SotaTek: Utilizing State Of The Art Technology To Shape Ideas And Turn Them Into Software Services


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Nowadays, the IT industry is booming in Vietnam. There are several reasons for it. Vietnam is a young nation where its youth understand the importance and requirements of IT resources desired by the world. Additionally, its government supports the foundation of IT industry in the country and has now created favorable policies which have lessened the perils for start-up firms like outsourcing companies. On top of that, the major attraction point for financiers is workforce costs. The reason behind workforce cost effectiveness of the Vietnamese IT industry is because it has lower cost of living as compared to other parts of the world. In turn, APAC nations like Japan and Korea look towards Vietnam and actively collaborate for various assignments.

Attracting International Clients with Bright Talent

SotaTek provides its services to the medium scale enterprises both at domestic level as well as internationally. The company provides top-grade solutions to its clients and attracts plenty of international clients due the quality it provides in comparatively low costs. Today, it is very difficult for advanced nations like Japan and Korea to employ software developers because it is costlier for them. This is the reason why these countries outsource their software development to the cost-efficient nations such as Vietnam, where labor is very talented but is inexpensive compared to the developed countries. Furthermore, in these circumstances, there is absence of human resources, which further conditions enterprises to outsource their work to a suitable, cost-effective and dependable company like SotaTek.

Providing a Wide Range of Services

Founded in 2015, SotaTek is a software development firm, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. As the name SotaTek stands for ‘State of the Art Technology’, the company is dedicated to providing most innovative and reliable solutions to its clients. Furthermore, it is equipped with a proficient specialized team which constructs full-stack solutions for various platforms with exceedingly measurable back-ends as well as rich media front-ends.

The software outsourcing firm provides extensive top-notch services including but not limited to Mobile App developments, AI, Blockchain, and Migration etc. Till date, the company has developed advanced solutions for clients across the world in several industries including entertainment, medicine, and financial services. SotaTek aims to deliver scalable services while being cost efficient. The firm interacts with its clients while completing their projects so that they can suggest the right solutions to them.

A well-versed and Compassionate Leader

Tommy Le is a skilled CEO and Founder of SotaTek, with a proven history of working in the software industry. He is expertise in CMMI5, Agile Scrum Waterfall, and other full life circle software development processes. Tommy has numerous years of experience of working with global firms and has held several crucial positions in the past.

He was the director of FSOFT.FSU2.M10, a part of Business Unit at FTP Software and handled workforce of 300 employees. The CEO has also held various positions in Vietnam’s biggest technology firm for 10 years. Tommy knows how to deal with costs, deliver significant projects effectively, and win clients’ confidence & loyalty. These skills and years of experience in the industry helped him to build SotaTek’s operating system.  

Tommy shares that his entrepreneur journey is filled with a lot of ups and downs. Especially because the software outsourcing industry in Vietnam about a decade ago was far behind as compared to other nations; therefore he had to struggle and find new ways to grow. Nonetheless, he was very determined to thrive and as the industry grew, he made sure to remain at the forefront. Tommy apprises that the Vietnam industry has matured over the last few years and is also competing with the international challengers.

Expanding Footprints across the APAC Regions

The firm is constantly improving itself as well as it is keeping an eye on the future trends. SotaTek is completely fixated on growing into a premier outsourcing company which will serve its client’s AI requirements. Recently, it has employed about 20 new team members, an addition to its AI team.

As the company is continuously expanding at an aggressive rate, SotaTek is shifting to bigger premises which have a capacity to host 200 staff.

In addition to this, SotaTek is keen to open a division in Japan so that it can connect better with its Asian clients. The company wants to intensify its efforts in AI so that the company can improve and innovate in this particular sector. Tommy also wants to form skill maps and career paths so that they can derive more productivity from the team. Before the end of this year, the company is hopeful to increase its presence across the world and establish multiple offices at various locations.    

A Message from the CEO to New Aspirants

SotaTek’s CEO, Tommy Le advises the new and aspiring software developers to constantly sharpen as well as refine their skillsets. As a part of the software outsourcing industry, he unveils that only determination can carry them to the front position. If newcomers acquire new knowledge every day and constantly upgrade their skills, there is a less to none possibility that they will face a bad day.

Tommy also says that the new technologies will test the developers. For entrepreneurs, he asserts that they should not feel bad if they do not succeed in their first attempt. As far as they learn from their faults, they will be much enhanced business leaders than they were previously.

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