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Before the digital transformation, marketing professionals took advantage of the yellow pages and paper ads for marketing campaigns. However, digital transformation changed the whole system of implementing a campaign. The pioneering technologies like Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) are helping organizations develop innovative products and services that are fast and reliable. As a leading digital marketing company, Unbiazed offers such technology-powered services which boost their clients’ brands and form a positive online reputation by optimizing their digital platforms with AI-driven SEO techniques. The company utilizes advanced technologies like AI and Big Data to optimize online variables.

Empowering Clients with its Holistic and Affordable Services

Initiated in 2014, Unbiazed focuses on the role of AI in online SEO and reputation management. The digital marketing company serves various industries like Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Eye Surgery, Other Healthcare, Home and Garden, Hospitality, Industrial, Law Firms, and E-commerce. It also delivers unique digital strategy campaigns for each of their clients in a sequence of specific actions which will help them to achieve their marketing goals. Aggregation of data with split testing using multiple variables is the trademark of their strategy, which they implement for their client’s business. The methodology followed by Unbiazed spares no efforts to simplify their approaches and utilize the structured data analysis to locate the trigger factors as well as expand and optimize the variables. Many of their customers, in a short amount of time, have reached to outstanding online visibility by ranking on top pages of search engines, achieved improvements in conversions, and have grown to dominate the search engines.

Unbiazed’s current core offerings include AI-driven online search marketing, Social Media Outreach (Mobile-centric), AI-driven Content Marketing, online reputation, Web application development (Mobile and Extensions). For any organization, its culture is crucial for future development. In terms of Unbiazed, its team understands that sustainable user-centric campaigns are the only way for accomplishing long-term success. The dedicated team of Unbiazed always goes for an extra mile to help their clients succeed in their business. Therefore, the success of its customers, employees, and partner companies is the reason behind the continual growth of Unbiazed.

Enhancing their Client’s Campaign with Best Practices Optimization

The Co-founders and Managing Partners, Roger Pakalapatty and Danny Basu founded Unbiazed to help companies become prosperous by expanding and optimizing their online presence in the market. The Co-founder duo works hard and constantly looks for latest algorithms that can keep up with the latest trends and technologies. They also conduct researches on the current updates as well as continuously upgrade their operations and on weekends, Roger & Danny get together with their customers for tactic sessions. However, what makes their sacrifices valuable is—when they witness their clients’ achievements with double or triple-digit growth in their businesses. Over the last twelve years, Roger and Danny have seen more than 500 companies succeed and later fail due to their ability (or lack thereof) to keep up with the market changes. The brilliant founding team of Unbiazed has put in a methodology that employs best-in-class practices with incremental continual improvements.

Unbiazed’s Agenda to Expand and Boost its Growth

The success of any business is directly proportional to the performance of its employees. They are the ones who contribute effectively towards the seamless functioning of an organization. Unbiazed has programming and design teams, which form one of its core competitive assets, setting them apart from most of the competition. Entire work is done by its in-house members, who are housed at their multiple offices in Asia and North America.

Keeping an eye on the present year, Unbiazed aims to expand and fortify its technical teams and bolster programming in Java, PHP and Web, and Mobile Applications. Moreover, to strengthen its workforce, Unbiazed is going to incorporate talent and fresh ideas through selective hiring and internal growth. The company is aiming to achieve 25% growth in its sales this year.

Further, when asked the Co-founders about the upcoming digital marketing trends, they predicted that trends and technologies like AI, smartphones, adaptability, internet access and speed, and nimble campaigns will be the major factors disrupting this market.

Prominence of APAC Countries in Digital Marketing

Finally, the Co-founders explained their views regarding the role of APAC region in the digital marketing industry. According to Roger and Danny, APAC countries join the international community in being optimistic about digital marketing. Currently, companies are spending more capital on digital ads as it has become the primary mode of communication to reach maximum population. The Unbiazed duo further believes that in digital devices, smartphones are becoming a driving element in APAC region’s digital marketing arena and are contributing to the developing areas within the digital landscape. These developing areas consist of Video Marketing, Retargeting, Automated content generation through AI and the latest Search Marketing techniques.

Furthermore, the company thinks that adaptability is one of the challenges faced by corporations in their respective industries. To fulfill the ever-changing demands of the customers and match with the latest trends, the duo advice entrepreneurs to integrate innovative trends and technologies in their existing products and services while keeping up-to-date with the latest industry shifts. In this way, entrepreneurs can become successful in their businesses as well as fulfill their customers’ demands.

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