SaltDNA: Enabling Secured Control Of Global Communications Within Clients’ Network


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The security industry has embraced disruptive technologies to develop and reach new heights of success in the market. The increase of cost efficiency factor in the market is also driving security firms to become well-organized and pioneering in their sector. These firms are adjusting to the requirements of clients and providing more customer-centric solutions in the market. Security firms are also facing challenges such as technically literate consumers, increased growth in digitization, the availability of less expensive tools and most importantly, the exponential growth in artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) impacting the product demand and availability of offers in the industry.

Matching Today’s Needs with Award-winning Solutions

Headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, SaltDNA was founded in 2013 to find solutions for these challenges in the security industry. This security firm provides encrypted communication for devices so that clients can have safer interactions within their closed user group, thereby empowering them as a single authority over those interactions. The company understands the vulnerability of organizations when it comes to potential information leaks such as trade secrets and sensitive strategic & proprietary data. Deciphering from this, SaltDNA provides perfect solutions to defend organizations’ data.

Moreover, the leading software development firm’s impeccable encryption framework with a specific concentration on mobile usability, compatibility, and complete control functions assures organizations to provide full protection for their specific needs. SaltDNA covers every industry in the market who wants to have a centralized control over staff’s contact list and their interactions so they can make sure that these interactions will be done effortlessly in a closed user setting.

A Leader with an Extensive Industry Experience

Joe Boyle is the Co-founder & CEO of SaltDNA with an established background of working in the enterprise communication, security, and network optimization fields. Joe also holds a prominent post-graduate degree from Queen’s University Belfast. He has expertise in Protocol Optimizations, Application Acceleration, WAN Optimization, and Product Management.

Before co-founding SaltDNA, Joe started his career as a software engineer in Apion Systems and later joined Aepona. Following that, he was employed in F5 Networks as a Web Accelerator, Development Manager. In October 2007, he joined as a Product Manager at Replify Ltd, the first enterprise to virtualize WAN optimization. Later on, Joe worked in Silver Peak Systems and Blue Coat Systems with an expertise in the network optimization space as the Director of product management.

Currently, working as the CEO of SaltDNA, Joe is helping out enterprises requiring privacy so that a secure communication can be created for their closed user groups.

Prioritizing Goals from the Beginning

To stay ahead of all possible vulnerabilities, SaltDNA is dedicated to increasing its feature list and strives to make continuous improvements. At the moment, it is providing features selective to the market which includes secure broadcasting, message/call content archival, closed user groups, file/image transfer, burn functionality service enabling sender and receiver to erase message. The company has also introduced new broadcasting ability that allows mega corporations to utilize services such as sending messages, sharing images and files, allocate seriousness to an alert, and round the clock support. Recently, it has announced a fresh service called secure video calling which is going to start from summer 2019.

Since its inception, SaltDNA has focused on continuous growth of the company and further strategizes to achieve greater results this year. In the first quarter itself, SaltDNA has secured the largest deals ever and is just short of a distance on having the best year in its entire history. As SaltDNA is growing and succeeding with every passing year, it is planning to increase its workforce to handle fresh as well as large projects for various departments and different global locations shortly.  

Journey filled with Prestigious Awards and Accolades

The company has shown consistent growth and maintained its successful track-record throughout 2017. This has resulted in garnering several awards and recognitions for its progressive efforts. SaltDNA was acknowledged by the analyst group Ovum and awarded ‘Company of the Year for Innovation in Cyber Security and Data Privacy’. It also grabbed two awards ‘Mobile Security Award’ and ‘Data Security Product of the Year Award’ at a ceremony held by ‘Computing Security Excellence Awards 2017’.  

In 2018, the leading security guardian continued its excellent performance, expanded on a larger scale, and showed tremendous growth in sales and hosted partner programs which allowed the company to grab new clients from 6 continents. This outstanding performance continued and the company was honored in the top half of the cyber security 500 and recognized as ‘Best Small Tech Company’ at the 2018, Digital DNA Awards.

Similarly, it also received the prestigious title of ‘Best New Entrant into International Markets 2018’ from Telegraph Trade Awards. The firm was qualified for three National Technology Awards and out of these, the most notable achievement was winning the Supplier Innovation (Data Management) honor at the Legal Week Innovation Awards.

SaltDNA’s Innovative go-to Market Strategy

As the company has expanded at a lightning speed in a short duration, to sustain this growth, SaltDNA’s agile marketing team came up with an innovative strategy to expand company’s horizon. This go-to market strategy is all about providing solutions to the clients with the help of specialized security providers. The partner Agreement of SaltDNA has been designed in such a way that partners as well as customers will have a win-win situation.

This strategy has allowed the company to extend its partner program in the last 12 months. These new partners are from all over the globe including the USA, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, UAE, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Singapore, Indonesia, and Spain. SaltDNA totally relies on getting excellent partners for its growth. Hence, the marketing team came up with this strategy to allure new partners as well as customers and has already included the senior and innovative members to increase their growth process. In order to keep up its steady momentum towards growth and success, SaltDNA’s astute CEO, Joe Boyle intends to enlarge its team, wants to further endorse the company, and plans to introduce new methods to incorporate customer feedback in the development planning process. Elaborating his future plans for the company, Joe says that there are huge possibilities when it comes to expansion of their business. The obvious industries for them are defense and security but he also expresses his wish to go further into the financial and insurance markets as well.          

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