Top 10 Paint Companies in India for Your Aesthetic Festive Décor Needs

paint companies in India

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Confused between Nerolac’s smooth finish and Berger’s Velvet touch? Worry no more as we have curated a list of the best painting companies in India to help you get a classy and elegant look for your interiors. With the festive season blooming around the corner, ‘painting’ stands atop out to-do list. We understand how tedious and expensive painting can be. With numerous varieties available in the market, we often feel confused as to which brand will best fulfill our painting requirements.

Before finalizing a paint brand, there are various factors–such as surface, consistency of paint, and many more–that must be considered. It is, therefore, better to thoroughly research and compare all the top brands before selecting the suitable one that offers you a perfect deal.

Following are the top 10 paint companies in India that will help you best with your painting requirements.

Top 10 Paint Companies in India

1. Asian Paints limited:

Paint Companies in India

Founding Year: 1942

Founded By: Chimanlal Choksi, Champaklal Choksey, Suryakant Dani, & Arving Vakil

Asian Paints Limited currently holds the rank of India’s largest and Asia’s third-largest paint company. The company operates globally in around 60 countries and reported an annual turnover of INR 20,515 crore in 2020.

Brand Exclusivity:

In 2004, Asian Paints was conferred with ‘Sword of Honour’ by the British Safety Council. This was also the first paint company in India to launch the ‘Washable Distemper’ focusing on the needs and requirements of the middle-class population. Asian Paints used the catchphrase ‘Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai’ in their ads to re-iterate that their products are for people of all income groups ranging from middle-class households, corporates, and even NGOs. Their website allows users to select their choice of paint according to their budget. The company also provides personalized interior designs to suit your décor interests and requirements.

2. Berger Paints:

Paint Companies in India

Founding Year: 1760

Founded By: Lewis Berger

Initially named, Hadfield’s (India) Limited, Berger Paints was acquired by British Paints (Holdings) Limited and was declared a British brand. The name ‘Berger’ dates back to 1760 when a young colour chemist named Lewis Berger started manufacturing ‘Prussian Blue’ using a secret process. The website for Berger Paints consists of some very useful suggestions along with professional consultation to help you personalize your colour needs and requirements.

Brand Exclusivity:

Berger Paints was the first paint company in India to launch ‘Luxol Silk’ – the first premium emulsion. The company had also launched the COLOUR BANK tinting system in the 1990s through which users can select from a range of over 5000 colours which are made available in minutes.

3. Nerolac Paints:

Paint Companies in India

Founding Year: 1920

Founded By: Katsujiro Iwai

Nerolac Paints was formerly known as ‘Goodlass Nerolac Paints Limited’. It is the largest industrial and third-largest decorative paint company in India. To celebrate World Environment Day, the company recently launched its campaign, ‘Aaj Careful Toh Kal Colourful’.

Brand Exclusivity:

Nerolac is the first paint company in India to launch Low VOC and Lead-free paints. The brand has led various campaigns to increase their sales and efficiency. The most popular campaign led by the company is the ‘Nerolac Shera Para Shera Pujo’. This campaign was organized to beautify the world around and make their way into the Bengal’s cultural heritage, its paras, and people. Some other popular campaigns led by the brand were ‘Umbrella campaign’ and ‘Colours That Care’.

4. Dulux Paints:

Paint Companies in India

Founding Year: 1931

Founded By: AkzoNobel

When Dulux Paints came into existence, the country was facing a war. The company was working on producing paints and special finishes for the military forces. During this time, the factory experienced two bomb attacks. Gradually, people realized that the buildings that were painted by the Dulux company looked better than those painted by any other brand. This led to a boom in the success of the company.

Brand Exclusivity:

Dulux Paints Limited was the first paint company in India to produce alkyd-based paints. The name ‘Dulux’ is derived from the words Durable and Luxury. In May 2010, the company launched a global marketing campaign called the ‘Let’s Colour Project’. Through this campaign, Dulux took the initiative of painting public spaces with bright colours. Recently, the company has introduced the most popular colour and décor trends to help choose the perfect colour combination as per your décor needs.

5. Indigo Paints:


Founding Year: 2000

Founded By: Hemant Jalan

Indigo Paints is one of the fastest-growing paint companies in India. Initially, it manufactured lower-end cement paints. Gradually, the company expanded its portfolio by producing water-based paints like Exterior Emulsions, Interior Emulsions, Distempers, Primers, and many more. Indigo Paints specializes in providing the colour Indigo in different forms and creations. It also provides personal professional assistance to create the perfect look for your interiors.

Brand Exclusivity:

Indigo was the first paint company in India to launch the first Metallic paint, Floor Coat paint, Unique Ceiling Coat paint, and Tile Coat paints for the roof. It has a diverse range of product portfolios that include dirt-proof and water-proof Exterior Laminate, Acrylic Laminate, PU Super Gloss Enamels, and Polymer Putty.

