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“Proper Big Data with AI can provide accurate market forecasting”

Big Data—the trend started a few years back, has now engulfed every industry across the world. Most importantly, the diverse range of industries in the APEC region are extensively utilizing the potential of Big Data in a much broader way than most of the North American countries. According to Lane Mendelsohn, the President of VantagePoint AI, many of the businesses in the APAC region have adopted data analytics programs to increase efficiency, improve customer service, and drive process improvement. Similarly, VantagePoint AI recognized this shift prior to most of the companies in the United States. The company is highly focused on maximizing artificial intelligence (AI) with its patented Intermarket analysis and ever-evolving machine learning (ML). Lane further adds that data is everything for ML because, without good data, ML cannot produce highly accurate market forecasts. Therefore, to attract customers, having good data sources and understanding the proper utilization of that data are the essential keys for any organization while using strong data analytics in ML. VantagePoint AI utilizes the power of precise data with ML to empower its customer base, financial traders, with proven and accurate market forecasting.

“AI can change and save lives”

“Pattern recognition and convenience are two of the trends that fascinate me,” says Lane. VantagePoint AI utilizes pattern recognition to analyze stock price data, a tactic which has greatly assisted the company to change the lives of its customers in over 120 countries across the world. Similarly, Lane has been intrigued by the use of pattern recognition in the healthcare sector where it is used to detect cancer cells.“This is AI saving lives! While we are changing lives with AI, it is also saving lives in the medical field,” shares Lane. Similarly, general convenience is another area that impresses Lane. Convenience is referred to as the replacement of time-consuming manual tasks to automated ones. Utilizing ML to automate the tasks frees up humans to explore new frontiers. In the same manner, VantagePoint AI is harnessing AI to do analyses more efficiently than the analyses done by human beings, some of which are impossible for humans to even perform.

“My father saw the potential of Big Data in 1979”

VantagePoint’s story of excellence began when Lane’s father, Louis Mendelsohn, CEO of VantagePoint AI, was studying in college. More than 40 years ago, Louis began experimenting with AI and ML. He realized that massive data processing could make a huge impact on the financial markets. A visionary, Louis saw a future where the world would be even more interconnected and highly focused on technology. Therefore, Louis began looking at mining the massive quantities of data and decoding patterns in it as a means to improve his own financial trading.

However, implementing those conclusions in different markets around the world was another ball game because markets were operating separately, yet somehow interrelated with each other. To figure out how the markets were connected together, Louis developed and patented a sophisticated method of analysis that could dive into data and uncover those patterns called strategy backtesting and inter-market analysis. Realizing his strategies could help other retail traders like him, Louis introduced the world’s first AI trading software for personal computers in 1983. Lane shares, “It wasn’t easy though—it was the early 80s! Most people didn’t have a computer and most of the computers had limited computing power. But, today, my father’s passion has resulted in our software that stacks the odds in favor of independent, retail traders and helps them make smart decisions at the right times with up to 86% accuracy rate.”Louis’ contributions to the trading industry have won him recognition as a “Legend of Wall Street” by NASDAQ.

“I was working for the company full time by the age of 15”

Now after more than 40 years, Lane is taking his father’s legacy to the next level and helping traders in 120 countries worldwide to be more confident, competent, and profitable.

Lane grew up around the company.“I was bugging the R&D team from the time I could walk; I was on the sales floor and working for the company full time by the age of 15.” Like his dad, Lane has been extremely passionate about VantagePoint ever since he first started contributing to the family business. He developed the company’s first website before the internet was really a thing. Likewise, Lane learned from legendary industry veterans like Larry Williams who was a professional friend as well as a personal and dear family friend. Now, as he leads the second generation of the company, Lane says, “I’ve been at the helm for over a decade now, and I get so much satisfaction from knowing that I have not only maintained but am expanding the foundation that my father built.” Lane has established his own reputation as an industry leader and person of influence. He has ensured the continued growth of VantagePoint AI and continues to invest in the innovations that keep the company cutting-edge.

“We consider our customers part of our VantagePoint family”

Emphasis on people is paramount to Lane, and is key to his success as a leader; in fact, he believes it is the foundation of what makes his company thrive in the global market. Along with his own team, Lane considers his customers as apart of the VantagePoint family. He and his team are dedicated to helping their customers achieve success. When he started the company, Lane’s father did extensive tech support as most of his customers were not familiar with using the software or their PCs. Louis often had to help customers find and purchase a computer to run his software. Even today, this deep level of commitment to supporting customers is the foundation of how the team at VantagePoint treats its family of traders.

“Another key to our longevity and continuing success is our organizational culture and our team who embody and live our values,” says Lane. The team at VantagePoint believe in fostering an environment of innovation, positivity, teamwork, communication, and integrity; these core values help drive the company’s daily operations, manage hiring process, and interactions with clients and outside partners. VantagePoint AI is clearly doing something right for its customers and team members, since it is frequently recognized as a trustworthy business and one of the best places to work. Lane shares, “We take good care of our people and we truly live our values. We have found our formula for success and we will stay dedicated to it. We have a lively, fun culture. We take trips together, have light-hearted internal contests and celebrate all kinds of off-beat holidays.”

“Our success is about empowering traders daily with our AI-powered tool”

In addition to being a successful company, VantagePoint AI is also focused on paying its success forward by giving a portion of its revenue to those in need. The company regularly donates to Shriners Hospitals for Children and other community-based charities. In recognizing that putting people first is fundamental to the growth of VantagePoint AI, Lane and his team continue to offer traders and their own community a circle of empowerment that is changing lives.

As for the future, Lane and his team remain dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge of AI, advancing the accuracy of ML, and innovating the software capabilities. Similarly, Lane is dedicated to finding new ways to improve user experience. Lane says, “Our success is about empowering traders daily and giving them a tool they can use to change their lives! We are constantly working with our customers to address their needs and listen to what they want. If it makes sense, our team works swiftly to incorporate their feedback into our product offerings and functionality.”VantagePoint’s team is truly dedicated to seeing retail traders trade smarter, profit more, and find financial freedom through the power of AI offered by this powerful tool.

If you’re interested in using the power of artificial intelligence for your own trading, get a personal demonstration at and you will receive a free market forecast.

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