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Suning to Introduce its Smart Plus Home Solutions at CES Asia

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Dedicated to dominate by providing smart home appliances

Suning, the second leading non-state-owned commercial giant enterprise in China, a Fortune Global 500 retail ( company will present its latest technologies of “Smart Life+”, “Smart Retail+” and “Smart Solutions+” at CES Asia this year.

On June 12, the company will conduct a press conference where its BiuLink Open Agreement will be disclosed through which Suning can work with partners to explore cross-brand connectivity. The Biu+ Ecology aims to create an open platform to share resources across the smart home appliance industry, leading the smart home industry to cope with problems and challenges.

The smart demonstrations

  • With its “Smart Life+” segment, Suning will demonstrate its latest innovations of the firm’s Smart Home Appliances based on its Biu OS system, such as Biu refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, automatic washing machines, new fans, and smart security kits.
  • Suning will also highlight its core technology smart retail innovations in the “Smart Retail+” section of its booth.
  • In the “Smart Solutions+” segment, Suning will demonstrate its four cloud solutions, supply cloud, retail cloud, management cloud, and basic cloud, to enable retailers to access its basic technology tools to increase industry efficiency.
  • Also, the company will exhibit its digital store product solutions including self-service cash register, weighing rack, off-hook system, commodity heat, and track heat, which will help to increase retail operation efficiency and improve customer experience.

Additionally, On June 11, Suning will share its insights on how technology will impact and re-shape the retail industry at a conference themed “Technology-powered Smart Retail for the Next Decade.

Dr. Jack Jing, COO of Suning Technology Group, said, “Nowadays, an increasing number of SME in the retail industry is facing crucial challenges. As the leading omnichannel smart retailer, Suning has deep insights into how technology is reshaping retail. Suning is willing to share its technology and experience to enable refined internal management and accelerate the digitalization of the retail industry.”

Suning, with its next-generation Smart Life+, Smart Retail +, and Smart Solution+ technologies, is dedicated to improving the shopping experience of its existing 600 million registered members along with continuing to attract new customers and to lead the ecosystem across industries by creating an elite quality of life for all.



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