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Having the right blend of technical capability and enhanced processes is considered by prospective employees as a direct reflection of the professionalism within the business.

Executing a combination of advanced technology and the appropriate human delivery process is called ‘Human Computation’. Developing the perfect hybrid or blend of technology and processes that is adaptable to each unique hiring requirement is not easy and is what is missing from the vast majority of organisations, who struggle to move away from archaic systems and practices.

Therefore, these prime gaps in the recruitment process can’t just be filled by assessing the candidate’s resume, but instead there is a need for more intelligent systems that help to measure the candidate’s online presence and overall fit for job compatibility. UK-based Recruitment innovation company Smart Recruit Online understands these challenges that the present recruiters face around the quantity and quality of applications and the companies need to get jobs filled efficiently and with the right quality of applicant.

Intelligent Recruitment Solutions at Smart Recruit Online

Smart Recruit Online uses advanced tools such as parsing software, AI and machine learning to assist clients in each key stage of the recruitment lifecycle, whether that is choosing the right media channels to advertise, reducing duplication of effort, minimising administration time, (which is usually wasted with unsuitable applicants) and of course; keeping recruitment costs to a minimum.

The SRO system provides an uber efficient user-interface with advanced functionality that provides more control and a seamless experience for the users and applicants. The platform also offers automation of tasks and one click actions across multiple candidates and features.

The full suite of screening tools has been developed in direct response to recruiters demands. SRO Users can select the best tools which suites their needs on each role. There is an integrated suite of tools such as, video profiling for assessing communication skills, presentation, confidence, and personality, or behavioural assessments to measure behavioural and cultural alignment. This can help recruiters identify candidate’s motivations and behaviours that engage them in their work. Undoubtedly, Smart Recruit Online takes the recruitment process to the next level. Its CMS type dashboard allows recruiters to create unique tasks for applicants, which include competency-based assessments as well as gamification options.

Distinct Strategy of Innovation and Improvements

With its comprehensive tools formed from a unique blend of best-in-class recruitment technology, Smart Recruit Online supports over 25,000 UK Recruiters and assists them with the delivery of an effective direct hire recruitment process. With a firm commitment to expanding its client base and to deliver even more innovative, quality solutions, Mark Stephens, the Founder and CEO of Smart Recruit Online is utilizing his many years of experience in this field to successfully lead his organization. He says that SRO places its clients objectives at the centre of the business strategy and the solutions that they are developing. Mark has over 20 years of recruitment experience, both client-side and agency-wide. His knowledge and expertise in the recruitment industry made him the winner of the “Chambers of Commerce Innovation in Business award 2013” and was awarded CEO of the year in 2018 by CEO Today Magazine.

Since the establishment of Smart Recruit Online, Mark with his team, have been helping companies to significantly improve their direct hire recruitment strategy, by improving; applicant quality, recruitment efficiency, candidate screening and by helping businesses to do all of this while reducing costs.

When it comes to development and building innovative solutions, Mark proudly says, “I’m impatient when it comes to the development work. Once I form my vision for a particular development, I can’t wait to see it evolve and actually begin working.” Similarly, Mark loves to see all the positive feedback from their clients. It certainly works as a motivator for him and his dedicated team to keep pushing ahead and develop solutions which genuinely work and deliver tangible improvements to the recruiters. They are generating amazing results, with an 86% fill rate from first time advertising response, average time to offer of just 16 days and at an average cost per hire of under £250, no wonder the company is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Local Planned Customer Approach with Continual Solutions Development

According to the progressive CEO of Smart Recruit Online, HR and recruitment are two different beasts that have to work together. The traditional approach of centralising systems and processes can work for some elements but not for others. Therefore, recruitment in particular needs to retain a local planned approach. Similarly, for overseas clients, SaaS services will satisfy their requirements because they can be accessed from anywhere and have the capability to operate in different languages. Similarly, a client-oriented approach will further add value to the solutions provided through the technology.

With a customer-focused approach, the team at Smart Recruit Online builds and improves their solutions, aligned with clients’ objectives. They believe that innovating and improving solutions is the need of today’s changing recruitment landscape. New technologies are playing a major role in this change; therefore, solution providers must implement these technologies to be a part of the growing competition.

Knowing this, Mark and his team at Smart Recruit Online continually collaborate with users to get the actual insights about the effectiveness of their services. It also helps them to fill the missing gaps and improve the lacking areas. Moreover, the team always tries to match individual clients’ customisation requests and turn them into useful tools to benefit other users too. This passion to fulfill customer demands and deliver highest quality that exceeds expectations has helped the company to retain 99% of its customer base over the last 5 years.

“Video will refine campaign management and screening processes, but…” says Mark

Finally, when asked about the next big things in HR Technology, Mark asserts that aside from the impact of AI, he feels that video will continue to play an even bigger role in the talent attraction, campaign management, and screening processes, but it is important to follow effective ways to utilize video in recruitment.

Furthermore, Mark draws attention to what he calls the growing trend towards ‘centralisation systems’ and predicts that such systems as SRO will become the biggest threat to ATS and HR systems in the future. Therefore, companies must go for intelligent interfaces supported by an API layer that allows rapid integration into multiple tools. This will ultimately enable HR and recruiters to select the best-in-class features to work within their systems and upgrade, change and adapt them as their needs and the recruitment landscape continues to change.

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