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In recent years, the consulting industry has witnessed substantial growth in terms of size as well as service offerings. The demand for specialized consulting services has increased, opening up numerous opportunities for consultants to help businesses with knowledge base and expertise. Today, businesses seek consultants that execute projects meeting strict budgets and schedule requirements.

Backed by proficient professionals with strong domain expertise in the hydrocarbon sector, and experience in executing end-to-end solutions, SAGA Global Consultants is catering to the changing industry demands. Established in 2010, the Indian-based company has been providing specialized technical services to clients across the entire gamut of the Oil & Gas Industry around the world to deliver results that help them thrive. The company is on a mission to provide sustainable growth through customer delight, enhance market share, and continuous innovation.

Best-in-Class Services

SAGA Global Consultants is a globally preferred knowledge consortium—providing best-in-class services in the Oil, Gas, and Energy related Sectors. With its consulting experience in the managerial, technical, and support services, spread across the globe, the company has become a partner in the value creation and growth of its clients in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. The prominent services offered by the company include:

  • Technical Consultancy: SAGA helps businesses improve performance by providing independent, impartial advice, and advanced solutions.
  • Design Engineering: The company employs its domain knowledge experts and tools for performing intricate engineering to implement Design Solutions. The highly-trained engineers and expert designers at SAGA support businesses throughout the development process of their project bringing it from concept to reality.
  • Project Management: Combining technical engineering skills with best-in-class models, SAGA delivers practical solutions with measurable results. The team is well-equipped with the latest project management tools and systems to perform project management, scheduling, monitoring, and cost control.
  • Training & Development: SAGA provides a wide range of training and development solutions aligned to the workforce strategy and skill requirements of a business. The training programs cover the entire gamut of petroleum industry-related activities ranging from exploration, drilling, production, refining, marketing, engineering, and management.
  • Operation and Maintenance: These service are aimed towards assisting in managing clients’ oil and gas assets, helping them improve safety, efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

SAGA is built on a solid foundation of sustainable capacity building. By adopting a holistic and tailored approach, it ensures that every project is accomplished safely, at the desired quality, cost-effectively, and on-time. The company identifies, understands, and implements services by pooling together the vast experiences of its technical experts for supporting the global clients in the Hydrocarbon sector. “Our services are unique and personalized service provides an edge to it,” says Saurabh Jain (Co-Founder and Managing Director at SAGA Global Consultants)

A Veteran Steering the Ship

As a leader, Saurabh has been leveraging his extensive experience in the Consulting space to steer SAGA’s Oil & Gas growth over the years. He has received numerous accolades during his tenure.

Under his dynamic leadership, SAGA has managed to offer effective & efficient solutions in diverse areas of operation/ maintenance of process plants by ensuring right people are in the right place at the right time. By utilizing these services, the ISO-certified company has implemented and provided engineering and project management solutions for Petroleum Terminals, Aviation Fuel Facilities, and LPG plants as per international norms and standards.

Today, energy projects are becoming more complex with increasing uncertain energy policies, geopolitical complexities, and price volatilities. The Oil & Gas companies are grappling to balance the profit margins, compete with new market entrants, and meet client’s requirements. To exceed the changing client demands, SAGA keeps abreast of the emerging trends and customizes its solutions with the help of its multi-disciplinary team led by industry specialists, along with a budding energetic, enthusiastic team.

Achieving the Targets

The unannounced outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges for businesses around the world. Businesses had to revamp their strategies and shift to digital operations to thrive during these unprecedented times. Like the other industries, companies in the consultancy industry were also hit hard due to the pandemic as the face-to-face interactions with the clients—which are important to obtain the optimum solution to the problems—were limited due to the pandemic restrictions.

Saurabh believes that consultancy companies have to provide innovative solutions like effective outsourcing solutions, upskilling of workforce, redefining the business model, etc. to thrive in these uncertain times. At a time when companies were cutting down on the number of offerings, the SAGA Team stayed agile, sharp, innovative, and relentless.

Gratifying Customer’s Values

As a pioneer and trusted brand across the oil industry and a partner in value creation, SAGA is currently targeting Oil & Gas industry on a global scale. The company works with a philosophy of ‘once our client, always our client’, and is guided by the values of care for customers, excellence, talented members, and innovation. It believes in expanding the base of loyal customers by gratifying customer’s values.

The Mantra for 2021

SAGA is presently emphasizing on how it can provide value added initiatives for companies to outsource their technical services operations to them.  The company is building in-house capabilities to offer services in digital transformation solutions and Knowledge Management. SAGA is poised to increase its profitability and turnover by at least 25 percent and aims to increase its client base from 25 countries to 30 countries.

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