin worldwide. It is a 2-player Rummy version where each player gets 13 cards initially. The same card deck is used to play this variant. This variant can also accommodate four players following the same conventional rules. Players make sets and runs with the available cards in hand and the facedown deck. Whoever makes melds first with all the cards in hand wins the round. A player reaching 100 points first wins the game.

Latest Enhancements in Security Features in Online Rummy

Apart from the variants, Rummy apps have developed and incorporated the latest security features for players. Their focus is to provide a secure online environment where players can play without fearing hacks and illicit practices. Let us take a look at the latest security features and enhancements.

Data Encryption

Modern Rummy apps leverage the latest encryption technology to keep user data safe. We all know that the cash-earning versions of Rummy require a gaming account linked to a user’s bank account. Every Rummy app has recently mandated KYC procedures to know their users well. Every user must introduce their personal information related to name, nationality, identity, bank or UPI account information, etc. As per the modern rules mandated by the regulatory bodies overseeing online gaming, every app has to provide a robust platform linked to an encrypted database. Users’ information is protected from cyber-attacks with proper encryption methods and firewall technologies.

Game-based Algorithms and Standard Certifications

Rummy is a skill-based game where cards are distributed to the players. Every Rummy app uses RNG algorithms developed by certified firms. In-house Rummy app developers must get an RNG certification from the respective regulatory bodies as a mandatory protocol. This certification ensures that no biased method will be used while distributing cards to all players. Hence, players can rest assured that the chance of winning is fair and even for all on the same Rummy table. Also, Rummy apps with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification are the most trusted ones. This certification includes the clauses that affirm the efficiency of gameplay, systems, security, and services of these digital gaming platforms. Such certifications also include customer data protection as one of the crucial clauses. Users must check for accreditations before downloading a Rummy app. Independent authorities like SHIELD, ITech Labs, AIGF, etc., provide such national and international accreditations.

Transaction Security

Secure deposits and withdrawals are crucial to the online Rummy experience. Rummy apps offer easy steps to connect bank or UPI account details and allow users to deposit and withdraw money to their gaming accounts. In fact, modern apps also confirm 100% secure transactional gateways. Players can choose from multiple payment and withdrawal options, too.

Bot-secure Platform

Previously, Rummy apps were frequently invaded by hacking programs and bots used by cheaters. Now, a modern app has smart bot-detecting features that can sense unethical means adopted by a player to win cash rewards. It can also detect external software hackers use and immediately ban linked players for life.

Latest Ad-free UI Practices

Most apps used abrupt pop-up ads and promotional campaigns, cluttering the Rummy online gaming experience. These days, the UI features of modern Rummy apps focus on user experience. The competition has increased considerably resulting in creating a seamless UX for players. These apps cater to an ad-free gaming experience to attract more Rummy enthusiasts.

Enjoy Enhanced Online Rummy Experience on Modern Apps

Enjoy Enhanced Online Rummy Experience on Modern Apps

Modern Rummy apps’ latest features and enhancements make your experience smoother and safer. Experts suggest checking whether Rummy apps have such features before downloading. So, do your homework and follow this comprehensive list of modern variants and features to choose a Rummy app for a safe gaming experience online. Download the most trusted app to play Rummy online.

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