Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd.: Piloting Agile Gaming Methodology with Result-Oriented Approaches


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The gaming industry is one of the vast industries in the world of business. With heavy demands and popular cults, the industry has grown immensely popular in the current generation. While many businesses experienced tremendous loss due to the recent global pandemic, the gaming industry further flourished as a majority of people stayed home and indulged in several fascinating games.

Presently, several gaming companies within the industry continue are continuously providing robust and agile gaming facilities irrespective of challenges. One such leading example is Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd. Vasinev Gaming Solutions was established by Dr.Srividhya Srinivasan (CEO and Founder) in 2018. Her passion for games and natural inclination towards designing games since childhood led her to establish Vasinev. The company ventured into the gaming industry with kids’ educational fun games, online puzzle games—printable and playable.

Agile Gaming Partner

With the vision to consistently deliver the best to clients, Vasinev Gaming Solutions  Pvt. Ltd. stand as a pioneer within the gaming industry and functions in an agile manner. Moreover, the company holds decades of experience in game development and training in agile methodology.

It provides expert trainer-designed modules and fascinating learning sessions tailored to suit the current demands of the ‘Agile Gaming World’. With industry experts harboring years of real-time experience as trainers, Vasinev Gaming Solutions has been successfully delivering result-driven infrastructure to cater to client satisfaction.

Propagating Education on Gaming Avenues

Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers a plethora of leadership and management, IT Software training services in agile methodology along with gaming techniques, IT development, and data integration services. It also offers basic, intermediate, and advanced level courses for individuals and corporates.

Due to increasing demand for games and inquiries on learning venues on game development, Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd. rolled out its online Diploma/Certifications programs. The programs come with flexible schedules and easy payments along with a free Internship and career development package. Developed by certified industry experts who harbor decades of experience, its curriculum has been designed in accordance with the current market trends by subject matter experts as the instructors. Currently, the programs are exhibiting excellent training—by generating amazing placement results.

Innate and Robust Leader

Being at the forefront of Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Srividhya Srinivasam is spearheading the company within various spheres of industry. She is presently leading the new era of gaming techniques through the most significant and agile transformations in terms of innovation and business profitability. She heads the company’s Gaming Center of Excellence—building innovative online educational games for kids and learning aspects in-game development techniques which makes it the best fit in the current fast-paced gaming industry.

Dr. Srividhya Srinivasan is a recognized woman entrepreneur. Moreover, she is also a renowned speaker, author, and is popularly known as a ‘Business Transformation’ leader. Dr. Srividhya Srinivasan has been bestowed with several prestigious awards such as the ‘Circle of Excellence and Best of the Best Organizational’ awards.

Intrinsic Company Culture

Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd. strives for certain key aspects as its basic principle. These include respect, discipline, kindness, integrity, commitment, and honesty—maintained among Vasinev’s diverse employees. These principles make the company stand out of the crowd as a ‘World Class’ gaming company which strongly stands up for Women’s Equality and Rights.

Leveraging Challenges as Opportunities

With limited funds, Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ventured into the gaming industry with a small home-office setup. During its initial phases, the company underwent several hardships, especially with its initial infrastructural setup. Moreover, it was also challenging for Vasinev to detect the appropriate resource fits for game development within an industry where ‘Quality’ and ‘Customer Satisfaction’ are the foremost priorities. However, a concrete in-built process for recruitment, sales, and other venues proved to be beneficial over time. Moreover, it also generated the desired results.

Additionally, the pandemic was challenging for the entire business industry. Although the gaming sector flourished amidst all the chaos, the pandemic had certain impacts on the gaming sector in the APAC region. Precisely for Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the global crisis brought sync in the terms of operating remotely. This posed a major challenge for the company which was managed by setting up a consistent and clear organizational process to ease the situation.

A ‘Fun-Filled’ Future

Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd. envisions developing the best and interesting learning of game-developing techniques. The company further aims to develop game making techniques for global gaming aspirants, namely for senior secondary and college graduates, working professionals, and many more in order to lead within the industry.

Within the upcoming years, Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt. Ltd. aims to launch a series of games for kids. These include intriguing fun-learning kid’s educational games and advanced learning online Diploma and Certification programs for global game lovers. These are strategized to focus on five central areas– increase productivity, improve business process model for greater customer satisfaction, employee retention, higher sales, organizational growth globally.

Assessing Evolution of Gaming Industry

According to Dr. Srividhya Srinivasan, there is an increase in the gaming industry in the APAC region during the pandemic—especially in e-sports and video game industries. This year, the global gaming market witnessed significant growth. Dr. Srividhya Srinivasan asserts that its value is expected to further increase with time.

Moreover, technological trends in game development and marketplace’s increased emphasis on direct sales from manufacturers to consumers have elevated on a global level. Dr. Srividhya Srinivasan mentions that cloud technology is enabling global reach while cutting the infrastructure cost, making the gaming industry a much interesting place for game-makers and players. Currently, several gaming companies are leaning into commercial cloud gaming services. Simultaneously, youngsters are becoming front-row players throughout the world. Features such as e-sports, live streaming, cloud gaming technology, and others are contributing to anchoring the gaming industry into a ‘Billion-Dollar industry’.

Amidst all the changes in the ever-evolving gaming sector, Dr. Srividhya Srinivasan concludes that “PASSION is the key driver of the gaming industry.” She believes that having a dream and realizing it should be an important goal in a person’s life and that one should take obstacles in a positive manner.

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Vasinev Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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