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Snehal Jain

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Arguably, the new generation companies are well balanced than traditional companies. One of the key factors that create this gap is the involvement of women leaders. Today, women entrepreneurs are leading their companies with new ideas along with maintaining a great work-life balance. Hardships are part and parcel of life. A firm determination to sail through the storms is what makes a woman, a strong leader. A woman in her lifetime plays various roles. It is true that the path of women leaders is far more difficult, as she has to maintain a balance between her personal as well as professional life. By far, women leaders have done a commendable job.

Another reason why women leaders are appreciated is because of the high level of emotional quotient. This helps them in creating attractive family-friendly policies for the organization. Today, the majority of companies are inclined towards offering a perfect job description attracting the best employees for the company. Snehal Jain, Founder and CEO of Human Forte has years of experience in understanding human resources far better than others. She was highly inspired by her father, who is a successful entrepreneur. “I always believe that there is nothing called as a failure. There are only two sides to a coin, ‘Successful’ and ‘Work in progress’. To be called being Successful’ is the peak which is defined by self-decided milestones and till then, all of us are a ‘Work in progress’,” says Snehal.

Engaging In Delivering the Best

Since childhood, Snehal saw her father experimenting in various businesses which had a great impact on her career. Entrepreneurship was always in her blood. Taking inspiration from her father she pursued the dream of owning her own venture and that gave birth to Human Forte. Hence, Human Forte came into existence. It is an HR advisory firm with a customized twist providing end-to-end HR services. The company has over a decade of experience from various national and international clients.

First and foremost, Snehal and her team understand the nature, culture, competitions, market reputation, and resources of the client company. They don’t just fill the gap but help the clients to grow from one benchmark to another. One of the key differentiators of Human Forte is that it is the only company that provides recruitments with a full background check on candidates once they are shortlisted for an offer. The clients are required to specifically opt for this service as many firms still do not believe in the value quotient of employee verification.

For smooth workflow, Human Forte is divided into two departments—business operations and business research. The business operations team consists of home-grown experts competent to deal with client requirements in a swift manner. On the other hand, the business research team keeps themselves engaged in analyzing and delivering the use cases around the latest industry trends. This team also works extensively in grooming fresh talent as per client needs.

Empathizing With the Team

Pandemic has exposed several drawbacks of the society, especially the debate on gender disparity. Snehal believes that the pandemic has certainly brought a full stop to a debate of who puts more effort into the family. For years, the majority of women leaders are sacrificing on a personal front. A woman is not just a wife, a mother, a partner but someone who everyone looks up to in the family. Women are now expected to be full-time parents, caregivers, home school teachers, caretakers—all while excelling in their full-time jobs —“World’s most difficult but unpaid job.” This quarantine has been a complete game-changer and has certainly moved the focus to relook the challenges that women faced that were mostly ignored.

Snehal believes that empathetic has been the key to surviving these demanding times. This quality has also been helpful in understanding the employees’ challenges better and guiding them further. Due to the global lockdown situation, Snehal and her team of Human Forte was forced to adapt to the new normal of remote working. Being a vigilant leader, she adapted to these changes quickly. The team supported each other and helped in a swift transition from the physical office to a virtual office. She utters that the company had WFH infrastructure in place, due to these sudden changes, the drill became reality in no time. Snehal asserts, “This pandemic has not only helped me to reinvent and explore my hidden strengths but has also helped me with an opportunity to look at our business model from a different perspective.”

Ideal Work-Life Balance

Remote working demands flexible decision-making skills to ensure that team members are actively participating. Snehal was supported by her team in all the decision-making processes, overall creating a smooth experience for everyone. Constant support from her team members also helped her in maintaining a great work-life balance. Sharing her experiences, Snehal says, “When you have a lot at stake, you can’t really fall for a work-life balance. However, I am doing what I enjoy the most and very grateful for what life has given me. This only pushes me to do better. I feel at the end of the day, this imbalance makes me a better person.”

No doubt, entrepreneurs comprise of several qualities but what makes them successful is the consistent support from their family. On the personal front, Snehal was strongly supported by her family throughout her entrepreneurial journey especially during this crisis. From the early days of her life, Snehal’s father ignited the entrepreneurship spark in her. Also, throughout the journey, her husband stood solid in all the decisions providing her confidence and strength.

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