IHO-Singapore Hydrographic Project

Singapore Awards $1.1 Million for the IHO-Singapore Hydrographic Project

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Key Highlights:

  • The IHO-Singapore Innovation and Technology Laboratory aims at developing emerging hydrographic technologies to digitalize the maritime sector
  • The IHO-Singapore project will enhance the safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment
  • Singapore will be contributing $1.1 million for the implementation of the project

IHO-Singapore Hydrographic Project

The 95-member International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) in collaboration with Singapore has officially launched the joint IHO-Singapore Innovation and Technology Laboratory. It is located at PSA Vista near Pasir Panjang Terminal. The laboratory has been established to harness and develop emerging hydrographic technologies to facilitate safe maritime navigation and environmental protection. The IHO members will be working on two pilot hydrographic projects– 

  • Investigate the automated conversion of the IHO S-57 Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) to the IHO S-101 ENC that will support the development of the Dual-Fuel Electronic Chart Display and Information System.
  • Develop a digital infrastructure to improve information exchange between harbours and hydrographic offices that will help inform the IHO S-131 Marine Harbour Infrastructure product specifications.

These IHO-Singapore projects will enable members to establish new global industry standards and test innovative ideas and technology enhancing the safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment.

Financing the Project

To support the members of the IHO-Singapore project, Singapore is contributing a $1.1 million in-kind fund. The fund will help to support the operations of the lab for the first five years as well as seed financing for initiatives undertaken by the lab. Hydrography is the science of surveying and charting the depths of the sea, the structure of the seabed, and the tides and currents. Earlier, hydrography was mostly used for navigational purposes. However, the IHO-Singapore project will provide a better understanding of diverse marine activities such as coastal conservation, maritime resource management, and environmental impact mitigation.

Digitizing Marine Environment

In addition to this project, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) will be conducting a four-part webinar series on integrated marine geospatial information management. The IHO, MPA, Open Geospatial Consortium, and the United Nations Secretariat for Global Geospatial Information Management will be collaborating to host the webinar series. Focusing on digitalization, the MPA has formed the Circle of Digital Innovators (CDO) network to champion the adoption of technology and innovation. The IHO-Singapore project will initiate the digitalization journey helping the maritime sector to reach a new level.

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