The Business APAC's Top 10 CEOs of 2020

Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. Most successful entrepreneurs often reveal that they have failed multiple times before getting to where they are now. Likewise, taking inspiration from failures to learn and become one of the most decorated entrepreneurs in the field of management consulting is Muhamed Farooque (CEO of Excelledia).
Kishor Sonawane: Leading the Information Security Industry with a Zeal
Today, with increased digitalization and the advent of modern technologies ...
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Suresh Asrani: An Efficacious Leader Carrying the Family Legacy
Knowingly or unknowingly, culture changes do have a huge impact ...
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Gomathi Shanmugam
Gomathi Shanmugam: Catering the Educational Needs on a Wider Scale
Education is and will be at the core of human ...
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Dr. Amrinder Arora: Crafting Contemporary HR Products
Technology has been a pioneer in bringing the waves of ...
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Breaking the Stereotypes

Cultural Disparity

Women In Leadership
Does Culture Really Affect The Women In Leadership, Or Is It An Excuse?
Historically, there were many powerful women leaders. The culture barriers ...
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