6. Shalimar Paints:

paint company in India

Founding Year: 1902

Founded By: AN Turner and AC Wright

Shalimar Paints Limited was incorporated by British entrepreneurs in Howrah, West Bengal. The company was established under the name ‘Shalimar paint Colour & Varnish Company’. Shalimar Paints was the first paint companies in India. that pioneered the industrial coatings segment including aviation coatings, marine paints, and painting of the thermal power plants.

Brand Exclusivity:

Shalimar Paints has worked on many prestigious projects that included painting India’s iconic structures like Rashtrapati Bhavan, Howrah Bridge, Vidyasagar Setu, and Salt Lake Stadium. It was the first company that painted a fighter aircraft for the Indian Army. The company recently launched its new product–the No 1 Silk interior emulsion with high scrub resistance, smooth matte finish, and excellent coverage.

7. Nippon Paints:


Founding Year: 1881

Founded By: Haruta and Jujiro Moteki

Nippon Paints is the first paint manufacturing company in Japan and was called ‘Komyosha Paints’. It produces high-quality paints and coats for the automotive, industrial, and decorative sectors. The company focuses more on innovative technology along with eco-friendly products that help protect the environment and save resources and energy. Nippon Paints has recently launched Tamil Nadu’s exclusive style guide with the aim of sharing the colourful journey of its culture and traditions.

Brand Exclusivity:

Nippon Paints Limited is the first paint company in India that launched the ‘nShakti initiative’ in 2018 to empower rural women. Through the program, the company empowers and encourages underprivileged women by providing professional training to them in wall painting. It also provides a certificate after completion of training as professional wall painters and assists them to find employment. The company’s website also has a DIY Hub where users have access to videos explaining how to paint.

8. Jenson & Nicholson Paints:

Jenson & Nicholson

Founding Year: 1821

Founded By: William Kingham

Jenson and Nicholson Paints Private Limited is a joint venture of Sheenlac Paints with Jenson and Nicholson that established its presence in India in the year 1922. The company has been providing its customers with world-class products with the latest technology. It is considered the second-oldest paint company in India. The authorized share capital of the company is INR 8 crore and the operating revenue range for 2019 is INR 1 crore–100 crore.

Brand Exclusivity:

J&N is the first paint company in India that launched plastic emulsion paint under the brand ‘Robbialac’ in 1955. It also introduced the ‘InstaColour in-shop tinting system’ in 1996 where customers had the option to select among 5000+ shades and create a new shade of their own choice. J&N was also the first paint company in India to join the prestigious Nova Paint Club and initiate the international dealer trip scheme. The anti-corrosion décor range by J&N Paints not just protects the home from rains but also provides an extravagant look.

9. Sheenlac Paints:

Founding Year: 1962

Founded By: John Peter

Sheenlac Paints is one of the leading manufacturers of auto finishing, thinner, wood polish products, wood finishing, and other decorative paints. It was the first paint company in India to launch non-alcoholic wood polish and use HDPE (recyclable Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles for the packaging of its products.

Brand Exclusivity:

The company has 6 QC teams in their production unit who are aptly named after quality gurus. These teams ensure to maintain product quality and performance. The Opulence Exterior PU wood coating of Sheenlac Paints provides excellent flexibility ensuring weather resistance, light fastness, and UV protection ideal for preserving the beauty of your furniture.

10. Snowcem Paints:


Founding Year: 1959

Founded By: Nanji Kalidas Mehta

Snowcem Paints Private Limited is a chemical-based and cement paint manufacturer. This was the first paint company in India that introduced its first water-based liquid paints in 1975 focusing on innovative, eco-friendly products. Snowcem Paints are completely natural and free from any kind of chemical that is fire-resistant. It also does not use fire retardant chemicals to make their paints resistant to fire.

Brand Exclusivity:

The Snowcem Exterior Masonry Paint contains no plastics or polymers and is waterproof and highly breathable. The paint does not require the surface to be dry before application and provides greater adhesion as compared to other paints. It is environment-friendly with an alkaline base that resists mould, algae, and moss.

The company’s R&D laboratories are equipped with scientific instruments, sophisticated testing, and analytical instruments, colour matching software, automatic dispensing machines, accelerated weathering equipment for developing, standardizing, and testing products.

Exemplify your Decorative Needs

After reading about the top 10 paint companies in India, we hope that you will better understand and evaluate which brand best suits your requirements. Every paint company listed above offers personalized professional consultation to help you choose the right colour combination. Moreover, you can also find several blogs on their websites on painting and decorative suggestions to give a classy and elegant look with a luxurious feel.

We hope that you can finally select that one colour to rejuvenate your house or office during the festivities.

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